This sub-page will go over the game's Trigger Gauge and Burst Gauge. Keep kicking ass to fill that meter up for maximum hype!


Trigger Gauge

The Trigger Gauge is the traditional "super meter" and a very important resource in Darkness Trigger, as it has a direct effect on the player's options for attack, such as the Critical Trigger, the Meteor Cancel, and the one-shot Overkills. Making use of the gauge can often be a key factor in a win or a loss for each match. The gauge itself is divided into four portions, with each portion representing 25% of the Trigger Gauge.

It is worth noting that in each round, the Trigger Gauge will reset itself to zero, so don't bother trying to save it for the next round.

Building the Trigger Gauge

Filling up the Trigger Gauge is normally done by performing offensive actions, such as running towards the foe, attacking, etc. Of course, it is also possible to fill the gauge up by blocking attacks and being attacked as well, but doing so will net you less meter. As such, the general rule is that going on the offensive will build the Trigger Gauge faster while playing more defensively will slow the process down.

However, it should be noted that the amount of Trigger Gauge filled up will decrease as a combo is maintained, making it possible to maintain an insanely long combo while not gaining any meter at all.

Negative Penalty

Speaking of which, if ever the player decides to keep running away from the foe without putting up a good fight, whether from a distance or not, or maybe even just standing there like an idiot, which I'm fairly sure most people won't allow, that'll eventually get a warning and, should they choose to ignore it, eventually come back to bite them in the ass with the much-dreaded Negative Penalty.

Getting hit with this state will instantly drop your Trigger Gauge to zero percent, and the rate at which the gauge is built is drastically reduced. It should go without saying that you'll want to avoid getting this penalty at all costs.

Burst Gauge

The Burst Gauge is just as much of an important resource as the Trigger Gauge in Darkness Trigger. It's main purpose is to allow players to use the Burst Trigger and the Limit Break, both of which can turn the tide of battle. However, they can only be used when the Burst Gauge is at maximum, so it's a good idea to choose carefully before making a move.

Building the Burst Gauge

Unlike the Trigger Gauge, the Burst Gauge normally fills itself up at a steady but rather slow rate, meaning attacking won't make it fill up faster. However, getting attacked by the opponent can fill it up a little more quickly, but that means losing some health, so it might be best not to let the opponent whale on you too much.

Disabling the Burst Gauge

It is possible to have usage of the Burst Gauge disabled for a few moments. This is indicated by a red "X" covering the Burst Gauge and the causes of a disabled Burst Gauge are as such:

  • Being hit with a Throw
  • Being hit with a Critical Trigger or Overkill
  • Becoming stunned
  • Getting hit with attacks that cause a kind of non-standard hitstun 

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