Dark Storm is a large, black and grey thundercloud that hovers over Mobius.


Current era

The Dark Storm appears soon after Loki and Mitos find the fourth Malefic Gem. They learn that its weakness, and strength, stem from the gems. They decide to use the gems against it. The Dark storm grows larger every day, eventually covering the whole sky. Before obtaining the final gem, Lei comes in. She swipes the gem, and attempts to take the others. She does end up obtaining one of theirs, as they scattered while they were fighting. Two of the others were taken by a wolf, named Ammy.

True Power

Despite only having three gems, Loki and Mitos climb the top of Mount Pi, and plunge themselves into The Dark Storm. Once in, they realize that The Dark Storm is actually bits of Susano the Hyena. Susano reaveals that Loki, himself, and Ammy are actually part of one being, Khaos. This being said, he takes the powers he had given the Dark Storm. It slowly begins to disappear. Ammy, whom had also found her way there, appeared as well. With the Malefic Gems and the three beings of Khaos present, they can finally be rejoined. Loki is pushed into the idea, do to believing that he could finally be something. Susano, Ammy, Mitos, Lei, and Loki proceed to present their Gems.

The beings of Khaos gather in a circle, and the gems cause a light to form. However, before anything happens, Loki realizes Susano's true intentions. Susano wishes to absorb the power of all of them, and use the body of Khaos for his own intentions. Loki holds back, and the gems find favor in him. He becomes Malefic Loki. With this, Susano absorbs Ammy and becomes Malefic Susano. They begins to fight. Loki realizes he is outmatched, but then remembers all that is at stake. He bounces back up, rips off his braces, and unleashes a blast of snow, lightening, and stars. Susano falls, only having slight power left. Ammy escapes his body. Mitos uses machine he came across and trapped Susano in a false Malefic Gem. With this, The gems scatter. Loki jumps into the air and grabs the first gem. Ammy and Loki go their separate ways, knowing that if Khaos did ever return, it would be bad.


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