Dario has brown fur and usually is seen wearing all black.


Dario is a master manipulator, and has been known to be extremely ruthless. His enjoyment of violence has added to his reputation of being extremely sadistic.


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Dario is a master of the art of the deal, he has managed to negotiate with successful businessmen and leaders of major criminal organizations. He also has been shown to be extremely deceptive even managing to trick a entire jury when he was put on trial once. Dario also is able to get into his enemies heads quite easily, via a device that allows him to read minds, so while he can’t win a fight physically, if he can mentally torment his opposition he’s already won.


Due to Dario preferably using brains over brawn he is a easy person to lay a blow on. It is also known that even if he makes a very convincing lie, there always will be someone who sees through the lie.


Dario might have a handgun as his only weapon, but when it’s for hand to hand he has his (possibly a cannibal) brother at his command.

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