Dark Destroyers is the series of Metty's Universe, that is held in. The first season starts off in the year 21??, which is the year of the year where Metal is born. The last arc is held in the years of about 24XX, about three hundred years after the first arc. There will be a total of about ??? arcs altogether.

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At the dawn of time, there was Mobius. For centuries the world was ruled over by the most powerful leaders, that being an Wolverine who controlled electricity, and was known to be the most powerful in the world. That was supposed, when the god of monsters and fire, the dragon named Pyron, challenged to him a fight, the fight that would possibly change the outcome of the universe forever. However, the dragon was defeated, and fled to protect himself from the Wolverine's soldiers.

It was known he settled down and had a child with another Mobian hybrid, the child being named Rogue. Later on, Pyron was killed by the Wolverine and Rogue's mother was killed ten years afterwards. The young Rogue wandered across the lands, finding some survivors that would help him against the Wolverine's rule over everything. For the next few years, Rogue trained himself in the art of using the Forbidden energy, named Overdrive Energy.

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Rise of the Rogue arc

Arashi's Revival arc

Arashi's Revenge arc

Demon Unleashed arc

Guardians arc

Hunt for the Rogue arc

Versus Raiden arc

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Dark Destroyers


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