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This is an article about Darkforce the hedgehog, a character created by Flarethehedgecat195 on 05/30/2015.

Darkforce the Hedgehog is Shadow's brother, but in comparison, they are not quite exactly the same. Although Shadow is suggested to be unable to age, Darkforce, in contrast, can, but in longer periods of time than normal.


Darkforce is classified to be a red anthropomorphic hedgehog with spines that strut upwards with its characteristic of blue highlights. Consisted in his attire, he wears golden rings as cuffs, and within those are orange sock-like gloves. As Sonic the Hedgehog's shoes (which is red with a white strap across the top braced by a golden buckle and with grey soles), Darkforce's shoes have similar quality, except his shoes being darker red in color with an orange stripe instead of white.


Concerning Darkforce's personality, in contrast to his brother, Shadow, he is very sensitive in nature and finds happiness in many things he encounters, making him a happy, joyful person.




As the Chaos Emeralds emit an array of various sorts of energy—those being of positive, balanced, and negative energy—Darkforce can manipulate both the balanced (or neutral) and negative energies.


As he is able to manipulate two of the three kinds of Chaos Energies, Darkforce also has the natural ability of night vision. With light to the Chaos Energies, Darkforce has thus far shown his immunity to Energies that is replica to balanced (neutral) or dark energy, which determines his acceptable strength.


Dark Blast: Darkforce uses his dark powers to fire a blast of dark energy and fires at his foe.

Energy Ball: He uses his energy powers to create a ball of energy and fires at his foe.

Double Beam: He uses both dark and energy powers to make a duo beam and fires it at his enemy.

Ultimate Blast: The most powerful blast also known as his finishing attack. This attack takes a lot of energy, so he rarely uses it.

Dark Laser: He fires a laser of negative/dark energy at his foe.

Chaos Spear: He fires spears filled with chaos at his foe.

Chaos Beam: Fires a beam of chaos energy at his foe.

Chaos Control: Most common attack, he uses a chaos emerald to teleport or stop time.

Blinding Chaos: Stuns his opponent to get away or ambush him/her.


Darkforce has been shown to have acrophobia, or the fear of heights. Another weakness to mention are light-based attacks inflicted on him.





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