Dark Destroyers, otherwise known as DD, is a series of fanfic like stories that will be roleplays and possibly fangames, that revolve around the main protagonist of each arc and their fight against evil and the like. The titular protagonist of the series is Schwarz the Dark Destroyer.

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Beginnings arc

To be decided.

The Nightblade arc

The main character of this arc is Snipe The Nightblade.

The Crusader arc

The main character of this arc is Lloyd The Crusader.

The ??? arc

The main character of this arc is Daisuke The ???.

Guardians arc

To be decided.

Rise of "Raider" arc

The main characters of this arc are Lloyd The Cruasder, Snipe The Nightblade and Daisuke The ???.

Five years after the mysterious event with General Raidou, the unnamed bandit, named the "The Lightning Berserker" has taken over the bandit group of Sector 5 of Central City.

The leader is known to be highly cruel and strong, as they are known to kill others if the people in question refuse to listen, they also take over the surrounding areas and try to get rid of the local authority. Mainly their own soldiers, which earned them the title of Berserker, contrary to that, which it is their actual species. Their also earned the title, "The Lightning Bandit" from the fact their insanely fast in fights. Aside from the other title, which was earned through the fact they use a electricity charged woodcutters axe named unnamed.

They was later defeated in battle by an assailant named "Raider", a known bandit and was strong enough to take down their leader. "Raider" proceed to take over the group, and now are the leader of it, and ends up taking the name of a local hero, Raider The Vanguard.

Meanwhile, Snipe, the non-lethal Mobian White Tiger thief who is a Nightblade, a special member of a group of thieves who target the rich in order to give to the poor, after getting a job to find out where General Raidou is.

He teams up with Lloyd, a Mobian German Shepard Crusader, from the border knights of ???. Along with his close childhood friend, Daisuke, a Mobian Fire Dragon-Wolverine Hybrid kinetic, who's the son of a legendary fire dragon named Flare (TBD) and the younger brother of Logan, who take the appearance of Mobian Wolverines in order to conceal their identities. He is known to possess the ability to transform into a Dragon at will, after absorbing the power of a red Chaos Drive.

They later meet the rest of their crew, Raider, the Anthromorphic Wildcat who yearns for justice, using an axe and a legendary blade; Lucina, a Mobian TBD swordmaster to be, that accompanies Raider, on her travels; Omega, otherwise known as OmegaXD0153, is a cyborg Mobianized Shadow Lugia, who possesses Aerokinesis (Air Manipulation), and weaponry such as rocket launchers and sub-machine guns.

Along the way, they meet Arashi, a young dragon-hybrid, who fought off with General Raidou before he disappeared after Arashi was knocked out by the battle between her and Smash, as the result of the General's arrest and then his escape, with the help of Commander Raiden, the leader of G.U.N. Along with the rest of the Guardians, including Smash, Issac, Alpha, and Logan.

With the added threat of this assailants soldiers, and this "Raider", things start to get extremely dangerous. Such as the massive amount of power they have, and the fact that the military can't stop them.

The combined heroes call themselves the Protectors, the new force created to keep peace when others can't.

They end up defeating this "Raider" with the help of Raider's quick thinking, and end up defeating their General, which was formerly the leader of the group.

Upon knocking them out, they proceed to take them to the nearby G.U.N base. Upon doing so, the one that greets them, is no other than General Raidou himself.

The group proceeds to fight him, only to be completely outnumbered by his comrades and ends up losing to the General, before being arrested alongside the two criminals they knocked out before.

A particular someone still lurks from the shadows that is able to stop him and rescue the group to stop a bigger threat.

The General arc

The main character of this arc is Raidou The ???.

Involved Characters

Bolded characters are main characters of that arc.
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Beginnings arc

To be decided.

Guardians arc

Rise of "Raider" arc


United Federation

The United Federation is one of the main continents in the Mobius and where some of Raider's characters come from.

President and ruler of G.U.N forces: Raiden Sato
People from the United Federation are known as Uniters.


A small continent near the United Federation who are known to be easily attacked from the bandits. The country is ruled over by Metal's father, ??? and have a have an elite squadron of knights acting as their military force known as "The Dragons".

Ruler of Estaia: Unknown
People from Estaia are known as Estaians.

  • ??? - Capital of Estaia
    • ??? - The town where Lloyd comes from.
    • Mt ??? - The tallest mountain in Estaia.


Ferox is one of the largest contients in Mobius, and is known for it's unique enviroments. Their are three rulers of Ferox and the whole area is split into three different counties, having three different militaries for each county.

Ruler of Ferox:
People from Ferox are known as Feroxi.



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