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Darien Delphi is an investigator working in conjunction with the Chaotix; though he has attained a reputation for his unusually potent investigative hunches.

Darien Delphi

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Golden, with warm tan skin
  • Hair: Cocoa brown
  • Eyes: Light purple
  • Light blue scarf
  • Light blue loose-fitted shirt
  • Light grey jeans
  • White sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsChaotix (associated investigator)
Weaponry & EquipmentSlug & Pulse Model 14 Twin Pulse Hybrid-Pistols
  • Possesses the genetic ability Seasons Flow
  • Highly skilled with cryokinesis
  • Moderately experienced with hydro- and geokinesis
  • Basic command over Metal
  • Moderate skill in hand-to-hand combat
  • Moderate skill with energy firearms
  • Heightened instinctive senses
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


Slightly shorter than average for a hedgehog; Darien Delphi has a perpetual scowl on his tanned muzzle, golden fur occasionally rippling a little with his grumpy motions. Often hidden by his trousers is a small burn scar on his left thigh that seems to draw attention to itself; though he has never explained where it is from. His fingernails are well kept and long, even as he shoots an angry death stare with his pale purple eyes.

Atop his quills is his fairly close-shaved cocoa brown hair; while he sports a fairly wispy "beard" of fluff upon his chin.


Darien regularly changes his attire, though it is almost always worn loose in light colors. In more recent appearances, this has been a light blue shirt fitted loose; light grey jeans and a pair of white trainers. However, he always tends to wear a light blue scarf around his neck.


Much of Darien's background is a mystery; the investigator having gone to some lengths to keep his past in the past. However, he first met the Chaotix fairly early in their agency's operations. He had been staking out a criminal encampment located within a swamp for an extended period of time when confronted by Espio and Vector. The fairly heated argument that followed tipped off the organized crime group, with the leaders attempting to escape while the enforcers charged the noise.

Darien fought alongside Vector against this criminal group and earned the crocodile's respect as they brought down the enforcers. Espio soon followed as Darien's instincts and skills in investigation helped to round up the last of the leadership. Since that point, while he primarily does his own thing; the Chaotix has always kept Darien as an ally to call upon if needed, just as he has with them.


Darien Delphi has a fairly unusual genetic ability at his command that makes his combat presence and investigative one a little more pronounced; Seasons Flow. In effect, this ability seems to let him time his actions to an instinctual degree for maximum effect; which often prompts him to find evidence or acquire things he would have missed. In combat, while it is only a minor boost; his attacks are more likely to produce additional effects on himself; his target or the environment, depending on the technique unleashed.

With some level of prior military experience, or at least so it is believed; Darien carries a highly unusual weapon; a set of Slug & Pulse Model 14 Twin Pulse Hybrid-Pistols. Typically; these weapons are worn, carried and used separated as a pair of energy pulse pistols, where they have a reputation for ultra-rapid fire and regenerative batteries that can't quite keep up with the demand. When a fight gets serious; however, Darien is capable of flicking a number of switches on the two pistols that instead combine the pair into a weapon closer in size and shape to a rifle. More accurate and longer ranged than the two halves that it replaces, the batteries lack the ability to regen in rifle form due to the positioning. Similarly, the fire rate vastly drops in balance. These are not his first choice in a fight unless overwhelmed, with Darien preferring to utilize his elemental skills to disable.

Darien only occasionally is seen in fights alongside the Chaotix, where his skillset involving three basic and a single advanced element alongside his pistols and hand-to-hand training alongside his genetic ability for great effect. Primarily; the hedgehog employs Ice to immobilize and disable targets alongside adding to his mobility. By comparison, his skills with Earth and Water are both impressive, though vastly less commonly seen. In those cases, Darien simply launches rocks or small bursts of Water over a distance, while he has shown partial amphibious breathing and underwater combat techniques. The final element is an evolution of his command over Earth; Metal. As far as his powers are concerned, this is the one he utilizes the least; and has shown the least amount of skill in despite it's potential power. Instead, Darien employs it defensively, helping him to shrug off attacks by forming metal coatings when needed.

As a hedgehog, Darien seems fairly generic in skills and strengths. However, he has shown the ability to launch quills from his back with fair accuracy and strength, as well as more standardized hand-to-hand fighting styles. However, he always focuses on combat without killing unless pushed in order to protect innocents; and so often attempts more difficult or problematic attacks in order to ensure minimum harm.


Typically; Darien likes to carry himself like the traditional lone wolf private investigator; resistant to working alongside others. This leads to a fairly grim public presentation; often quite gruff and almost short-tempered when working alongside people, even if he has mastered a form of grim compassion when he receives jobs.

However, this is not quite the truth of Darien's personality; as he does truly care about others. He also tends to take on a roll of tactical command when in combat; implying he has some degree of military experience; an idea that his highly unusual weapon choice supports. As such, some have suggested that he has seen things he wishes to protect others from; or protect himself from making bonds with others and suffering through the loss again.







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