Dark the Hedgehog is a anthropomorphic hedgehog/Black Arm hybrid and the rival of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, and he has a mysterious past with Shadow The Hedgehog and Maria, but he doesn't talk about it and doesn't like to at any degree. He's very much antihero depending on the point of view of things that defines on how he will handle the situation at hand, but it is very complex when it comes to morality because of his views on things and always switches between good and bad.

Dark is very silent, cold, snippy, sarcastic, observant, strong willed, and has a strong sense of justice and purpose, and he always carries a white chaos emerald in hand. He cares about his comrades and friends even though he don't show it as much or at all, but he shows it through his actions to help them when needed and when he wants to and he likes to be very independent and go off on his own and Dark have different alter egos who are connected to the past descendants of the Legendary Knights and they can temporarily control his body with having different accents and different appearances when in control of Dark. Dark can see their past memories and connect, talk to them spiritually and can access to their skills and abilities with their strengths and weaknesses as well as related to them.

He has a Knight counterpart known as Sir Camelot in the World of Camelot, being related to King Arthur, but he was against him when he turned into the Black Knight and worked with the true King Arthur, Sonic as well as helped him take down the Dark Knight personally.


Dark is a black hedgehog with white stripes on his quills,around the edges of his eyes and on his arms and legs. He has dark crimson eyes, pure white fur on his chest and his muzzle is light brown.He has six quills on his head, four of which curve inwards, and two that curve inwards, has two spines on his back and a small tail. For attire, he wears white gloves with black cuffs and white tongues, and Air Shoes which, like his gloves, have black cuffs and white tongues. On each of his wrists and ankles, he wears two gold rings.

As the Legendary Knight, he wears a full silver and shiny armor with a helmet on, along with his sword of the Legendary Knights.


Dark is a brooding loner with a terrible attitude and blunt ,but has a dark demeanor and he rarely ever shows his vulnerable side of him, not even to the point of crying ,and he acts cool and completely indifferent. He is soft spoken, silent, and only speaks when he wants to and he will voice his reasons whether he's in combat or not. He is very emotional and he knows when to take his enemies seriously, but he will be extremely arrogant and he will belittle and insult his weak opponents and wouldn't give them a time of day, using his brute strength at random. He gloats from time to time of how powerful he is as the other "Ultimate Lifeform".

When it comes to combat, he is known for brutality, ruthlessness, merciless, and overwhelming powers and speed, along with weapons that he uses sometimes and he has a killer instinct and can be evil as much as good when it's call for. Dark can very stubborn, isolating, cold-hearted and uncaring hedgehog through abandoning his friends and enemies or even attacking them at full force and power without hesitation and no remorse of any way and willingly to leave them for dead. Despite all of that, Dark have some degree of mental instability and possesses a strong sense of identity, and he is very much strong willed with unwavering determination and confidence to back it up when he fights or battles against his enemies and arch-rivalries and he has a short blazing hot temper that he will lets out on occasions, but he is very insightful and he will tell someone by putting through his words in a certain way.

Dark always dwells on his past most of the time and it gives him propose to move on with his comrades and friends as a motivation aside from Maria's promise. He may not show it, but he care about his friends and comrades to go adventures with them and save them from time to time from danger.

Dark does have compassion and kindness and he shows it through his actions like giving gifts, giving helpful advice or secretly helping his friends through being sneaky and doing a task for them in secret without them knowing it was him. He does whatever is necessary to get what he wants or feels is right causes him to take risks. He is also shown to have some criminal and heroic behavior in the mix of his views on certain things with him having selflessness of his own right. He does have a softer and gentle side of him that is rarely shown and it shows that Dark can be very kind, nice, considerate, patient, and gentle especially when it comes to Cream and Vanilla, who have a soft spot for.

He has a hard time trusting others because of his past with Maria and Shadow, so he distance himself from others while being completely rude and cold to others he doesn't know and he not speak to them unless he needs something. He also have trouble with communicating with others because he mostly isolate himself from others and removes himself to be completely alone with nature and flowers since he rather be alone than being with others in nature or secluded places and he does understand romantic feelings and he depends on whether wanting to know or not wanting to know about them. Nonetheless, he will be there for his friends and protect them if necessary.



Friends and Allies/Rivals

  • Sonic The hedgehog

When it comes to him and Sonic, they have a long history together with them being close as brothers to have a mutual understanding of each other even when they are different sides especially when it comes to Dark abandoning him and friends, fighting against him and friends, defying him and friends, and his reasoning.

Sonic doesn't have anything against Dark and neither does Dark, who sees him as a brother and as a rival. Sonic sees him as a brother as well as family aside from being a rival of his and can be sometimes annoyed by his rude and dark behavior and Sonic likes to tease, spend time and race Dark nonetheless and he cares about him a lot and he know that Dark does have a heart of gold and a heart of a hero even though Dark doesn't act like one, seem like on, or even admit that he's a hero at all.

  • Miles "Tails" Prower

When it comes to him and Tails, they have a long history with Sonic and each other and they are very close with Dark seeing him as a little brother and cares about him a lot. He has a tons of faith in abilities and from time to time, Dark helps him with anything that he is working on and gives him confidence as well as advice.

Tails sees Dark as a brother and he is used to Dark's personality and way of fighting and he used to be jealous of him and Sonic's friendship and rivalry, but as time went by, he began to admire him and see him as a brother when Dark started to come around him more to help him and Tails cares about him a lot even though he can be scared of him at times and can feel betrayed by him when he joins the other side with Eggman until he finds out his true reasons to forgive him.

  • Knuckles The Echidna

When it comes to him and Knuckles, it's more complicated since they butt heads with each other a lot because of Dark being a smart and mean with him of how gullible and stupid he is and Knuckles getting angry at him with his fists. They tend to get arguments most of the time and they can get along with each other as well as have a good laugh with each other and get along with each other. They have a friendly rivalry and care about each other a lot, seeing each other as best friends.

At times, Knuckles can very skeptical and worrisome of Dark's decisions and actions especially when it comes to going on the other side with Eggman and fights against them, but nonetheless he cares about him and forgives him.

  • Amy Rose

When it comes to him and Amy, he can be very annoyed with her at times and her obsession with Sonic most of the time, but he can tolerate it by spending time with her in Sonic's place. He have a positive relationship with her and he enjoys spending time with her and he likes to tease her, and can seen being chased by her at times. Sometimes he can get her angered on purpose to get in fights with her and her hammer that she attacks with when she gets angry, and during those fights with her, they both play along with it and tease each other while going at each other, holding back and doing them out of enjoyment. He shows his gentle and soft side to her and one of his friends that can actually calm him down and make him think logically on some things. They care about each other and she sees him as a close friend and never have a grudge against him.

  • Shadow The Hedgehog

When it comes to him and Shadow, it's very complicated with the two because they are both connected with Maria and the events on the Space ARK that killed her as well as the good times with her. They are brothers through the Black Arms' blood while being created on the Space Ark and they do understand to a full extent and they have a very close brotherly relationship and they always support each other even when on different sides. They do have a rivalry with each other and Sonic and they like to challenge each other to their limits and they train with each other as well to improve in their skills, abilities and powers. They care about each other deeply and will have each other's back no matter what. They see each other as brothers and as family.

  • Rouge The Bat

When it comes to him and Rouge, he have a very positive and competitive relationship with her with having thing of stealing things that seems to catch their eyes and they are very sneaky nonetheless. He and Rouge like to tease each other and be fun with each other as well as test each other in certain and competitive ways. They work together very well especially with stealing and they have each other's backs. Rouge does care about Dark as much she does with Shadow and she is very used to his behavior and how he speaks to others. She can understand how he can to be and loves to get a reaction of him when she will playfully flirts with him, which will make him blush or either be shocked and he has a friendly rivalry with her. He sees her as a sister and she sees him as a brother.

  • Vanilla The Rabbit

When it comes to him and Vanilla, he have a very positive relationship with her and he respects her very much and cares about her extremely. He shows his gently and soft side of him immediately when it comes to her and he always helps her when needed. He is very fond of her and sees her as a mother that he never had. He will be very kind and sweet with her and he likes the way she lives especially with the flowers. She cares about him dearly and she sees him as a son. He always seem to be very relaxed with her and he will smile easily around her. Her kindness open made him open up to her in more ways than one to show that other side of him.

  • Cream The Rabbit & Cheese

When it comes to him, Cheese and Cream, he have a very positive with the both of them especially with Cream. He will immediately show his soft and gentle side to Cheese and Cream like he does with her mother. He cares about her very dearly and he is very fond of Cheese and Cream. He is very gentle with Cheese and pet it from time to time as well as play,too. He loves to spend time with Cream and Cheese especially with picking flowers and creating flower crowns. He sees Cream as a little sister that he needs to protect and he sees Cheese as a pet and as a close friend.

  • The Chaotix

When it comes to him and them, he has a very good relationship with them especially with Espio, who he has a rivalry with and he is very good friends with him. He is good terms with all of them and appreciate their presence. Sometimes he can very annoyed with them and will have to tolerate them, but he sees them as a allies and friends.

  • Cosmo

When it comes to him and Cosmo, he has a very good, but distance relationship with her since he wasn't very trusting with her at first, but as time went by, he warmed up to her in his own way and in time with helping her with other and seeing the blossoming of love between her and Tails to help them with setting them up together a lot and teasing her. Cosmo can be scared of Dark at times, but at the same time, she wasn't and considers him as a close friend and Dark sees her as a close friend and strongly supports her and Tail's relationship. He deeply sadden by her death to feel regretful of losing her like he and Shadow did with Maria, but he managed to move on while keeping her in his memories and never forgetting her.

  • Christopher Thorndyke

When it came to him and Chris, he wasn't very trusting with him or any human for that matter at that time in the very beginning, but as time went on, he warmed up to Chris and his family as well as some other humans and he became close friends with him. Chris was mostly afraid and surprised by Dark because of his words and actions most of the time in the beginning, but he eventually warmed up to him with seeing Dark's good nature and heart and forming a friendship with the hedgehog to become very close friends like he was with Sonic. When Chris came back to see him and the rest with Sonic, he gave him the cold shoulder for a while and eventually warmed up to him again even though it took more time and Dark will protect Chris and give him advice. Chris sees as a close friend and someone who changed his life for the better, and Dark sees him as a close friend.

  • Sam Speed and The Speed Team

When it comes him and Sam Speed, he and Sam are rivals with each other and Sonic, but when it's just them in speed, they taunt each other and go each other. At their first meeting, Dark never took him or his speed team seriously to show off his speed and made fun of him of how 'fast' him and his team can go, which he called slow and laughed at them before running off at top speed with Sonic. He eventually considered Sam as a official rival to take him seriously and makes time for him to race against him when Sam arranges. Sam sees Dark as a rival and good friend, and Dark sees Sam as a rival and good friend as well.

When it comes to the Speed Team and him, he usually goes to them and taunts them out of fun and he does have a good laugh with them. He considers them as friends and likes to bully them out of fun.

  • Classic Sonic

When it comes to him and Classic Sonic, he treats the same he does with Modern Sonic, but nonetheless, he helps and cares about him and the Modern Sonic to defeat the Time Eater and the villains that's part of the Eggman Empire with the classic Dark. He have the same exact relationship with the Classic Sonic when they were little kids, but he does respect him and considers him as a brother and family aside from a rival and Classic Sonic considers Dark the same.

  • Helen

When it comes to him and Helen, she was one of the first humans to meet him face to face and can be a bit scared of him appearance wise when it came to their first meeting, but she could tell that Dark wasn't bad at all and connected with him through his love of nature and flowers, which made him warm up to her more faster. She consider him, a very close friend that could give her confidence and he consider her, a close friend that not only remind him of Maria, but also a kind and adventurous girl that he admires. When it came to their farewell, he gave her a fully blossom red rose as a gift with some advice and she gave him, a big hug as well as thanked him and also gave him, a handmade flower friendship bracelet.


  • Dr. Eggman

When it comes to him and Eggman, it's very negative since he only helps from time to time to get what he needs or looking for and he just uses him and betrays him a lot as well as get beat up by Dark on a daily basis when he causes trouble. He does respect him, but wouldn't even think of joining with him since he's with Sonic and the rest and he hates him and will destroy everything to the point of no going back and does it for the fun of it at times, which he enjoys.

  • Infinite

When it comes to these two, they considered each other as arch-enemies and pure hate for the other, but respect each other and snap at each other with insults and belittling. Dark hates him at first sight for those he killed and for attacking Mobius, causing destruction on Mobius. Infinite hates Dark for outsmarting him during their very first fight against each other through their first meeting though Dark got captured by him and those who he cares about escaped.


Family,Friends and Allies

  • Classic Dark

When it comes those two, they get along very well and will help each other as well as the Modern Sonic and friends anytime. They consider each other as allies and good friends and they work well together with having their violent way of fighting.

Sir Alex is a Knight in the Kingdom of Cramisa and he is the second command of the Knight's Guard while Dark is the leader of the Knight's Guard as well as a legendary Knight with many knights including Sir Alex admires and respects him for saving their world and kingdom, and their fallen King to redeem and turn him back to the light and turn back him to normal and watching over their princess as her personal guard and Knight. Dark taught Sir Alex how to be a true knight through Dark's journey to become their legendary Knight to save his kingdom from danger and he became Dark's pupil and grew to become a true Knight by the time the war ended. He is also an arch-rival and close comrade of Dark's with them both having mutual respect for each other and cares about each other. He competes against Dark whenever he comes back to his world and they train together as well. When Dark is not around, he is the temporarily leader of the Knight's Guard and he may have a bit(or obviously a huge one) of a crush on Dark(With Dark having no clue about it since he's very clueless about it with not knowing the signs) with his competitive nature is always fired up when he's around and tries to impress the hedgehog.

King Florence and Dark are very close friends and have a mutual respect with each other and they care about each other. King Florence is the King of Cramisa, who used to be Darkest The Fallen, a dark conquer warrior who was greedy, pure evil and power hungry man, filled with darkness and had a powerful darkness army, and will kill anyone that would be in his away from innocence civilians and animals to Knights. Dark and Darkest was archenemies and having a completely negative relationship of pure enemies to fight each other to the death before Dark turned him back to normal into King Florence and the true form of Darkest The Fallen to use the ability, 'purify' to erase the darkness to reveal that it was Florence's and Ashley's father, who had vanish and fallen into darkness. They both get along with each other and they both care dearly about King Florence's younger sister, Ashley who was the princess of the Kingdom that Dark watch over as her personal guard and knight and she was a temporarily Queen of the Kingdom and Dark helped her rule the Kingdom as a temporarily King.

Princess Ashley and Dark are extremely close friends and they get along very well with each other. He is very obedient and very fond of her. He saved her when she was captured by Darkest The Fallen to bring her back to her kingdom and he taught her how to fight with a sword and using hand to hand combat. Dark also helped her run the Kingdom with being a temporarily King while she was temporarily Queen to give her advice and get the Kingdom ready for war against Darkest The Fallen and his dark army. She confines in him and told him of his prophecy and who was Darkest the Fallen really was, which was her older brother, Florence (and her father) and the story of how he became king and how he fallen to the Darkness and became the Darkest the Fallen and that his duty was to bring him back to the light and normal as well as save the Kingdom and this planet. He had a very close relationship with her and she thinks of him as a close friend and as a brother and he thinks of her as a sister and very close friend.

  • The Knight's Guard of Cramisa

Those who work as Knights and training to become Knights are allies of Dark's and they think of Dark as a their leader and mentor. They all respect him and idolize him to become a strong knight like him with him being a legendary Knight of their Kingdom. Dark teaches them all of the qualities of being a knight through chores, tasks, and training. They have a very strong bond of teacher and student with Dark and he is hard on all of them as well as watch them grow as Knights and he has faith in all of them and their different abilities and capabilities.

  • Past descendants of the Legendary Knights

Askin Tansion-He was the very first Legendary Knight, who had created the very sword that Dark currently own and he was a white Hedgehog, who has a British accent and he was very humble, courageous, blunt, intelligent, hardheaded, and pretty stubborn. He is very strong with being a good person and having a strong sense of justice and he created the very prophecy of the Legendary Knight and how they will be chosen as well as summoned. When it comes to Dark and Askin, they both get along very well as time went on, but in the beginning they would disagree and butt heads because of their morals and ways of thinking and plus, Dark didn't really want to take up of being the Legendary Knight at first. They work together very well as a team and they are very good friends.

Kalvain Carlson- He was one of most noble Legendary Knight with having a heart of gold and has a strong sense of justice. He is the Uncle of Florence and Ashley, making him part of the royal bloodline and family, but he was way more rebellious and wild, not liking the royal life. He was chosen to be a Legendary Knight and he was very close to Florence and Ashley. When it comes to Dark and Kalvain, they get along very well and will let him temporarily take control of his body to spend time with Ashley and Florence. He is a muscular human, who is tall, peachy skin, red hair, a red beard, bright green eyes, and he wears royal clothing and shoes.

Zain Iton The Echidna-He was one of the reckless Legendary Knight with having a headstrong and stubborn personality. He have a southern accent and he used to be a farmer, but he was chosen to become the next Legendary Knight in his time. He was very cocky, reckless, a flirt, very strong, selfless, a showoff, rough around the edges and a heart of gold kind of personality. He was a blue Echidna with always wearing his cowboy hat. When it comes to Dark and Zain, they get along well with their cockiness and being showoffs.

Vanice Lynn-He is one of the smartest Legendary Knight with having a Know-it-all, meek, and weak personality. He used to be a librarian, but was chosen to become the next Legendary Knight in his time. He was very intelligent, meek, scared, cowardly, selfless, and caring personality and as time went by, he grew up to become braver, considerate, strong, and adaptable and he is a human. When it comes to Dark and Vanice, they sort of get along with each other since Vanice get scared of Dark most of the time, but he grew to admire him and become friends with him.

Katherina (Katy for short) Lynx The Fox -She is the first female Legendary Knight with having a very kind and strong personality. She has a British accent and she used to be an owner of her own clothes and shoes store with her being chosen to be the next Legendary Knight in her time. She had a very kind, nice, caring, considerate, responsibility, sweet, brave, strong, selfless, stubborn, smart, and a heart of gold personality and she is a Lynx. When it comes to Dark and Katherina, they get along extremely well with her having a romantic interest in Dark and she often teases him a lot to get an reaction out of him especially blushing and she can be very affectionate and manipulative with him to get her romantic advantages through to him.


Dark and him are morality enemies once meeting up in a destroyed city with killed civilians and soldiers that Blirack did. Blirack hated Dark to the depths of his soul because he defeated his leader, Darkest The Fallen and turn him back to normal into King Florence and ever since their first fight and meeting before the very war that changed history. He was Darkest's second in command and right hand man. He was a long time wanted criminal in Cramisa, who escaped from the war before he could getting captured by the Knights. Whenever Dark's name is mention, he beat the lights out of that person and he causes trouble around the kingdom and plots against the kingdom to destroy it and to get to Dark. He is hidden in the Kingdom, plotting and planning in the shadows until it's time to strike.

  • Darkest The Fallen

When it comes to those two especially with their first meeting, they hated each other and they fought each other a lot to their full extend with revealing their powers and skills. They were mortal enemies and never liked each other with insulting each other and go at each other at full strength, but aside from that, he and Darkest respect each other.

When it comes to these two, they were allies and friends working on a mission together, but during the mission, Zain betrayed Dark in turning him in to an organization(called, "Sparktion" that Zain used to work for after losing his friendship with Dark) that wanted Dark for his power and him as an ally and Zain felt remorse in doing this to Dark, his true friend, who understood him, but lost him once he did this to him. Dark escaped and considered Zain, an enemy for all he was worth and never forgive him for the betrayal with his trust lost in him. Whenever they encounter each other, they fight each other with Dark giving him the cold shoulder even when Zain tries to explain himself. He misses him, yet hates him for what he done to him.

History & Appearances


The Legends Of Dark The Hedgehog

A Hidden Legend: Coming to the Light and Bringing Hope

Darkness Rises: The Resistance Rises

War begins: The Light vs. The Dark

A New Legend Rises: Hope Resurface and Darkness Falls

The Tales of The Legendary Knights of the Past

The Adventures of Dark The Hedgehog


Dark has a temper that he will let out and will acts very reckless, aggressive, brutal and would lose control of himself and emotions, and will not realize of what he is doing at the same time and makes him more powerful, but also more dangerous and terrifying at the same time, so pissing him will get somebody or world to be destroyed with an dark aura around him. He also very emotional with emotions to act on them whether it's attacking himself, enemies and friends to get his emotions through no matter what he feels or anyone does even to the point of almost killing them with his powers to lash out.

He can barely control his emotions at times to be unpredictable sometimes using his powers blindly. He can be influence through manipulation, it can impact him in more than one especially with his personality of his and his overwhelming powers and abilities. He can overwhelm himself if he uses his powers or takes his rings off to a certain percentage at full capacity to the point of fainting or being unable to move, making himself vulnerable in battle or combat. At times when goes to extreme speeds against Sonic, Shadow or both, he has to be careful or he'll hurt his body and mess up his powers to back fire on him, and sometimes it's hard to control his speed to not know where he is to make a mistake letting himself get hurt.

The drawbacks of using his powers for more than a day, exhaustion, dizziness, barely able to walk or move, can barely speak, lashing out on others in a blind rage and not thinking straight, and if he overuses them, he will go into unconsciousness immediately with his body impaired from moving.


Aside from fighting and combat, he like to cook and bake, which is more of a secret hobby of his whenever he is with Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla. He is extremely skilled in it and enjoys it despite him wanting to admit that he is enjoying it when he's around others. He also have skills in sewing, knitting, and inventing things as well as singing and dancing that he won't admit that he has skills in unless necessary to feel embarrassed and blush immediately. He is extremely fast in speed to can not only keep up with Sonic and Shadow, but also pass them since he is faster than them and he is proficient with weapons of any kind because of training from G.U.N with Shadow. He is very skilled with swords as well from being trained to be a legendary Knight of legend to protect their world and kingdom from a dark evil on a different planet called, "Vorbium".

He has many transforms like Sonic does whether it's with all the chaos emeralds, a single chaos, or out of pure power of his own as well as will power. He is very capable to close combat and hand to hand combat. Aside from fighting, he is very good with kids and able to have patience with them with being calm and able to be gentle and kind with them.


Dark has many abilities involving his powers that he processed and developed on his own through adventures and journeys that he went on his own or with Sonic and friends. He has the intellect of a super genius and he can match up with Tails' intellect with able to keep up with him in inventions. He can also sense when others are in danger whether the people or person was nearby or very far away. He use his rings as weapons to be able to use them as blades and connecting with others as well as communicators and a way to keep in contact with his friends.


With being created by Professor Gerald with Shadow The Hedgehog, he was very different from Shadow since he was very powerful with having two rings on his wrists and legs. He was experimented on and developed powers. Some of those abilities was teleportation, blasts of every element, darkness manipulation, dark blasts, and chaos powers. As time went on after the events to be with Sonic and the rest, he can sense life forms from where he is whether he met them or not and can connect with spirit life forces and talk to those he could connect with that will allow him to gain their abilities, powers, or either both to become his own. He has a spiritual connection with nature and can sense life of any kind and bring them to life. His Chaos powers is very well connected to him as well as his will and the chaos emeralds, he can do what Shadow can do as well as Sonic and much more when it comes to abilities and will as well as determination.

He can use his powers to a very certain percentage on a day to day basis and he will use about 30 or 40 percent of his power, but unless necessary, he will use 60 or 70 percent of his powers. When it comes to using 100 percent of his power, it can be very overwhelming and strong, but it can run out very fast depending on the situation at hand.

As a Legendary Knight, he has certain powers of his very own that he developed during the time of the and rebellion and war against Darkest The Fallen,which are:

Purify: This is a special power that only one of the most ancient and powerful power that can only Legendary Knights can use to purify someone's darkness and heart, and it will transform the person back to normal, but it will cost the Legendary Knight using their life force, magic and powers within them to use it on the person depending on the person's darkness and heart that have been clouded within the darkness. The only one who has used to this power was Dark and he used it twice against Darkest The Fallen to free Florence and then, to free Alfor.

There are drawbacks to this special power, which that this power can slowly kill the Legendary Knight if something goes wrong and if it used more than once, the Legendary Knight can be exposed to the darkness of the other person's heart and darkness in general and can fall into that darkness, but there is a possibility to survive from that person's darkness, the legendary Knight have enough of purity in their hearts and mind.

Shining Swords: This is another special power that only Legendary Knights can use with their sword that will summon other white swords around him to aid him in fights if he against more than one opponent. It allows for him to use them in fights and can transform into any weapons he needs subconsciously, but there's a limit for long he can use them for.

Light of Legendary Knights: This power requires all of the Legendary Knights and the current Legendary Knight(Dark) of his time to come together and they put their swords together to create a wave of power that can not only purify things and can heal all things that were corrupted and full with darkness as well as rebuild things that was once destroyed and damaged, but it comes at a cost for the current Legendary Knight since at the end of this, it take up most of his life force and leaving him in a very weak and powerless state.


"You are an idiot for being here, Chris. You left them behind just to see Sonic and the rest and that was the most selfish and inconsiderate move even for you. Don't tell me anything when you become homesick because it was your choice and your fault." -To Christopher Thorndyke

"Aren't you guys amusing for being stupid. Now, where is Cosmo? She is very much acquired for my master or do I have to beat the crap out of all of you to find her?" -To Sonic, Shadow and the rest (While mind controlled)

"I'm Dark."-Introducing himself, being cold, blunt and rude

"You ruined the ways of being a Knight and have lost the reasoning and the true meaning of being a true Knight. I will show you, a stupid mindless and corrupted echidna the true meaning of being a true Knight and it will be the show the error of your ways of doing things, and bring you back to the light." -To Alexander after Dark defeated him in a brief sword fight that Alexander lost during their first meeting

"Don't underestimate yourself, princess. You are have been doing good for many years and now, you can do more with the magic you possess in you and with me by your side. It's the matter of how to handle all of this along with your magic abilities." -To Princess Ashley, when he talking to her in her room about how things came to be

"You are such a weakling if you can't even land a hit on me." -To Blirack The Jackal as he was fighting him with sheer confident and laughing as well as belittling him

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