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  • Input Command - Attack light / Attack medium / Attack h

Normals are, of course, the most basic moves of any character in Darkness Trigger and only require a press of a button to perform. Depending on the current state of the character in question - such as standing, crouching, or jumping -  as well as which button is pressed, they will perform a different normal attack.

As a general rule, the A button dishes out the fast but weak Light Attack, the C button launch a slower but more powerful Heavy Attack, and the B button fires off the finely-balanced Medium Attack. These attacks can be chained together with the use of the Chain Combo system, allowing several characters to make simple combos with a few buttons.

Command Normals

Every character possess a few Command Normals, most of which are done by inputting a normal attack while pressing a direction. Some of these Command Normals are rather unique enough to be considered Specials. Of these command normals, the two most universal of these attacks are the launcher and the sweep.

  • Input Command - Arcade-Stick-Down + Attack h

launcher is an attack that, as the name implies, launches the for up into the air. Naturally, it is jump cancellable and often leads into a solid aerial combo. Fortunately, they can be blocked without much issue.

  • Input Command - Arcade Stick DR + Attack h

A sweep, on the other hand, allows the player to knock their opponent down with a low swipe attack. As they are low attacks, they must be blocked with a crouching block.


  • Input Command - [close to opponent] AS Right / Frt + Attack h

A Throw is a close-ranged unblockable attack where the player grabs their opponent before attacking them, often knocking them a fair distance. When done on the ground, there are two variations: a forward throw, and a back throw. Keep in mind that throws can be performed in midair and are aptly referred to as an air throw.

If ever you get caught in a throw yourself, you can attempt to break out of it with a Throw Escape. However, the timing is really strict and, should you mess it up, will be hit with a Throw Reject Miss. Of course, it is entirely possible to counter an attacking opponent with a throw, intiating a Throw Counter that cannot be escaped.

Command Throws

Some characters have a special type of throw called a Command Throw, which is performed by inputting a specific directional command and pressing a specific button. As such, these command throws are often considered as Specials but, since they are still throws, they can be Throw Escaped when given the chance.


  • Input Command - Exchange button

A Trigger is basically a character's unique action. Most of them are an attack, several of which have special properties to them. One such Trigger is Shadow's Chaos Slash, in which he attacks the opponent with a Chaos-empowered strike that can be charged to increase its damage and range. Meanwhile, some are rather different, such as Blitz's Gear Shift, which allows him to switch between his weapons, allowing for a vast variety of moves in his arsenal.


  • Input Command - Character-specific

A Special is a character-specific move that requires a specific directional input and a specific button to be performed. Of course, these specials show most of the unique styles of battle the characters in the game's roster sport and are an essential part of making very stylish and powerful combos.

Critical Trigger

  • Input Command - [with 50% Trigger Gauge] Character-specific

A Critical Trigger is a character's standard flashy super move and they deal considerable damage, but usually have fairly slow start-up and can be blocked with the right timing. Of course, they can be cancelled into during a combo, so do make good use of that. However, actually using a Critical Trigger requires fifty percent of the Trigger Gauge - basically, the game's super meter - in order to be performed.


  • Input Command - [all requirements met] Character-specific

As the name suggests, Overkills are the most powerful moves of the game. As in, get hit with this move and the match is over. These moves are so powerful, all these requirements are needed to perform one.

  • Match Point - One more round is needed to win.
  • 35% HP - The opponent's health is below 35%.
  • 100% Trigger Gauge - The Trigger Gauge must be at 100%.
  • Overkill Icon - The Overkill Icon is the most important requirement, as it is what limits your attempts to perform it to one. This means if you miss once, you can't try again. 

Limit Break

  • Input Command - [with full Burst Gauge] Attack light + Attack medium + Attack h + Exchange button

The Limit Break is a special technique a character with full Burst Gauge can use in order to enhance their own skillset along with a few other neat bonuses, such as Sigma's super armor shield. 

However, some of these Limit Breaks also give a small weakness in order to counteract the massive buffs, such as Blitz's defense taking on a huge decrease upon using his Limit Break.

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