Dark the Hedgehog


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Age 50 (physically 15)
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Alignment Neutral
Full Name Dark Robotnik
Color Scheme Black
Height 100 cm. (3' 3")
Weight Unknown
Likes His powers, people he can trust, himself
Friends Shadow, Sonic (currently), Sphene
Foes Dr. Robotnik, Sonic (formerly), his clone, Dark Energy
Appears in: Mobius Future
Romantic Interests None
  •  Flight using his Air Shoes
  •  His mysterious energy  power
Alternate Forms

"Spirit form" (see "Mobius Future: Chapter III -- Dark's Adventure: Part 2")


Dark looks alot like Shadow, but with completely black fur, and his air shoes are grey. He also has dark brown eyes. His gloves are still white, though.


Dark is very secretive, and can be considered shy. He is also sensitive and agressive. He doesn't like it when he is disrespected, ignored, or excluded. Needless too say, he is pretty picky.


Dark the Hedgehog was born 50 years ago on the Space Colony ARK, just a few months before Shadow. He was one of the failed prototypes for the Ultimate Lifeform. After he was made by Gerald Robotnik, he was discovered to be too powerful, and was sealed away in an invincible statis capsule. Meanwhile, Black Doom discovered Gerald's secret plans with the Eclipse Cannon, and programmed it to self-destruct when it was used at full power, unless it was used by someone with Black Doom's DNA (hence Shadow able to use it in Shadow the Hedgehog).

Over 50 years later, Dr. Eggman tried to use the Eclipse Cannon to destroy...something. But, the cannon self-destructed, destroying the rest of the Space Colony ARK along with it. Dr. Robotnik manage to escape right before it was destroyed. Dark, who was in the invincible capsule when the Space Colony ARK exploded, fell to Earth. The impact from the crash was enough to break the seal and wake Dark up, and he escaped. Soon afterwards, though, he was captured by Dr. Robotnik, because Dr. Robotnik found a high amount of some strange energy that Dark had. Dr. Robotnik then made a clone of Dark from a piece of his fur. He then locked Dark in a prison cell -- since he didn't need Dark anymore -- and soon left the lab, leaving Dark to die. After a few months, Dark was driven past the point of sanity, and ruthlessly broke out of the cell. He then went to get revenge on Dr. Robotnik.

He eventually found Dr. Robotnik's new base, and went to find him. Inside, he met Shadow, and they quickly became friends. Shadow and Dark soon found Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, who were trying to shut down the base. Sonic and Shadow had a race, and Shadow barely won. Sonic says that Shadow cheated by using his air shoes, and Shadow points out that Sonic cheated too by using his Super Sneakers. During the argument, Sonic almost falls over a tripwire, causing the base to collapse. Shadow got buried, and Dark got trapped under some rubble. Dark asked for Sonic for help, but Sonic made an excuse that his hands were full helping Tails and Knuckles out (the real reason being that Sonic couldn't trust Dark). Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles escaped, but Dark got buried. Once Dark escaped, he went to get revenge on Sonic.

While searching for Sonic, Dark met Sphene, who was looking for a monster that destroyed his time. Story continues in Mobius Future: Chapter II -- Dark's Adventure: Part 1


Dark was made with a tight connection to the Dark Force, similar with Shadows connection with the Chaos Force. This lets him be able to create a strange energy that is very powerful. He can also channel it through other people. Special abilities, skills, and weaknesses are all basically the same as Shadow's. Nothing else is known.


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