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"Friends huh? Well, in this new form I don't know too much about friendship, but I do know that true friends would never cause pain to the ones they truly care about!... Oh and they would never abandon each other neither, not even when they're scarred!"
—Dark Tara when Shock says that they're her friends.

Dark Tara is the Dark form of Tara the Rabbit. Unlike Dark Sonic, (who turns into his Dark Form by draining negative energy from the Chaos Emeralds) she turns into her dark form when she goes under large amount of emotional pain, being hit by Skeptical Beam and (after learning how to control It) by herself.


Her personality can be different, mainly depending on how much she loses her mind. If she is able to stay calm and/or concentrates on something else (like she worries about someone she likes) until the transformation proceeds, she is able to stay the same as she is, only her powers change. If not she’ll turn into evil and does everything what she can to kill Saber and Tara because they abandoned her when she transformed and nothing can stop her.


Once the residents of Mosswood Valley had a campfire in Halloween (Way back then they were about 4-7 years old). Shock told them that there is a creepy mansion in the top of the hill with a dangerous monster inside It. Saber stated that he isn’t scarred and he is going to defeat It! Tara is worried about him so she decided to follow him secretly without telling It to the others, not knowing that the electric tenreck told this to him on purpose and set up various traps inside the house, just to make fun out of him.

They reached the creepy house but right after entering inside, Saber accidentally stepped on a unknown creature and almost fall on his face. Angered by it, he kicked It away. The poor thing was so confused and scarred by this, It bit Tara who came after him. Her scream flinched Shock so much, as she fell from her hideout and accidentally knocked a box over. It broke apart and a ghost emerged from It. It was Strategy. Both she and Saber was so scarred they ran away. The evil spirit saw that just as well as Tara did and used her fear, confusion and the anger of the two of them abandoned her to hit her with a move called Skeptical Beam causing her to turn into Dark Tara. She flew after them trying to kill them with her her Suspicion Shoot. Luckily, out of the nowhere Caley appeared and successfully calmed Dark Tara down.

A few months after Saber was rescued. Tara had to face with her Dark-self once again and unfortunately this time It was stronger because she had more painful memories. Right after she got hit, she used her powers to defeat both Saber and Shock and closed them in a jail inside an old castle. They begged her to release them but unfortunately the only thing they achieved is to anger Dark Tara so much as she charged Saber with Stellar Doom (what actually hit Shock who shielded him from the attack) and left. A few hours later the rescue team arrived and she was calmed down, this time by Blade.

After they forced to spend some time together made the Hedgehog and the Tenreck fall in love with each other, not noticing by doing that they broke the amokinetic rabbit's heart, giving Strategy a third attempt, to transform Tara into her Dark form.

He lured her to the old mansion where she was transformed for the first time. Fortunately he didn't knew that Sonic was about to go there as well, because he heard, Eggman hid a dangerous robot there and the Curse Tomb of Doubt realized this only after he hit both of them. At first he was happy, believing they both turned evil, but he was wrong. They could control the darkness inside their heart and defeated both him and the robot, then spend the night with each other, running through the night city until they returned to their normal form with the first lights of the morning sun.

Powers and Abilities


  • Homing Attack
  • Triple Jump

  • Underworld Scream - Dark Tara opens her mouth and screams. It deals small damage but hits every opponent on the field and It has 45% of retreating them.

  • Insane Delirium - Status move. Dark Tara begins to play a disturbing song on her flute, making their enemy start hallucinating of bright swirling colors forcing them to miss their attacks for six turns.

  • Suspicion Shoot - Dark Tara's main skill. She fires a horrible black lightning-like beam from her eyes. It has 40% chance of reflecting the enemy's move instead of dealing damage.

  • Somber Incubus - The background behind Dark Tara turns into a Graveyard with many tombs. From the biggest one a giant white ghost like Incubus emerges and attack her enemies. It deals medium damage but It has a high chance of dealing a critical hit.

  • Horror Meteor - The glove on Dark Tara's right hand begins to glow with black aura. She raises her hand and yells "Horror Meteor". In the next minute a burning Meteorite appears behind her enemies. The power of this move is doubles if they're already affected by the Insane Delirium.

  • Stellar Doom - Dark Tara's most powerful move. The chances of surviving this move is nearly impossible but It costs Dark Tara's 3/5 HP.

  • Front flip

  • Handstand

  • Back flip

  • Climbing 

  • Front Handspring 


  • Calming down - She can lose her evil powers if she stops thinking about anger and revenge for a few minutes. Caley could calm her down by singing a harmless siren song.
  • Falling Asleep/Hibernates - If someone cools her down or makes her fall asleep. Blade could defeat her by frozing her.

  • Dawn - If her thoughts are not corrupted, she’ll revert back to her normal form automaticly, with the first rays of the morning light.