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This is an article about Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows, a fangame created by TheDarkMantis15 and CrimsonFlame2K on 06/13/2014.
Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows
DT Surge of Shadows
Release Dates
September 24, 2015
Dark Mantis Studios; CrimsonFlame Software
Action, Fighting
PS3, PS4, Xbox One
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T for Teen
Various artists
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Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows is a 2D fighting game developed by Dark Mantis Studios in collaboration with CrimsonFlame Software and the first game in the Darkness Trigger series. It follows the story of Blitz the Noisemaker, a thrill-seeking bounty hunter who is soon afflicted with a dark curse, alongside other characters like Sonic and Shadow in their journey to stop Σ from overtaking the light realm from a parallel realm known as The Dark Dimension.


Long ago, at the dawn of time, there was Mobius. And with it, a dark copy of it known as the Dark Dimension. A realm identical to its light counterpart, it slowly but surely decays and degenerates into a hellish world set to collapse. The residents of the Dark Dimension then came up with a plan to save their realm - forging a giant gem to stabilize their world. Spearheaded by their First King, the Dark Creatures succeed, and prosper for many years...

However, trouble is rising in the light realm. The previous king of the realm, a noble lion known as Rho the Great, has gone missing and the Dark Creatures, seemingly peaceful, have now begun to invade Mobius and try to conquer in the name of a different king who just so happens to be Rho's own younger brother, Sigma. A brutal tyrant, he wishes to control all of Mobius under his heel.

But there is hope. In Central City, a young bounty hunter becomes entrenched in the war that is starting. Assisted by renowned heroes such as the famous Blue Blur and the Ultimate Life Form, as well as his childhood friend, Knockout Shadeclaw, and a mysterious yet familiar-looking figure known as Raiden, he embarks on a journey to prevent the world from being torn apart.

Will this new hero succeed... or will he die trying?

Rising Darkness - Blitz and Knockout

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Heroes of Old - Sonic and Shadow

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The Prophecy - Knuckles and Tails

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The Legion - Serges and Dusk

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Might Makes Right - Σ and Nevan

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Rise of the King! - True End

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Like most 2D fighters, gameplay involves two opponents duking it out in a 2D arena, where they have to defeat each other in two out of three rounds to win. Characters are rendered KO'd when they lose all their health, and lose the match if their opponent wins two rounds out of three. 

Story Mode

Most of the story has the character being used in a 2D hubworld, which are designed similarly to the Mega Man Zero games, to reach the next scene. When the area is reached, it leads to another scene and half of the time, either a fight against a bunch of minor enemies, an NPC boss, or another character.

Control Scheme

Button Action
Left Analog Stick / D-Pad Movement
Square Button Light (A)
Triangle Button Medium (B)
Circle Button Heavy (C)
X Button Trigger (D)
R1 Button A + B
R2 Button C + D
L1 Button Function 1
L2 Button Function 2
Select Button Taunt
Start / Options Button Pause Game

Button Action
Left Thumbstick / D-Pad Movement
X Button Light (A)
Y Button Medium (B)
B Button Heavy (C)
A Button Trigger (D)
Right Bumper A + B
Right Trigger C + D
Left Bumper Function 1
Left Trigger Function 2
Back Button Taunt
Start Button Pause Game

Difficulty Levels

There are multiple levels of difficulty in the game. However, they sport a theme of increasing intensities of fire unlike other games.

  • Spark: Beginner difficulty. If you pick this difficulty for some reason, we won't judge.
  • Ember: Easy difficulty. Things are still a little light in this difficulty level.
  • Flame: Normal difficulty. Excellent for those who want a little challenge but still want to keep things on the easy side.
  • Firestorm!: Hard difficulty. Best for those who want to toughen up their skills.
  • Inferno!!: Very Hard difficulty. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
  • Hell on Mobius!!!: Intense difficulty. If you're not up to snuff, you will die... a lot.


There are multiple stages in the game, divided into four categories: HubsArenas, Story, and Bosses.


  • Central City, Northern Mercia
  • Shamar, Midesta
  • Zanartika
  • Chun-nan, Yurashya
  • Adabat, Yurashya
  • Apotos, Eurise
  • Mazuri, Geffrika
  • Eggmanland Ruins
  • The Snakebite
    • Club ​Entrance
    • Dance Floor
    • VIP Lounge
  • The Dark Dimension
    • ​Beast Barrens
    • Black Graveyard
    • The Giantlands
  • The Black Castle
    • Obsidian Courtyard
    • The Great Foyer
    • Hallways (Tempestas, Rotas, Marinus, and Draco)
    • Grand Hallway Σ


  • Central City - Day
  • Central City - Night
  • Neo Station Square
  • Gale Resort
  • Roaring Wild
  • Verdant Bastion
  • Ivory Ridge
  • Serpent Valley
  • Midnight Jubilee
  • Desolate Drylands
  • Empire City
  • The Snakebite - Dance Floor
  • The Snakebite - VIP
  • The Dark Portal
  • Blackout Plaza
  • The Grand Hallway
  • The Throne of Oblivion
  • Martyr Cataclysm
  • End of the Road


  • The Dark Dimension - Black Graveyard
  • The Dark Dimension - The Giantlands
  • The Dark Dimension - Beast Barrens
  • The Gates of Darkness
  • The Black Castle - The Great Foyer
  • The Black Castle - Tempestas / Rotas / Marinus / Draco Hall
  • The Black Castle - Grand Hallway Σ


  • White Oasis
  • Serenity Park
  • Northern Ruination
  • Da'gorus' Keep
  • Dreamscape
  • Vermilion Tomb
  • Gravel Reservoir
  • Central HQ
  • Σ's Rampage



  • Arcade - Fight your way through multiple foes to face the boss and win! (2P can challenge 1P anytime.)
  • Versus Battle - Pick your characters and the stage, then face off in a three-round match to see who comes out on top!
  • Score Attack - Defeat 10 extremely intelligent opponents to win!
  • Boss Attack - Defeat previously fought bosses.
  • Survival - How long can you battle? Face off against an infinite number of foes for as long as you can!
  • Citadel Mode - Reach a certain level of the tower to win!


  • Tutorial - Learn the basics of the game. You can also learn how to master each characters' special moves and playstyles.
  • Training - Practice the different characters and learn some combos and improve usage of the characters' playstyles.
  • Challenge - Take on many different challenges for each character. Can you finish them all?


  • Story Mode - Play through the different stories of Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows. Finish all 5 to unlock the True Ending.


Fight online with other players. Requires an Internet connection and a PSN/Xbox Live/Nintendo Network account (for PS3/4/Vita, Xbox 360/One, and Wii U, respectively).


  • Theatre - Watch cutscenes from story mode.
  • Sound Test - Listen to music, sound effects, and in-game character voices.
  • Art Gallery - View art of the characters, locations, items, etc.
  • Library - Learn of the series terminologies and further understand them.
  • Blooper Reels - View bloopers made during development.


Main article: Darkness Trigger: Surge of Shadows/Soundtrack


  • This is the third fangame to star Blitz as a playable character, the first being SUPER Fanon Punch Out! and the second being Project Idol: Nikki's Fun House.
    • The main difference is that is that it's actually canon to his storyline.
  • This is the second fangame worked on in collaboration with another user. In this case, as with Sonic Adventure 3: Evolution, it was collaborated with CrimsonFlame2K.
  • Majority of the game's elements are taken from BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, two series owned by Arc System Works.