Alright, now it's time go over some of the game's options on defense! You know what they say, "the best defense is a good offense", right?



  • Input Command - [when the opponent is about to attack] Frt / Arcade Stick DR3

Like most fighting games, blocking is a very important skill to learn. After all, you can't really do much in a fight if you can't be bothered to defend yourself. There are three versions of the standard guard: a standing block, a crouching block, and an aerial block.

Generally speaking, a standing block will not block low attacks, a crouching block will be vulnerable to overheads, and an aerial block will not work against ground attacks, especially anti-airs. In addition, blocking any attack will fill up the Trigger Gauge by a tiny amount. However, the blocker will still suffer from chip damage when blocking more powerful moves and will always lose to any successful throw attempts.

Instant Guard

  • Input Command - [just as the opponent's attack hits] Frt / Arcade Stick DR3

An Instant Guard is basically a normal block performed at the exact moment the player's opponent lands an attack. It is indicated by the blocker flashing white and allows the blocker to recover from blockstun much quicker, making it a little easier to fire off a counterattack, as well as gain a bit more Trigger Gauge and lessen the amount of chip damage when blocking special moves.

Perfect Guard

  • Input Command - Frt + any two attack buttons

A Perfect Guard is a special kind of block that completely negates any and all chip damage, making it the perfect defense against several Critical Triggers - except for the ones that are basically super throws, which it still loses to. In addition, it also pushes the opponent farther away from them should an attack actually hit the guard

However, actually using the Perfect Guard takes away a little bit of the Trigger Gauge at a steady rate as long as the guard is held up.

Throw Escape

  • Input Command - [just as the opponent connects a grab] AS Right + Attack h

A Throw Escape is a defensive maneuver where the player, upon being hit with a grab by their opponent, attempts to break out of it. However, the timing is painfully strict and can be easily messed up, in which case, the player will get hit with the dreaded Throw Reject Miss, meaning there's no escaping that throw now. 

Burst Trigger

  • Input Command - Exchange button + any two attack buttons

A Burst Trigger is a defensive maneuver that emits a shockwave, sending one's opponent away if it hits. They are near-invincible, but can be countered by throws with the correct timing. However, they can only be used with a full Burst Gauge. Burst Trigger come in two different variations:

  • Scarlet Burst Triggers are used to gain momentum, press one's advantage further, and are usable on wakeup as a reversal. It also grants a full Trigger Gauge on hit but completely depletes the Burst Gauge, whether it connects or not.
  • Azure Burst Triggers are used as a form of defense to stop an opponent's onslaught. However, it doesn't grant a full Trigger Gauge, even on hit, but only depletes half of the Burst Gauge.


A Reversal generally refers to any action that is made immediately after making a recovery or leaving blockstun. The most common example of a reversal is Blitz performing his Skyward Grind special after getting back up from a knockdown. That's really all there is to it.

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