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Rising Darkness is the first story of Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows, and involves Blitz the Wolf and his partner, Knockout, as they try to figure out where these "Dark Creatures" are coming from.

Rising Darkness


A massive force of shadowy creatures are seen terrorizing the populace of Neo Station Square. They seem to be lead by a colossal brute armed with a hammer, which is causing the most chaos. Right as it raises its mace and prepares to smash a few civilians, something strikes it in the eye, and it turns to face a cocky-looking wolf in a red coat and wielding a shotgun. The wolf cockily taunts the monster, allowing the civilians to flee.

The colossus, growling in rage and turning to face the wolf, stomps toward him and thrashes its hammer around as it tries to squash him flat. Chuckling, the wolf rolls and jumps to avoid its attacks, blasting in the eye again and forcing it to back away in pain. The wolf then notices a few dark bolts flying the monster's way, hitting it in the antenna, causing it to howl in pain again. He turns to see a brown-furred timber wolf using the powers of darkness to attack the monster. Deciding to team up, he proceeds to attack the beast while it's down. Upon dealing the killing blow, the giant monster tries to fight back, only to collapse in its death throes.

Stepping down, the wolf in red, a bounty hunter known as Blitz the Noisemaker, approaches the lady from before, stating that he "totally had that guy", but thanks regardless. The woman, a member of the Rikako Tribe named Knockout Shadeclaw, remarks that she had simply detected a large amount of Dark Energy in this area, likely from the giant monster, and that his presence was a coincidence, earning her a chuckle from the Noisemaker, who jokes that his snarky nature definitely rubbed off on her. Right at that moment, Nightmares and Deep Nightmares appear and try to swarm them!

With no other choice, Blitz and Knockout decide to team up and fight their way through the horde.

Stage Central City - Day
Mission Fight your way through the horde!
Time 10'00'00

After defeating the swarm, the remaining creatures flee for their lives. Blitz taunts them as they run, while Knockout notes that she sensed that they had come from someplace else entirely... as if they weren't of this world. Blitz looks at her and raises an eyebrow, before Knockout states that if these things came from somewhere, they'd have to find it and try to stop their advance. Nodding, the two set off towards where the fleeing Dark Creatures retreated.

Act One: Dark Visions

As the two proceed to follow the Dark Creatures, they run into a strange, hooded figure standing among some debris. Blitz approaches the figure and asks him what he's doing, and the figure turns around, revealing a fairly young-looking dark-furred lion with white highlights and sharp purple eyes. The lion says he's been trying to figure that out for quite some time now before asking the two for assistance in trying to help him out. Confused, Blitz is about to speak when Knockout cuts in, stating that she knows of the person before them... at least, in appearance.

She elaborates that her tribe told stories about two brothers in a separate dimension where Dark Creatures reside. The noble king, Rho the Great (ρ), was overthrown by his less noble younger brother, Sigma the Tyrant (Σ), and established a cruel and merciless reign after exiling the former ruler. After hearing the story, the lion holds his head and squints, stating that he's getting... flashes of something he feels a sense of familiarity with - a man bearing royal armor being tossed off some sort of chair by... someone, and then... nothing. Upon hearing this, Knockout concludes that he may have a connection to the Dark Creatures running around, and right on cue, a Deep Nightmare rushes for the figure!

However, the lion strikes it down with a blast of black electricity from his fist and keeps it down for the count. Upon seeing his abilities, Blitz comments that there may be more than meets the eye to the lion. The figure states that he doesn't even know his name... All of a sudden, Blitz comes up with the name Raiden, naming him after his control over electricity. Deciding to keep that name for the time being, the three form a team together and proceed to follow the fleeing Dark Creatures.

They catch up to find some GUN soldiers, one of them being a yellow hedgehog with a pair of gauntlets, taking down the remaining Dark Creatures. Blitz's group joins in and finishes them off, and the wolf is informed that attacks like these are popping up across the globe. Knockout says that if this is true, there has to be a leader bringing these guys into the light realm. The yellow hedgehog, seeing how the trio fought off the monsters, introduces himself as Whirlwind Reyes and says that they are welcome to join the cause before informing them that they have transportation ready for Shamar as their first mission.

With a new objective in mind, Blitz looks at his new friends and says they'll be needing a name for their newly-formed team. Raiden and Knockout ponder for a bit, before the former suggests "Team Thunder". Satisified, Blitz declares that Team Thunder is ready to roll!

After a fairly lenghty trip, Team Thunder arrives at Shamar. Almost immediately, they come across a swarm of Dark Creatures attacking a civilian settlement! Without wasting time, they hurry off to defeat the wretched hordes!

Stage Desolate Drylands
Mission Fend off the Dark Creatures and save the civilians!
Time 10'00'00

The Dark Creatures are driven off, and Shamar is saved. With the city now safe, Blitz is informed by a nearby civilian that the Dark Creatures have been spotted gathering in the west, near one of their precious oases, where a mythical monster known as "Ka'nor" resides under the dunes. Blitz feels uneasy at this - as an arctic wolf, he'd be at risk due to the blazing desert heat. Knockout assures him that they will get him back to the city as soon as the mission is done, and the swordsman decides to go ahead with the plan.

Team Thunder then leaves and ventures off into the western sector of the city.

After a while of trekking through the sands, it is apparent that Blitz is becoming affected by the desert heat, as he's lagging behind his allies and dragging his sword behind him. Raiden asks him what's wrong, and the wolf replies that the heat's not doing him any favors. They eventually arrive to the oasis the civilian was talking about. However, they don't see anything...

...until the sand under their feet begins to shift. Raiden wonders what's going on, when Knockout tells him to move. Just then, a massive stony sand worm bursts out of the ground under Raiden's feet!

Raiden barely evades the sand worm's attempt to devour him, and rolls onto his back, surprised. A few seconds later, Dark Creatures burst out of the sand as well and roar at Blitz and his allies. Knockout states that this must be what the locals have been talking about - Ka'nor the Sand Terror! Having found their target, the three begin to battle Ka'nor and its monstrous allies!

Stage White Oasis
Mission Defeat Ka'nor and its minions!
Time 10'00'00

The Dark Creatures are defeated, but Ka'nor continues to attack Team Thunder. Blitz spots a weakness in the sand worm - the jewel-like eyes. Taking a chance, he leaps onto the monster's head and proceeds to stab its eyes out with his sword. Ka'nor thrashes about, trying to throw the wolf off.

Eventually, Blitz succeeds in his endeavor, and leaps off as shards fly everywhere. However, at that point, he falls to his knees, then face-down, passing out from the heat and the recent fight. Knockout and Raiden become frightened and rush over to Blitz's unconscious body, trying to wake him up...

Only later does the wolf awake, and he finds himself in some sort of infirmary. He tries to sit up, but immediately lays back down, his chest flaring with pain. A few moments later, Raiden and Knockout appear to check on him. The swordsman asks what happened, and Raiden explains that he had brought Blitz and Knockout back to Central HQ - the main base of operations of GUN - back in Central City after defeating Ka'nor. The lion praises Blitz for taking the sand worm down in spite of the blazing heat, and wonders when he will be out of here.

At that moment, a medic comes in and decides to do an x-ray on Blitz's body, revealing something shard-like in his chest. Curious, she zooms in and turns on some video enhancement options, before she finds that shard in Blitz's chest... seems to be attaching itself to his flesh and might be corrupting him from the inside-out. At this news, Blitz becomes surprised and scared - if his corruption became too great, he could turn into a destructive monster bent on destroying everything in sight.

Two unfamiliar faces arrive and see Blitz and the others in the infirmary, with one of them, a black hedgehog with red stripes going by the name of Shadow the Hedgehog, asking who they are. At that point, Whirlwind comes in and states that Team Thunder is helping with the recent appearances of the strange creatures around the world. Blitz mentions that they got their mission done in Shamar, though now he's got an unwanted gem shard in his chest.

Raiden, suddenly holding his head again, says that he now remembers the gem Blitz is talking about... a Void Crystal. He states that he had noticed Ka'nor's eyes seemed unnatural and jewel-like, much like crystals, and adds that it's possible they fit the description as they were rare gems in Mobius. He also notes that it's possible that they have an origin in the realm the invading creatures are coming from. Knockout interjects there's another kind of crystal they could be using out there, known as the Dark Prizms.

The hooded lion then mentions one more thing: With a certain amount of Void Crystals and Dark Prizms, they'll be able to build a portal that will enable them to stop the Dark Creatures from the source... Otherwise known as the Dark Portal.

Act Two: Power of the Void

The next day, Blitz is fully recovered and ready for another mission. He and Knockout are directed to a briefing room, and on the way there, they bump into Raiden, who expresses relief over Blitz being alright. The wolf just smirks and says that nothing will keep him down for long, before Knockout urges them to get going.

Once they arrive at the briefing room, they find Whirlwind and Shadow discussing the Void Crystals that Raiden had mentioned. Shadow states that he and his companion, a blue hedgehog with the ability to reach the speed of sound known as Sonic the Hedgehog, had faced down a monster known as the "Sinister Hellion" that had relinquished a gem that perfectly fit the description Raiden had given. Whirlwind hypothesizes that the invading entities, particularly the big ones like Shadow described, would also be carrying Void Crystals on them. Right on cue, Blitz and the others make themselves known, and Whirlwind turns to them, saying they have a new objective in mind.

Blitz asks what it is, and Shadow gestures to a nearby screen, which changes to show two images: One of them a large eight-headed snake-like mecha running around and causing havoc in Empire City, and the other a completely different model that seems to resemble an armor-clad humanoid. Whirlwind then says Blitz, Knockout, and Raiden must investigate and deal with the snake mecha, for it would seem that these invaders have taken some of Dr. Eggman's technology and repurposed it for their own nefarious plans.

Knockout questions about the other one, and Shadow answers that they've sent heavy artillery units to hold both of them off until they can find sufficient assistance. Nodding, Team Thunder races off, ready for action.

Above Empire City, a helicopter is seen hovering high in the skies. Inside, Blitz is seen standing by the door, enjoying the view. The pilot flying the helicopter notes that they're above the objective. Blitz thanks him and proceeds to ask Knockout and Raiden if they're ready. The two respond that they are and proceed to skydive their way to Empire City.

The moment they reach the ground, they immediately spot a swarm of Dark Creatures attacking the city's denizens. Raiden notes that their target isn't too far, and the trio proceed to fend off the Dark Creatures.

Stage Empire City
Mission Fend off the Dark Creatures and find the robot!
Time 9'45"00

Team Thunder manages to drive off most of the Dark Creatures and move ahead. When they arrive, they come across a Mobian snake with dark-green and yellow scales, black sclera, red eyes, and a dark green dress that made her look like a royal[ly evil] queen. Not knowing what to do, Blitz quickly questions her presence. The snake turns around and simply chuckles at the arctic wolf's question.

Blitz, trying to resist her charm, asks her again. She then simply wonders if she should kill him or tear him limb from limb. The arctic wolf, getting annoyed, angrily asks her again. Annoyed with Blitz's persistence, she answers that she just came looking for people for her "little club" so "her darling Sigma" can have more slaves under his control before Raiden suddenly squints again. Knockout asks him if he remembers anything. The lion replies that he's heard of the woman before them somewhere before, but can't bring up a name.

The snake, introducing herself as Nevan the Basilisk, simply laughs at Raiden, saying she doesn't have time to entertain them. However, she offers a goodbye present: The same eight-headed snake-like mecha they saw back at HQ, which proceeds to fly in and nearly knocks Team Thunder into next week. It asks Nevan for its orders, and the snake tells the robot, Σ-666α Orochi, that it must destroy the three "mortals" before them. Orochi then accepts its orders as Team Thunder readies themselves. Having nothing else to do from here, Nevan departs.

Stage Serenity Park
Mission Defeat Σ-666α Orochi!
Time 9'45"00

With Orochi destroyed, Team Thunder searches around the rubble for any Void Crystals or Dark Prizms. They do find some, but Blitz uncovers something else: a pair of gauntlets taking the shape of cybernetic dragons. Raiden recognizes the weapons as the Burst Gauntlets, stating that these may help them against the Dark Creatures. Blitz, feeling like he earned them, puts them on and tests them out.

With the mission cleared, Team Thunder calls for a ride back to Central City.

Act Three: Trouble in Holoska

Team Thunder arrives back at the GUN branch Central City and see Sonic and Whirlwind. The latter asks if the robot has been destroyed, and is answered with an enthusiastic "yes". He then questions if anything else happened. Blitz is hesitant to answer, but Raiden quickly answers it for him. Hearing the mention of Nevan and her description, Whirlwind checks the database and states that it's a perfect match.

Knockout questions this, and Whirlwind informs her that a squad of soldiers ran into a few acquaintances of the snake a few days earlier before he met the trio. Raiden then mentions of a club where Sigma is gathering slaves to do his bidding. Whirlwind interjects by mentioning The Snakebite, as he heard them mention it that same day, and concludes that must be the name of the club.

Blitz, hearing all that, races off but is stopped by Sonic, who warns Team Thunder of a bunch of Dark Creatures guarding the entrance, the hardest of them getting around being the Titans, interjecting that they were tough to beat. Raiden asks the Blue Blur what they should do, but the only solution available at the moment is to "fight fire with fire". Blitz catches on and shows him his new gauntlets. Whirlwind states that it's a start, but they'll need a bit more. The question is, "where?"

At that moment, they receive a distress signal. Whirlwind answers it, and sees that it's from none other than Miles "Tails" Prower. The signal informs the group that he and Knuckles the Echidna are trapped somewhere in Holoska and can't escape. Sonic, worried for Tails, quickly races off. Whirlwind tries to stop him but fails. He then orders Blitz and Knockout to head to Holoska before the bounty hunter asks what Raiden will do. The Major answers that he'll need Raiden's help with a few favors. Understanding Whirlwind's motives, the two leave for Holoska.

A GUN helicopter lands as close as possible until the blizzard clears up. Blitz and Knockout step out and the helicopter flies off. As Blitz and Knockout search for Sonic, they come across yet another horde of Dark Creatures. However, some of them are getting pummeled easy. They then see why. Sonic is taking them head-on, and he doesn't even seem to be breaking a sweat. With no other option, the duo charge towards the Dark Creatures and try to regroup with Sonic.

Stage Tundra Ridge
Mission Regroup with Sonic!
Time 9'45"00

The duo manage to catch Sonic, but he tries to break free. Blitz then proceeds to knock some sense into the blue hedgehog with the hilt of his sword. Sonic then calms down and asks Blitz what his plan is. With the blizzard still strong, Blitz has no plan except get to Tails and Knuckles as soon as possible. Sonic then activates the GPS that Tails gave him a while back in order to find their way.

After wandering around for a while, they come across even more Dark Creatures. However, they also see a humanoid Dark Creature wearing black robes with yellow accents, and a large yeti-like ice monster, who seems to be the other Dark Creature's pet.

As the three try to sneak towards them, they are spotted by a bunch of Nightmares and quickly fall in front of the humanoid in a failed attempt to escape, causing them to blackout. The humanoid Dark Creature slowly walks up to the three, and grabs Blitz by his chin. He then chillingly asks, "What is your business here, mortal?" Blitz then tries to mock him, asking, "Have you seen a yellow-orange two-tailed fox and a red echidna anywhere?"

Noticing Blitz's taunts, he answers that they are trapped in one of the caves behind his position and let goes of him. Blitz then stands up, and looks back at his still-downed teammates. He then asks if he can bring them back to Central City. However, the humanoid states that they haven't formally introduced each other, letting Blitz go first. Blitz, unnerved by his smooth demeanor, introduces himself and his still-disoriented teammates. The humanoid introduces himself as Da'gorus the Thunder Warlock before showing them his pet, Gran'sha the Ice Horror.

Blitz then asks him his last question again. Da'gorus ponders for a minute and replies that if he can complete a little game, he can have Tails and Knuckles back. Blitz, still unnerved, turns to his friends, who are just getting back up. Sonic mutters that that last fall hurt a lot more than any of his other ones, and that was only from 10 feet above the ground. Blitz then informs them of the situation at hand.

Knockout is exasperated at Blitz's choice of action, but figures that there isn't any option with the position they're in. Sonic decides to go with Blitz's plan. The arctic wolf then accepts Da'gorus' challenge. The Thunder Warlock then sends in a horde of Nightmares towards them. The trio swiftly get ready to fight the Nightmares.

Stage Da'gorus' Keep
Mission Defeat the Nightmares!
Time 9'30"00

Da'gorus is impressed with the trio's performance, but he still needs to test them a little more. He then sends out a Titan, leaving Sonic rather exasperated at having to fight another "one of those giants again".

Stage Da'gorus' Keep
Mission Defeat the Titan!
Time 9'30"00

The trio defeats the Titan, and Da'gorus feels that they have one last trial to complete before they prove themselves. He then takes the fight to his own hands.... along with his pet's.

Stage Da'gorus' Keep
Mission Defeat Da'gorus and Gran'sha!
Time 9'00"00

The trio manage to defeat the warlock and his pet, and take their Void Crystals and Power Prizms before they expire. Along with that, Blitz manages to find a pair of handaxes. One controls lightning, the other controls ice. He then trys them out and is satisfied. With the area cleared and the blizzard dying down, they proceed to find Tails and Knuckles.

After entering a few caves, they finally find the one where Tails and Knuckles are trapped in. Sonic is greatly relieved that Tails is unharmed. Tails is happy to see Sonic too. Although, he doesn't see Knuckles anywhere. Tails answers that he's having some "private time". Catching on, Sonic asks if they should wait for him to finish. The fox furiously nods.

A while later, Knuckles appears and is surprised to see Sonic. The two greet each other, though he doesn't recognize Blitz and Knockout. They introduce each to him and Tails. They later head outside, and Sonic calls for a ride back home, their mission cleared.

Act Four: Night Terror

Back at Central HQ, Whirlwind sees that Blitz managed to find more weapons utilizing Void Energy and figures that it will be enough to take down the guards at the Snakebite. He then beckons Tails and Knuckles over for a chat. Whirlwind then inquires as to what the two were doing in Holoska, and Tails replies that they were looking for Void Crystals and Dark Prizms. Tails states that he and Knuckles had faced off against a powerful Dark Creature that had been carrying a large Void Crystal, and were on their way back to Central HQ before being shot down by a bunch of fliers and being tossed all the way to Holoska by a Titan before being captured by Da'gorus shortly after, and could only wait before Sonic (alongside Team Thunder) came to defeat Da'gorus and get them out.

Knuckles then interjects and says that he has been looking for Blitz for a while now before going on to explain about the prophecy he had been told about by Chaos and Tikal, eliciting a reaction from Sonic, who states that if even Chaos and Tikal are worried about the Dark Creatures, then the situation must be a lot bigger than he initially thought...

Later that night, Blitz is seen resting in a room that GUN had accommodated for him and Team Thunder. As he lies there, staring at the ceiling, he starts to think about the Void Crystal in his chest, wondering if it will be able to get taken out. It would be dangerous to keep it inside him, due to it likely corrupting him later. Sighing, he turns off his bedside light and proceeds to slumber...

...before finding himself in a hellish, foggy landscape. Confused, he suddenly sees a swarm of shadows coalesce and manifest into... himself! On edge, the wolf demands who the manifestation is, and it replies, disturbingly in his own voice, that it is his inner darkness made manifest - his rage, bloodlust, and hate, all combined into a single being, dubbing itself the Night Terror. The entity then says that it is time for Blitz to embrace his inner darkness, but Blitz, furious, replies that he won't go down without a fight. The dark side of the wolf merely states that it will enjoy crushing his spirit, before drawing its sword.

Stage Dreamscape
Mission Defeat the Night Terror!
Time 5'00'00

Blitz and Night Terror continue to fight. As Blitz nearly gains the upper hand, he is knocked down by the entity. As the swordsman struggles to get back up, he is pinned down by Night Terror. He then mocks Blitz for "still clinging on to his soul" and that he should "thank him for this". As the dark entity is about to strike his sword down to Blitz, he is woken up by two familiar faces.

As Blitz gets up from his bed, he sees a worried Knockout and Raiden. Blitz asks what was happening. Knockout replies that Blitz was squirming in his bed and got worried. Blitz thanks Knockout for the concern, but informs her he's fine. However, Raiden figures that Blitz was lying. He may not know what was really going on with the arctic wolf, but one thing's for sure... Blitz is not fine. Not by a longshot.

Act Five: Into The Snakebite

In the morning, everyone is called to the command center. Blitz feeling a bit irritated from last night's vision and Knockout, still worried, asks what's wrong. Blitz replies that he's just feeling a bit tired today, but everything was fine. Suspicious, but not wanting to push things even further, Knockout decides to let it be.

Team Thunder then meets up with Whirlwind. Raiden asks where Sonic and Shadow are, and the Major then replies that he sent them to the ruins of Eggmanland, as Orochi was built from various parts that seem to be from that place. Raiden then mentions Nevan again, stating that it may be a good time to investigate her club and find some info about Sigma. With Sonic and Shadow in Eggmanland and Tails and Knuckles continuing their search for more Void Crystals and Dark Prizms, Whirlwind decides to let them do so.

With a new objective, Team Thunder heads out.

About an hour later, the trio arrives to the front of the club. Deciding to get this over with, Blitz calmly walks to the entrance. The guards try to stop Blitz from going in, only to get a quick punch to their faces. Raiden and Knockout are surprised at Blitz's blunt approach and follow him. Inside, the club seems pretty normal, but Raiden remains cautious. 

Soon after, they get greeted by the sound of dance club music, club-goers, and other things. Unfortunately, they get caught when Blitz accidentally bumps into a disguised Nightmare, who lets out a shout to get Nevan's attention. Then, everyone in the club, except Team Thunder, shuffles away to reveal Nevan striding toward them, a frown on her face. She gets right to the point and demands them to tell her what they're doing here. Raiden then inquires what she knows of Sigma, prompting her to scowl. The snake then says that she doesn't have time for "uninvited guests", before letting out a sharp whistle, calling a horde of Dark Creatures onto the dance floor. Nevan then departs, forcing Team Thunder to deal with the enemy horde.

Stage The Snakebite - Dance Floor
Mission Fight off the horde of Dark Creatures!
Time 8'00"00

After defeating the horde, the three notice a door labelled "VIP Section - Clearance required". Deciding to ignore the warning, Blitz kicks the door down and the trio enter and find themselves in a swanky chamber, with Nevan residing on a balcony above. Upon seeing them, she grows furious, saying that they have come far enough. Leaping down, she beckons them - in particular, Blitz - to show her just what makes them so powerful, readying her whip, as she commands more Dark Creatures to handle Raiden and Knockout. Blitz quickly readies his arsenal and fights Nevan.

Stage The Snakebite - VIP
Mission Defeat Nevan!

Nevan is knocked down, but quickly gets back up. Nevan commends the trio for their strength and undying will. However, she chillingly says that "the kid's gloves are really off now", as she transforms into a giant basilisk and the room around them becomes warped. Blitz is clearly surprised and nervously laughs, "That lady ain't no lady!", as Team Thunder prepares to take down the monstrosity before them.

Stage The Snakebite - Warped
Mission Defeat Nevan's Basilisk form!
Time 8'00"00

Nevan is defeated once more and is knocked out. As she reverts back to her normal form, Raiden quickly grabs her by the collar and angrily asks for information on Sigma. Nevan painfully answers that she herself is Sigma's consort, and that he rules the Dark Dimension with an iron fist. However, he wants to extend his power to the light realm as well, using the power of a powerful gem known as the Hell Prizm to do so. As Raiden slightly squints at the mention of the Hell Prizm, she also says that they can try to stop him, but it won't do anything, as the rest of the army is on their way. As she expires, Raiden quickly takes her Dark Prizm.

With their business done, Raiden quickly leaves, with Blitz and Knockout following close by.

Final Act: Darkness Unleashed

Four days later, the Dark Portal is nearing completion. Everything seems to be going fine, but then Knuckles and Tails barge in, out of breath and looking very worried. Blitz and Sonic see to the thwo and ask them what's wrong. Tails answers the two that they're in real trouble...

And then, disaster strikes! Dark Creatures appear and start causing mayhem, stalling the construction process and causing all personnel to go on high alert. Teams Thunder, Sonic, and Prower are called in to deal with the menace, and in the midst of the fighting, two new combatants arrive - an armored warrior calling himself General Serges, and a frenzied Deep Nightmare calling himself Dusk. The two quickly tear into a few GUN agents, swiftly killing them without missing a beat. Once the duo are spotted, the GUN teams immediately head their way as they approach the incomplete Dark Portal.

Raiden calls for Serges to stop, and the General turns around, Dusk doing the same and cackling that he will rip them to shreds like the others. In contrast, Serges calmly states that Sigma has ordered him to destroy the ones who killed Nevan, pointing his lance at Blitz, Knockout, and Raiden.

Visibly aggravated, Blitz grimly says, "let's go then," and unsheathes his blade while Raiden and Knockout prepare themselves behind him.

Stage The Dark Portal
Mission Stop Serges and Dusk from destroying the Dark Portal!

Team Thunder puts up a good fight, but in the midst of the battle, Blitz is blasted away and buried under rubble, seemingly down for the count. Raiden and Knockout are heavily injured, and Serges states that he regrets having to kill such formidable combatants. Dusk, meanwhile, just laughs crazily and says to get on with the killing.

Under the rubble, Blitz is rendered unconscious. However, his Void Crystal recognizes his predicament, and starts to amplify his hatred and anger, until Blitz comes to and literally bursts out of the rubble, now sporting a menacing purple aura around his person and turning the world around them completely dark. Enraged and yearning for blood, Blitz catches Serges' attention by dashing forward and smashing a powerful punch into the General's helmet.

The attack knocks Serges back a bit, and he stares at the now empowered Blitz, confused by the sudden darkness. Frowning, Serges decides that he will deal with the threat of an enraged Blitz right now before going for the other two.

Stage The Dark Portal
Mission Annihilate Serges!

Serges tries to stay alive, but between the sluggish effect of Blitz's new form and his raging blows, he is eventually torn apart, his armor ripped to shreds and Serges himself left battered, bruised, and (seemingly) dead at Blitz's feet. Gasping, the General falls down, defeated.

Dusk watches the carnage and becomes alarmed. In a panic, he orders the remaining Dark Creatures to retreat, and proceeds to high-tail it out of there with his allies. After the Dark Creatures flee, Blitz's transformation eventually times out, and he falls down, utterly exhausted. Knockout and Raiden approach him, thanking him for the assist and also asking what just happened. Blitz, in a tired voice, states that he himself doesn't know, replying, "I... I don't know. All I felt was... rage... bloodthirsty, unbridled rage... I had no idea what was happening..."

Raiden puts Blitz's arm around his shoulder and puts him back on his feet, saying that they should see to the others. As Team Thunder leaves, the Void Crystal on his chest glows, and an ominous laughter is heard...

Rising Darkness - Blitz and Knockout CLEAR