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Heroes of Old is the second story of Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows. It focuses on Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. After a scuffle with some mysterious creatures, the duo set out to find out who "Σ" is and what he wants with Mobius.

Heroes of Old


Sonic, now 30-years-old, and Shadow are seen racing across the streets of Central City. (Although, Sonic could've been helping Shadow with patrol duty... Take your pick.) As they reach their destination, however, a group of mysterious creatures suddenly appear, stopping the two in its tracks. The duo proceed to fight them off. They manage to defeat them, but another wave charged.

This time, the pack is led by a huge monster, known as a "Dark Titan". (The Blue Blur merely groans at the sight of it... and for good reason.) Sonic and Shadow, with no other options, proceed to beat the ever living crap out of them.

Stage Central City - Day
Mission Clear off the swarm of monsters!
Time 9'00"00

The duo manage to finish off the horde and their leader. The Dark Titan mutters that his master, Σ, will take over the light realm and they can't do anything to stop him. Sonic, curious as to what the monster had meant, is left confused. Shadow silently ponders, telling himself that he had heard of the name somewhere but couldn't exactly remember where.

Act One: Chaotic Enigma

The two hedgehogs see a fleeing Dark Creature and chase after it. However, just as they catch up, they see it jump into a portal. With the portal closing, the duo quickly run for it and jump through the portal and end up in Chun-Nan, where it seems that its fellows have already ran through the place and made it into a big mess.

They then notice another Dark Creature, this time donning a suit of armor and wielding a staff, barking orders to its underlings before taking off deeper into the mountain range of Chun-nan. Deciding to go after it, the two hedgehogs give chase.

Stage Serpent Valley
Mission Chase after the Dusk Knight!
Time 8'40"00

The duo manage to catch up to it. When the creature notices, he remarks that Σ forgot to tell him "there would be puny hedgehogs involved". Taking offense to that, Shadow quickly attacks the Dark Creature. The monster staggers for a bit, and quickly decides that he - introducing himself as the Sinister Hellion - will dispose of the two. Sonic, excited to get back into action, laughs at the Dusk Knight's threat.

Stage Vermilion Tomb
Mission Defeat the Dusk Knight!
Time 8'40"00

The Sinister Hellion is defeated, but exclaims that they won't have the Void Crystal before expiring. At that moment, the crystal in his chest rolls out to the ground, almost immediately scorching some of the grass around it. Sonic quickly wonders what the Hellion meant.

Almost immediately, Shadow takes the Void Crystal and takes note of how it scorched the grass when it landed, saying they should take it back to the G.U.N. branch at Central City, as none of the branches in Chun-nan are done with construction.

Sonic objects that they ought to clean up the remaining Dark Creatures left in Chun-nan, and reluctantly, Shadow agrees. The two then proceed to deal with the remaining enemies.

Stage Vermilion Tomb
Mission Ward off the remaining Dark Creatures!
Time 9'00"00

After finishing off the last of them, Shadow warps themselves back to the Central City branch of G.U.N. and see a grey wolf in a red jacket, a brown wolf with purple streaks and a black cloak, and a black lion with white eyes and a purple hoodie are in the infirmary. The duo are introduced to the three (the grey wolf being Blitz, the brown wolf Knockout, and the lion Raiden) alongside Whirlwind, a colleague and old friend of theirs who informs them that the invaders - known as Dark Creatures - have been reported to be mobilizing around the world.

The lion, Raiden, then holds his head, before stating that he noticed that the giant foe they had just taken down, Ka'nor, had jewel-like eyes matching the description of a crystal he guesses to be called a "Void Crystal". He also says that they might have an origin in the realm that the Dark Creatures are coming from, as he believes that they are extremely rare in Mobius. The brown wolf, Knockout, adds that there's another crystal they could use, called Dark Prizms. Raiden concludes that, if they are to fight back against the invaders, they must acquire these gems.

Act Two: Forest Fire

The next day, Sonic and Shadow are called into the command center. Sonic asks what's up, and Whirlwind replies that there are reports that Adabat is currently under attack by some sort of deranged pyromaniac calling herself "Slayer". Whirlwind then goes on to display a video feed of Adabat on the wall, showing a flaming wolf-like entity spewing fire all over the place within a burning jungle. Shadow is slightly alarmed, while Sonic wonders whose side Slayer is on.

Whirlwind states that, foe or no, Slayer must be stopped before she burns the whole of Adabat to ash. The two hedgehogs nod and proceed to leave for Adabat.

Sonic and Shadow arrive to find ashes everywhere, and trees burning, along with smoke in the distance. Shadow guesses that Slayer can't have gone far, and Sonic agrees as the two race off to catch up with the pyro.

After a while, the duo eventually catch up with Slayer, and find her approaching a house full of civilians. Sonic shouts for Slayer to stop, and the wolf turns around, glaring at them before asking "And who the hell're you?"

Sonic is surprised that Slayer can speak, and the pyromaniac snarks that she obviously can speak. Shadow orders Slayer to stand down and come quietly, but the pyromaniac merely laughs, saying, "Stand down? Hah, yeah right! Sigma wants me to burn this place to the ground, and a few roast hedgehogs can't hurt!"

Stage Violent Wild
Mission Defeat Slayer the Hellhound!
Time 9'00"00

Eventually, the heroes defeat Slayer, and as she lays defeated, she barks that she failed to burn Adabat to cinders. Shadow rolls his eyes and grabs Slayer by the collar, demanding her to tell them what she knows about this "Sigma" character. Slayer, however, replies that she'll never tell, especially not to "snot-nosed hogs like you".

Frustrated, Shadow attempts to punch the hellhound's lights out, but Sonic catches the Ultimate Life Form's fist, saying that they should probably take Slayer into custody and see if they can try to make her spill the beans to them. The black hedgehog calms down and nods, dropping Slayer (who unceremoniously hits the ground on her rear) and calls in for an extraction team.

Act Three: Shards of Memory

The next day, Shadow proceeds to interrogate Slayer, asking her why she was given the order to burn Adabat to cinders. Slayer merely replies that Sigma wanted her to burn the forest to the ground, and would have gotten away with it if Team Sonic hadn't stepped in. Shadow is slightly irritated, before he hears an alarm. Annoyed, the Ultimate Life Form decides to have guards hang around and watch Slayer while he goes to the command center to see what's up.

In the command center, Whirlwind announces that GUN has received a distress beacon coming from Holoska. Shadow, along with Sonic, Raiden, Blitz, and Knockout, watch as a recording of someone's voice plays. Sonic immediately recognizes the voice to be Tails, who had recorded a message stating that he and Knuckles are in serious trouble and need assistance fast. Sonic immediately jumps at volunteering himself to rescue Tails and Knuckles, before bolting off, prompting Blitz and Knockout to follow him out of the room.

When they leave, Whirlwind asks Shadow how the interrogation with Slayer is going, and the Ultimate Life Form says that the Pyrohound won't crack. Raiden then offers to assist, and the Black Blur states that help is always welcome.

Back with Slayer, Raiden proceeds to do the talking, and for some reason Slayer recognizes the hooded lion and immediately starts giving information to the "former king". Confused, Raiden nonetheless listens as Slayer begins to talk, mentioning that she had gotten her orders from a messenger in Apotos. The pyrohound goes on to say that there is a horde of Dark Creatures working on controlling the civilians there in order to make slaves out of them through demonic possession, citing a specific resort area. Raiden is alarmed at this, and says they have to hurry. Shadow nods, and thanks Slayer for the information as he and the lion proceed to their objective.

Shadow and Raiden arrive at the Apotos resort Slayer had mentioned, and they find that the Dark Creatures' operation is in full swing - possessed civilians, sporting dark auras and black eyes, are seen wandering around aimlessly, before one spots the duo. Pointing and calling them out, a few Possessed proceed to march towards them to attack. Raiden expresses surprise and regret over having to fight them, while Shadow says that it has to be done, before preparing himself.

Stage Gale Resort
Mission Defeat the Possessed!
Time 9'00"00

Shadow and Raiden manage to defeat the group without killing them, when suddenly a horde of Dark Creatures appear. One of them yells that they're ruining everything, and that they should turn back now or risk death. Shadow merely replies that that won't be an option, while Raiden starts to get more flashes of memory, seeing events eerily similar to what he and Shadow had gone through. The Ultimate Life Form notices and asks him what's wrong, and Raiden replies that he'll talk later after they deal with the enemy horde.

Confused, Shadow decides to wait as Raiden requests before entering the fray with him.

Stage Gale Resort
Mission Defeat the Dark Creatures and stop their operation!
Time 9'00"00

As the Dark Creatures fall, the civilians from before start to wake up, having no memory of what just occurred. Raiden says that they should be safe now, before Shadow brings up Raiden's flashes of memory from before. In reply, the lion states that he remembers various scenes similar to what had just taken place, where he saw himself in armor alongside another dark lion in black armor. Raiden notes that it's possible that he knows of this other lion, but without a name, his appearance is all he has to go by.

Shadow muses that Raiden seems to be getting more of his memory back, and the latter agrees, hoping it comes back entirely soon. With their objective complete, Shadow calls in for a medevac to assist the disoriented and confused civilians as well as return to GUN Base.

Final Act: Return to Eggmanland

The next morning, Sonic and Shadow are called into the command center. Whirlwind informs them that, now that Tails has been rescued, has done research on the parts of Σ-666α Orochi that Team Thunder had brought back from Empire City.

Tails notes that Orochi's body, frame, and weapons strongly resemble Dr. Eggman's tech, prompting Sonic to conclude that the Dark Creatures may be utilizing the professor's research to bolster their army. He then states that they may be getting the tech from Eggmanland, and Tails interjects that that place has been in ruins ever since Dark Gaia was sealed away. The Blue Blur replies that Eggmanland is the likeliest place to get Eggman's machines from, and Whirlwind agrees. The two heroes then proceed to their next objective.

Sonic and Shadow arrive at the entrance to the abandoned carnival. Much to his chagrin, it gives even Shadow some chills. The duo then walk inside. As they walk, Sonic remembers the time he and Chip first went here to re-energize the Gaia Temple located here and how hellish it was getting there in the first place.

So far, they don't find anything suspicious. However, they eventually hear a noise nearby and sneak around for the source. Soon after, they find a group of Dark Creatures carrying packs of parts from the ruins. Knowing that it'll increase their numbers significantly, the two hedgehogs quickly step in and block their way.

The Dark Creatures immediately grow hostile and proceed to attack them. Sonic and Shadow go forth and charge at them, full force!

Stage Midnight Jubilee
Mission Stop the Dark Creatures!
Time 8'00"00

The duo manage to stop the Dark Creatures; however, they soon find out that they're not done yet. An extremely loud roar is heard, and the hedgehogs quickly run towards the source. What do they find? A huge-as-hell dragon with rock hard skin, that's what! The dragon is clearly not happy to see them.

The dragon inquires the identities of the two hedgehogs. Sonic, deciding to play it cool, introduces himself and Shadow. The dragon introduces himself as Ebonrock and proceeds to ask what business they have. Sonic jokingly replies that he should ask the same question to him. Ebonrock, understanding Sonic's thinking, answers that he is collecting parts from the ruins to build robotic soldiers for Sigma. The dragon then asks Sonic about his business. Sonic then replies, "To be blunt, we're here to stop you from doing that!"

Ebonrock is impressed with Sonic's determination, and decides to put that to the test by sending out a swarm of Dark Creatures. The two hedgehogs begin to fight against them.

Stage Gravel Reservoir
Mission Clear off the Dark Creatures!
Time 8'00"00

The duo manage to clear off the Dark Creatures, leaving Ebonrock both agitated and impressed. Sonic calls for the dragon and shouts to him that "he sucks". Ebonrock is even more agitated and does not hesitate to take the hedgehogs on himself. Shadow is exasperated at Sonic's move, but the blue blur simply chuckles, saying that "it's good to be back in action."

Ebonrock closes in and the two hedgehogs prepare to take the dragon down.

Stage Gravel Reservoir
Mission Defeat Ebonrock!
Time 7'30"00

After a hard-fought battle, Ebonrock is defeated and is knocked down to the lava, effectively getting killed. Sonic and Shadow look down at the lava, with Ebonrock's forearm slowly sinking into the lava. Sonic remarks that even he wouldn't want his worst foes to die like that, possible thinking back to a somewhat similar situation from way back when.

In any case, Shadow considers the invesigation cleared and the two head back to Central City.

Heroes of Old - Sonic and Shadow CLEAR

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