Dark Clan of Voidstar

Dark Clan of Voidstar
DarkClan Crest

LocationFearful Caverns
Alignment Hero, Neutral

The Dark Clan of Voidstar is one of The Elemental Clans, and they reside within the Fearful Caverns. They are centered around Voidstar, the God of Darkness.



A long time ago, the founder of the Dark Clan, Lady Iluntasun Blackspire, lived in peace with the other nine founders. Arguments about who's Element was superior arose, however, and eventually the ten friends split away from each other, traveling their separate ways.

As Iluntasun traveled, she came across like-minded individuals; those who worshiped Voidstar and were proficient at manipulating the Dark Element, just like her. These new "followers" of hers accompanied her to the Fearful Caverns, the spot where the Dark Clan would be founded.

Rancor the Traitor

Henge the Lynx, the second-in-command to the Dark Clan's current leader, had a brother by the name of Rancor. Many people within the Dark Clan felt bad vibes coming from Henge's sibling; there were rumors that Rancor was angry that he wasn't in a position of power, and may have been scheming to overthrow Maliseer.

It was Henge himself who witnessed Rancor make his attack on the sleeping Clan Leader, and, determined to protect her, he attacked his brother. The two were rather evenly matched in power, until Rancor managed to slash Henge's left eye, leaving him staggering and in pain. Had Maliseer not intervened at that time, the traitor may have killed his brother.

Rancor was then forced to flee the Fearful Caverns; already soldiers were waking up and finding out what had happened. They would surely kill him if he stayed.

Gavriil's Treachery

The Elemental Wars

A Cimmerian Search


Allies (good to fair terms)

  • Poison Clan of Dantamu - The Dark Clan and the Poison Clan have a well-established system of trade with each other, keeping their bond strong throughout the years.
  • Fire Clan of Fiamme - Due to their shared alliance of the Poison Clan.

Neutral (purely ambivalent)

Enemies (poor to bad terms)





Main Members

Maliseer Blackspire

The current leader of the Dark Clan, a member of the Blackspire family and the descendant of Lady Iluntasun, the founder of the Dark Clan said to have been spiritually connected with Voidstar himself.

Henge the Lynx

The current second-in-command of the Dark Clan.

Rancor the Lynx

The brother of Henge, Rancor betrayed the Dark Clan by attempting to kill Maliseer and take over for himself.

War Council

Alongside the leader and second-in-command, the Dark Clan's War Council consists of the Head Soldier, Head Battle Mage/Magess, Head Summoner, Head Knight and Head Tactician.

Members are;

  • Maliseer the Bat - Leader
  • Henge the Lynx - S.i.C
  • Varjud the Bear - Head Soldier
  • Draugur the Ram - Head Knight
  • Ankth the Dragon - Head Battle Mage
  • Irolustre the Ratynx - Head Summoner
  • Solsetur the Viscacha - Head Tactician

Honorary Members


Weapons Vault

Like the other Clans, the Dark Clan has a well-guarded vault containing powerful Dark-aligned weaponry. The purpose of this vault is unknown, but it can be speculated that the weapons contained within are only to be used in dire circumstances.

Some of these weapons are;


  • It is thought that Pheer the Demonhog's mother is from the Dark Clan, although this hasn't been confirmed by either Mephiles or Pheer.


  1. Maliseer = Portmanteau of "malice" and "seer"
  2. Henge =
  3. Rancor =
  4. Imnioch = Italian word for "fearful"
  5. Myrkur = Icelandic word for "darkness"
  6. Seseliai = Lithuanian word for "shadows"
  7. Geisterhaft = German word for "spectral" and "ghostly"
  8. Spettrale = Italian word for "spectral" and "ghostly"
  9. Rhithiol = Welsh word for "spectral"
  10. Kuuvalgus = Estonian word for "moonlight"
  11. Menesiena = Lithuanian word for "moonlight"
  12. Videvik = Estonian word for "twilight"
  13. Crepusculo = Galician/Portuguese word for "twilight"
  14. Zwielicht = German word for "twilight"
  15. Solsetur = Icelandic word for "twilight"
  16. Sumrak = Croatian word for "dusk"
  17. Sutemos = Lithuanian word for "dusk"
  18. Anochecer = Spanish word for "dusk"
  19. Gwyll = Welsh word for "dusk"
  20. Synkka = Finnish word for "grim"
  21. Nykus = Lithuanian word for "grim"
  22. Pahaendeline = Estonian word for "sinister"
  23. Baljos = Hungarian word for "sinister"
  24. Demolosse = French name of the Pokémon Houndoom
  25. Duchovia = Slovak word for "ghosts"
  26. Schwarz = German word for "black"
  27. Spokiem = Latvian word for "ghosts"
  28. Draugur = Icelandic word for "ghost"
  29. Nyeusi = Swahili word for "black"
  30. Verborgen = Dutch word for "dark" (as an adjective)
  31. Jioni = Swahili word for "dusk"
  32. Zlokoban = Croatian word for "dark" (as an adjective)
  33. Gerhana = Indonesian/Malay word for "eclipse"
  34. Malluma = Esperanto word for "dark"
  35. Allunare = Italian word for "moon" (as a verb)
  36. Iluntasun = Basque word for "darkness"
  37. Foscor = Catalan word for "darkness"
  38. Ahvardus = Estonian word for "menace"
  39. Faleisus = Welsh word for "malicious"
  40. Triste = French/Italian/Portuguese word for "dark" (as an adjective)
  41. Anduru = Sinhala word for "dark"
  42. Yereko = Armenian word for "evening"

Names For You

  1. Verdonkeren = Dutch word for "darken"
  2. Diliman = Filipino word for "darken"
  3. Jiskura = Maltese word for "darken"
  4. Zaciemniac = Polish word for "darken"
  5. Kummitus = Estonian word for "ghost"
  6. Multo = Filipino word for "ghost"
  7. Annerire = Italian word for "blacken"
  8. Mustimmalle = Finnish word for "blackest"
  9. Reconditus = Latin word for "dusk" (as an adjective)
  10. Torbido = Italian word for "dark" (as an adjective)
  11. Lleuad = Welsh word for "moon"
  12. Gingillarsi = Italian word for "moon" (as a verb)
  13. Llargiaren = Basque word for "moonlight"
  14. Khavar = Armenian word for "darkness"
  15. Vesperon = Esperanto word for "evening"
  16. Saghamos = Georgian word for "evening"
  17. Savasa = Sinhala word for "evening"
  18. Damerung = Misspelling of dämmerung, the German word for "dusk"
  19. Shoalane - Sesotho word for "dusk"
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