"The greatest force in the entire Universe, unparalleled in it's power and yet it is ignored and feared by lesser beings until I had the vision to unlock and use this great force for the purpose it was meant for"
- The Dark Master


A mysterious force that contains ultimate power and greatly exceeds that of Chaos Energy. But unlike Chaos Energy, Dark Energy is pure evil in nature and can corrupt it's wielders.



Dark Energy has existed since the birth of the Universe itself and accounts for over 70% of the Universe and remains though out the fabric of Space-Time. While Dark Energy is present in the Universe it cannot be touched, smelled, seen, heard or tasted. Dark Energy has been linked back to The Big Bang itself and is linked to the acceleration of expansion of the Universe itself and may hold the secret to how the Universe was created and what caused The Big Bang.

The Dark Master is the only being has been able to unlock the secret of Dark Energy and be able to use it's limitless power


In order to access Dark Energy the person must be in possetion of a singularity of chaos such as the Master Emeralds and/or Chaos Emeralds. The person must also be extremely powerful and able to handle the intense power of the cosmos. Using the singularities of chaos, the weilder must be able to focus in on the darkness within them as well as unleashing all the power of the singulartities of chaos. 


Dark Energy requires the wielder to transform their original physical form to a more evolved and powerful form but this can be dangerous because some beings who aren't strong enough to handle the power of Dark Energy, when they change form it can instead destroy them.

Dark Energy flows through the wielder's body in their blood, viens and internal organs causing dramatic changes to the wielder's both mental and physical abilities and can lead to insanity, corruption, self destruction.

Should the wielder survive this they wouldn't notice the changes happen internally by which Dark Energy would change the wielder's cells slowly but overtime these changes start to effect the wielder on the outside as well. The changes start to become dramatic after a few years and can have an unknown effect of the wielder though all outcomes are very bad.

Dark Energy also increases the wielder's negative thoughts and emotions making them more evil and chaotic such as in the case of Scythe who's own hatred and darkness formed it's own consciousness.

While Chaos Energy is used to unlock Dark Energy, embodiments of darkness cannot use singularities of chaos such as the Master and Chaos Emeralds which means they cannot access Super and Hyper Forms.

Dark Energy also is directly linked to The Dark Master and should someone come in contact with Dark Energy, they might be used as a host by The Dark Master in order to use them as a physical form


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