Dark the Hybrid
Dark is a 5'1" Predator/Hedgehog hybrid.(The name derived from the single player skin named "Dark")


Dark was, in fact, born on mobius. His father was a Bad-Blood predator who mated with a mobian female. When he was born, his mother rid herself of him, casting him to the stars because she considered him ugly. He eventually landed on Yautja Prime. There he was trained in the ways of the yautja. He learned to hunt, how to successfully kill a Xenomorph, learned to ceremonially paint his face, to speak their language, and learned he can survive Xenomorph's acidick blood and to take trophies. After his training he returned to Mobius to live out his life. He is currently 17 years old.


Dark has a dark silver colored armor with strange markings on certain area's. This armor is very simple yet powerful. His skin tone is a Jet Black color and has dreadlocks protruding from the back of his helmet. His face is covered in alien markings and has two longer fangs were his normal canines should be on both the top and bottom of his mouth as well as purple paint on his face with spiked teeth on them. On his hands and toes are sharp nails. On missions he wears this armor as well as a bio-mask capable of seeing in infrared, ultraviolet, visible spectrum, and many more.

Abilities,gadgets, and Weapons

Being half alien he has superhuman strength and speed. His armor is capable of turning almost completely invisible in our spectrum. His arsenal is similar to that of any other predator though being part hedgehog, but soon finds more weapon capabilities on mobius. His current weapons are 2 enlongated wristblades, 2 minigun styled plasma casters, a spiked shuriken, 4 healing shards, a Yautja ship, a bio-mask, and kukri combat knife.
Plasma Casters

TYpes of Plasma Casters used


Dark is a lone wolf type of person. He wont talk much and likes to stay hidden. Those who do know him are either targets, yautja, or [even less likely]mobian allies. He has a very violent nature to him but hides this very well, other than this he can be quite charming*towards women and kids*.


Will soon have hand drawn pictures up, these will suppliment in their place.

Bone Hunter Bone Blades by MichaelLoh

copied and given to him

Dragon Hunter Thigh Nshoulders by MichaelLoh

Given to him

Bone Hunter Leg Gauntlet by MichaelLoh

Given to him

Right gauntlet

Copied and given to him by Darkstorm

Dark the Hybrid

Dark The Hybrid(Unmasked) along with several masks (right)

Falconear mask

Copied and given to him by Darkstorm

Dark's Main mask

Mask he uses most

Predator 01

Dark superform unmasked

Baddbllod mask

Given to him by Darkstorm

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