Side Characters

This is the vast majority of characters that don't have pages or aren't important enough to have a page in the series. This is a list of all the characters in the Dark Destroyers that are fairly minor. It may be characters such as Pyron or Metal's Mother etc.

Character List

Metal's Extended Family

Those that have pages will be not explained in the list below.

  1. Pyron The Dragon (great great great great grandfather/ancestor)
  2. Metal's Ancestor (unnamed, great great great great grandmother)
  3. Rogue The Destroyer (great great great grandfather)
  4. Metal's Great Great Great Grandmother (unnamed, great great great grandmother)
  5. Snipe The Sniper
  6. Metal's Great Great Grandmother (unnamed)
  7. Tai The Destroyer
  8. Metal's Grandmother (unnamed)
  9. Metal's Uncle (unnamed)
  10. Daisuke Saito (uncle)
  11. Naomi Saito (auntie)
  12. Zephyr Kouri (father)
  13. Mist Kouri (mother)
  14. Percival The Berserker
  15. Ren The Leopard Cat (cousin)
  16. Metal Arashi (cousin)
  17. Yuki Arashi (cousin)
  18. Rai Kouri (sister)
  19. Leonard Kouri (brother)
  20. Astrid (girlfriend, future wife)
  21. Fenrir Kouri (future son)
  22. Zero Kouri (future son)
  23. Metal's daughter (unnamed)
  24. Metal's second daughter (unnamed)

Raiden's Family

  1. Raiden's Father (unnamed)
  2. Raiden's Mother (unnamed)

Character Bios

Metal's Family

Pyron's Wife

Age: Possibly about forty five at death
Species: Unknown, presumably demon/human
Powers: Unknown

Metal's Unnamed Ancestor

Age: Unknown at the age of death
Species: Berserker(?)
Powers: Unknown

Not much is known about Rogue's wife. All that is known is that she was warrior, who fought in many battles alongside Rogue. She later died of unknown causes.

Snipe The Sniper

Age: About 400 years old chronologically, twenty years physically
Species: Berserker/Exalted Blaster Hybrid
Powers: Energy Bow Creation, Energy Arrows/Bullets Creation

Snipe, full name unknown, was given his name because of his expert sniper skills with a bow and arrow. Although not much is known about him, he is known to be still alive, and now uses a modified rifle that shoots energy bullets. Metal has so far not seen him.

Metal's Great Great Grandmother


Tai The Destroyer

Age: About 250 years old chronologically, twenty years physically
Species: Berserker/Wolf Hybrid
Powers: Darkness Manipulation, Energy Axe/Blade Manipulation

Tai, full name Tai Blazer, is a highly skilled Axeman, and known to be a powerful rival of Metal and Rai. Tai is known to think of Rai as his alternate counterpart self, as the two are completely different to each other. So far, he hasn't made a single appearance. He's known to be Metal's grandfather.

Metal's Uncle


Daisuke Saito


Naomi Saito


Mist Kouri


Raiden's Family

Raiden's Father

Age: Possibly about fifty five at death
Species: Wolverine
Powers: Electrokinesis

Raiden's unnamed father, and his mother's husband. He was known to be a Wolverine, like his son Raiden. It is known he was a powerful electrokinetic that defeated Rogue's father, Pyron in battle. He is a leader of his own military force, and was the one to take over the world to make it into his own playground.

Shortly after killing Pyron, the Wolverine killed Rogue's mother, he nearly captured the young Rogue with his soldiers before, the young hybrid activated powers that he's never seen before and just fled. About sixteen years later, Rogue is known to have defeated him, and killed the Wolverine, before killing Raiden's mother, and eventually sparing the young Raiden.

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