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Darke, is the name for the multiple forms of the being with the surname Darke, as it appears in Shadow the Hedgehog 2.


Darke has varying appearances depending on his form. Although his most consistent form is that of Darke Hash. As Darke Hash, he is seen wearing a dark grey suit and an arm cast. He appears to be Caucasian human male who carries a revolver on him at almost all times to make up for his seemingly broken arm. During this time his eyes are obscured by a pair of sunglasses he wears at all times.


Darke is seen in all of his appearances to have a mostly calm demeanor, but turns out to be sadistic and uncontrollably violent if pushed even a little too far. This can be seen mostly in his instances as Darke Hash, where he is seen being a two-faced outlaw hacker, yet then turns around and runs Hash Industries. Darke also has an interest and almost an obsession over Black Alien technology, even losely modeling his air crafts and air-bases after the destroyed Black Comet, which he dubs the Darke Comets.


Although having no terribly visible weaknesses, it's clear that Darke's leadership skills and calls of judgement are often unpredictable and not very strategic when he's in a state of anger. This can be seen in many instances of his fighting and aiding of Shadow in his fighting of the Wiseologists and G.U.N..

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