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Dark idol is a villain created by user Chrismh.

She originates as a Villain who wanted to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog after he interfered with her plans and her concert of hypnotics.

Born when a Chaos Emerald made contact with a special object, she uses the power of music to do her personal bidding...

Physical information

While she is titled and known as Dark Idol, she was given the name "Cinnamon". Something she despises even more-so then Sonic the hedgehog! She looks to be between 15 and 18 years old, but is somewhat ageless due to circumstances of how she came to be. Currently she is single, due to being shipped teased with someone but it didn't work out. 

She has an odd blue microphone marking on her right cheek that looks to be a tattoo. But really it relates to how she was "born".

Dark Idol does have a small home she resides at, but she is often not there.


  • Signature Note: A giant music note appears as a shield, after two hits will explode into small music notes that can shock the target.
  • Ruby Ballad: A simple red ray of light.
  • Pop rocks: Music notes rain down from the sky in a rainbow color scheme and explode with contact
  • Love song: A charming distraction <3
  • Heart Break: lowers the targets stats, usually power or speed.


  • basic hedgehog things
  • Singing
  • Status effect abilities
  • Being cute <3 (She considers it a gift)


  • Generally Dark Idol isn't strong which is why she relies on status effects or charming the target
  • Her temper has said to gotten the best of her a few times...
  • Dark Idol is childish and for someone like her, it's a major disadvantage.


Dark idol dresses somewhat showy, but because she thinks this will attract more interest. So far she's been right.

She is a red hedgehog girl with black-dark gray highlights in her hair. Consisting of a few spiked bangs, two dark gray-black side quills, a bit of red hair worn down with a flip and a black gray ponytail held up with a purple scrunchie. Her skin is light tan, and her eyes are orange with noticeable yellow iris' instead of black.

Dark Idol wears a black bikini-styled tank top with a short black skirt with gray ruffled lining, and black boots with silver coloring. She has five earrings in her right ear and three in her left, and wears two big purple circled clips with broken hearts on them directly below the ear. On her wrist and arms are bracelets that is purple and pink in color with broken heart charms on them also, and she has a black band on her upper arm with the same icon.

In terms of makeup, she wears dark red eyeliner/eyeshadow, black nail polish, and pink-red lipstick.


Dark Idol is a cute villain who purposely acts cutesy and bratty. She finds its best to play with your next toy before they see the real you. This is her general method regarding others. Charm them into thinking your harmless, then hit them where it hurts.

She really is evil and once her motives are revealed, its proven to be true. She really loves to tease and pester Rouge and is often doing this, or painting her nails/putting on eyeliner. She also favors hypnotizing others and likes to do this, or kidnap them and tie them up. She is not one to be taken lightly but half of the time, it turns out she's perfectly harmless.

HALF of the time....


  • Concerts
  • Bright shiny lights
  • Casinopolis
  • A big crowd
  • Toying with others


  • Sonic (at first)
  • Being interrupted
  • Not being taken seriously
  • Being ignored
  • Being called her real name
  • People who can resist her charms (usually females or innocent children)


A hedgehog born from a chaos emerald using its power when it came in contact with a phonemic laying around a villains base. Dark Idol then proceeded to stalk Sonic until she managed to lure Amy away, locking her into a cage and hiding it inside a forest base that had been nearby, knowing that Sonic had been there previously.

She then brought Sonic there by pretending to be an innocent bystander, "Oh Mr. Sonic, Please hurry! She's in grave danger and I'd hate to think of what the person responsible will do!" Once Sonic arrived, "Cinnamon" vanished however and she soon revealed herself as the cute Idol of Darkness before attacking Sonic.

After their first fight she left, leaving behind the key to free Amy and was not seen again until Sonic interrupted her hypnotic concert. Dark Idol showed her full power now after calling Sonic the evil person for trying to take away her dream of being loved by others. Then she proceeded to attack him again. She was nearly killed and vanished again when Sonic tried to offer her a peaceful end of battle. He had no intentions of killing her but she didn't accept it.

After some time however, Dark Idol began to learn that people didn't really like her because she forced them. If she did not do this maybe they would love her, which was only what she wanted to begin with. And so, later on she went to Sonic and helped him before revealing her real name to him.

She hasn't seen him since then after saying she couldn't become a hero when offered, she instead said she would stop harassing him and his friends and left to continue elsewhere.



  • "Let the power of my dark melodies sway your decision~"
  • "I don't like anyone who interrupts my performances..."


  • "Now go away so I can finish the show."
  • "I couldn't have done this duet without you <3"
  • "Crowd pleasers always win! <3"


  • "Who do you think you are?! Do you know who I am?!"
  • "Forget this, I'm gonna go play with Rouge...."
  • "Let's sing the revenge song!"


  • During a fight she is often singing or making music based puns.
  • Her color theme is similar to Mighty the Armadillo and Shadow the Hedgehog. But she has no relation to either character.
  • If her hair was worn down all together, it would be red with a big black mark in the center and sides.
  • So far the only person to know her real name is Sonic.