Dark Storm is Storm the Hedgehog's first alternate form, or Semi-Super Form.
Dark Storm
He first goes into this form after seeing Skylar dead after he was knocked unconscious. The death of his wife enraged him, turned him into his Dark form, and caused him to berserk.


Storm's appearance differs greatly from his normal version. Everything on Dark Storm is black, except for his eyes, which are red. Dark Storm can only be unleashed when Storm feels extreme anger or sadness. Storm's speed and strength incrase upon turning into this form, but he loses all of his Chaos Powers. Storm can use this form at will once he learns to control it, but the effects will not be as great.


This form's first appearance was when Storm found Skylar after Nega-Storm had killed her. The anger and sadness boied up inside him and bursted, triggering this transformation. Dark Storm would then become once of Storm's most used forms, becoming the third most used form, Burning Storm being the second and Super Storm being the first.


"Skylar!" -upon finding Skylar dead

"You will pay for what you've done!" -facing off against Nega-Storm

"I won't let you hurt any more people!" -defeating Nega-Storm

Theme Song

Dark Storm's theme song is Master of Puppets by Metallica. He shares this theme with Nega-Storm. It describes how he can seemingly control his enemies.

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