Cquote1 “You want to know why everyone you ever loved was killed? Me. My inception was the result of disgusting temptation. Morbid Curiosity” Cquote2
Darke on his inception

Darke Doom is the true identity of Darke Hash and Darke Shadow, as seen in Shadow the Hedgehog 2. After finding out about Darke's true plans to resurrect his father and bring about the second rise of The Black Arms, Darke is forced to reveal his identity to Shadow.


Doom is almost exactly the same as his appearance as Darke Hash with a few clear differences. Without his sunglasses it's revealed that Darke's eyes appear very similar to that of Black Doom's, while his right arm is almost entirely that of a jacked up, more powerful version of a human arm with Black Alien skin.


Darke was conceived by Black Doom who after the creation of Shadow, forced himself upon an unsuspecting female ark researcher. This, in response caused the shutting down of the Ark and Project Shadow. After the incident, the female researcher was frozen in cryo-stasis by the government until the cyro-stasis pod malfunctioned and she escaped. She tried to raise Darke as her own but shortly after his birth she died, leaving Darke alone. Darke grew up fascinated by cyber space and his heritage as being part Black Alien. During the events of the first Shadow the Hedgehog, Darke had been working for the government and was powerless to help the Black Arms in hoping to keep his job. However post-Shadow, Darke decided to start up his own company and even in his travels, stumbled upon Elise of Soleanna, whom he begun to develop feelings for. Unfortunately for him, Elise never felt similar, so the two never grew closer. As time passed Darke had been working to slowly resurrect his father to create the second coming of the Black Arms. Darke found the rise of Wiseology the perfect time to begin getting others on his side.

Attempted Manipulation of Shadow the Hedgehog

Throughout Shadow the Hedgehog 2, Darke had attempted to manipulate Shadow through various ways into helping him. The first of this was his use of Darke Shadow to get Shadow to assassinate the five international sponsors of The Church of Wiseology. The second attempt of manipulation is seen in the Dark Shadow story, where Darke tries putting Shadow and Omega in cryo-stasis for Darke to use in resurrecting Black Doom. In the story path the attempt fails and Shadow ends up accidentally killing Darke. In the game's finale, similar events occur as Doom is successful in capturing Shadow to use for the creation of the being known as Doom Monstrosity, which Shadow and Omega must take it out to kill Jerome Wise, and change Darke's opinions.

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