Age: 30

Power: Voodoo Magic

Type: Witchcraft Type

Story and Personality

Once a human being who entertained others, Darkioss was a kind-hearted guy who loved showing off magic tricks to strangers. But one day when he was un able to pay back his debt to the spirits, his own voodoo turned him into an echidna forever. The fear and anger of never being human again consumed him, so now he uses his voodoo powers for evil. He is very smart and crafty, but if he knows he's about to lose he turns into a huge coward, begging for mercy and trying to run away.


He uses several voodoo skills to his advantage, enhancing his strength, speed, stamina, and more.


If he does not pay back his debt again, the spirits won't be as merciful as they were last time, and they will sentence him to death. To pay back his debt he must offer 3 echidna hairs every 72 hours for the rest of his life, they cannot be his own echidna hairs, they have to belong to someone else.

Super Forms

He does not have any super forms but he can use his voodoo to enhance his skills.

In-Game Quotes

S Rank - Consider my debt paid!

A Rank - This should be good enough to pay back my debt.

B Rank - Close Enough!

C Rank - Ugh Almost lost that one.

D Rank - How am I ever gonna pay back my debt?

E Rank - I'm doomed.

Chaos Emerald Obtained - YES!

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