Dark Void (Sonicfied version,) is a main antagonist race in Jaredthefox92's Sonic fanverse continuity. They are primary an aggressive war like race of plasma energy beings and are known for using inhumane tactics, devastating warships, and powerful and exotic super weapons on the battlefield.  They have set their sights on Mobius after a successful campaign of terror across the galaxy. Dark Void's warriors are known to attack any standing faction or group with equal ferocity despite any prior allegiance or standing with them.


Most beings within Dark Void consist of elemental plasma monsters and living plasma based warships. However there are notable sentient life within the Void such as.

.The Void itself (Is believed to be a sentient being.)

Storm the fox (The Dark Void Queen/Former United Federation astronaut) 

Storm PNG

A picture of Storm, Queen of the Tempest. (Made by a anonymous friend.)

Phaze the plasma

.Iona the bat (Formerly Nerezza the bat.)

[1]The Void Hound is Dark Void's recon and light attack unit. They are former canine like animals that have been assimilated into the Void collective. Not only do they retain their sensory abilities and speed, but they also are able to call upon moderate powers of the void such as plasma arc attacks.Added by Jaredthefox92==History==

Originally Dark Void was a relatively peaceful, if nor parasitic, nomadic race. They could be found in transport ships draining some of the energy reserves to survive off of and be carried around. Since the arrival in the Void however they became self-aware and started to despise the living due to the psychic signals their populations emit into space from their planets. It was only when the Void was reincarnated into the sentient lifeform that was the astronaut Storm the fox that the Void achieved a true malicious conscious and plans to invade both Mobius's.

Base of Operations

Most of Dark Void descends on a gargantuan area in space called "the Void". The Void is the hub network of wormholes and a primary generator of plasma storms. The Void is believed to be a living and sentient being which possess knowledge of the creation of the universe. The Void is also the spawning grounds for most Dark Void forces, save the Queen of the Tempest.     .     [2]An inside look of Void SpaceAdded by Jaredthefox92

Add VideoVoid tend to like to settle in areas where high ionic storms and plasma was abundant traditionally, they were once perceived as nomadic as they would move from area to area within space. One they settled into the Void they began to flourish under its habitual conditions.  Since the assimilation of Storm, Dark Void have been lead to numerous planets and have terraformed them into habitual planets called "Void Worlds". These worlds now contain numerous plasma storms and most non-energy sentient lifeforms are either eradicated, or assimilated and made into energy eating hybrids
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