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Dark Super Shadow is a transformation of Shadow the Hedgehog, first appearing in Sonic: Nazo Unleashed created by Chakra-X.


Dark Super Shadow looks similar to Super Shadow, but has different shades of red fur and mainly utilizes on negative Chaos Energy.


Dark Super Shadow is far more sinister and violent than Shadow in his base form. Just as violent as Dark Super Sonic.


Sonic: Nazo Unleashed

NOTE: Sonic: Nazo Unleashed is made by Chakra-X

Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles and Tails we're fighting Nazo on Angel Island. Sonic is heavily wounded and Shadow deals with Perfect Nazo by himself. Nazo knocked Shadow out but got back up surprisingly quickly. Shadow's Inhibitor Rings dropped off and Shadow started releasing all his Chaos Energy, transforming into Dark Super Shadow in the process. 


Dark Super Shadow supposedly has the same powers of Shadow the Hedgehog, except for Chaos Control probably, but the only one he used in his appearance in Sonic: Nazo Unleashed by Chakra-X is Chaos Blast as he reverted back to normal right after.


  • Enhanced Strength - Dark Super Shadow has greatly-enhanced physical strength.
  • Enhanced Speed - Dark Super Shadow also has enhanced speed.


Once Shadow has reverted back to normal, he becomes weakened momentarily, proven when he was catching his breath when Dark Super Shadow unleashed Chaos Blast on Perfect Nazo.


  • Dark Super Shadow is based on Dark Shadow from Shadow The Hedgehog

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