Dark Miho

Dark Miho is Miho's dark form. She often does into her dark form when under extreme stress, or when she is defending someone she cares about.


Her personality stays the same for the most part, but her darker mood is much more apparent, and the more stressed she is, the darker she becomes. The worse she becomes, the more she starts to lose her mind. If she's stressed enough, she almost loses her mind completely. She becomes extremely aggressive, and enjoys watching her enemies suffer. Nothing matters to her, except her loved ones. She has a completely evil personality, but only towards enemies; she still has her loving and caring nature towards those she cares about, but she doesn't show it. She still doesn't kill most of the time, but she tortures her enemies by fear, or by pain. Most of the time she only uses fear though, since she still doesn't like torturing. Although she still has some of her old personality(mostly the part of her that doesn't want to hurt anyone), the more hurt/upset/stressed she is, the more sadistic she will become towards her enemies. Although she doesn't enjoy killing, if she becomes dark enough, she begins to get the urge to kill. That normally doesn't happen, but when it does, she will kill anyone who she seems as a threat. Anyone innocent is spared, but she will kill anyone who is evil, and enjoys every second of it. She seems to enjoy seeing them terrified; the way she sees it is, those who've always hurt others, are now getting what they deserve. Although she enjoys this, when she's back to normal again, she gets extremely mad at herself, and feels extremely guilty, even though she only hurts/kills enemies.


The more hurt/upset/stressed she Miho is, the more her dark form basically looks like she would if she were a dragon. At first she only appears dark-looking; she often is surrounded by darkness. If it becomes worse, she starts taking on certain parts of her dragon self. Her sharp wings, white horns and claws, her long tail, and her fangs become longer. Her eyes also turn dark red.


As Dark Miho, she loses her ability to use her sketchbook, but she has control over darkness, and lightning(to an extent. She still fears it.). Also, the blades on her wings and tail, as well as her claws and fangs become tipped with poison. If someone gets scratched by her wings, tail, claws, or fangs, it will poison you, but it isn't deadly, but it will weaken them, and usually causes extreme pain. At times she can control the pain her poison creates. She can fly, but not very long, of high; she still is afraid of heights. She also becomes much stronger; pain does not affect her as easily.


Although her dark form is strong, there are downsides.

  • As stronger as she is, all the damage she takes on during battle, she will feel when she is no longer in her dark form. If she is hurt badly enough while she is in her dark form, when she's back to normal again, the damage she took will kill her.
  • If she is under extreme stress, she loses her mind, and often doesn't think like she normally does, so she could be tricked into a trap.
  • Although her dark form makes her stronger, it hurts her; when she is normal, she will often feel dizzy, tired, or just in pain. The longer she is in her dark form, the more it hurts her. It also drains a lot of her energy Eventually her dark form will wear off if she calms down enough.
  • Also, when she is back to normal, her mind might be different if she was in her dark form long enough. The stress and emotions she was feeling most likely will affect her afterwards.
  • If she is in her dark form long enough, the stress and darkness tends to hurt her mind. She will often hear voices in her head telling her everything that she's done wrong, or reminding her of all her faults. If she stays in her dark form long enough, she will normally hear them for awhile even after she's normal again.


Miho's voice is different in her dark form; it becomes much darker, and has a snarling sound to it. She also laughs a lot more, even if it's quietly, but it's evil sounding. "You'll pay for that!!"

"*Laughs evilly* You'll wish I was the killing type...."

"I'm gonna destroy you!!"

"Don't you dare touch them!!" - either them, him, or her; it depends on who's she's protecting.

"Leave... them... alone...." - same as above.

"I'll show you pain!!"

"Just leave me alone!!" - when cornered, or when she hears evil voices in her head.


  • Dark Miho isn't just Miho's dark form, but it is also part of her personality. It can start out normal, but if it gets out of control, it can become dangerous.
  • Although if stressed enough she enjoys killing or torturing her enemies, she still can't kill anyone she cares about, or anyone who doesn't deserve it.
  • Miho can't control when she becomes dark, unless she were to find a way to stress herself out, or if she were to hurt herself emotionally. The only way for her to become dark is to become too stressed, scared, angry, of if she feels like she, or someone she cares about is in danger.
  • Dark Miho's theme is called "Monster" by Skillet.
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