The Dark Princess (formerly known as the Ixis Empress) is the main antagonist of the Marsha the Fox series and a antagonist of the Marshalia13 Universe.

Early Life

In her early life, Dark Princess was part of the chipmunk-squirrel tribes pre-Kingdom of Acorn. After coming into contact with a Chaos Emerald, where she gained incredible powers. She became corrupted by the power and was exiled from her tribe.

For centuries following after, Dark Princess studied her new powers and unlocked the secrets of the Chaos force. She became a master in Chaos energy and formed the Order of Ixis when many flocked to her promise of power. Her first attempt of world domination was opposed by the Templar Knights of Aurora. This lead to the Forgotten War, a global event that erased any written documents about this time era. Ultimately, she was betrayed by one of her own and was sealed away but was freed by Sonic on accident in "Sonic Adventure 3".


Dark Princess is a sadistic, ruthless, cruel, and brutal villainess who has no excuse for wanting to make her enemies suffers and cares only for herself. She often uses her foes personal relationships against them (i.e. kidnapping someone they care about). She has a fierce hatred for Marsha, her arch-nemesis since day one and the feeling’s mutual on Marsha’s end.


From the chaos powers she gained thousands of years ago, Dark Princess is a master of the Chaos’ dark and negative powers and has immortality from the chaos force. Other than that, she’s an aggressive leader and leads her army with anarchy, as she makes them fear her power.

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