Daret Lyons is a character who appears in Reign of Terror. He is a young anthropomorphic African lion who is the son of Chief Adam Lyons and a young warrior apart of the Storm Fighters. Despite his strained relationship with his father, Daret loves him nonetheless.


Daret is a young male African lion about a head shorter than his father. He has golden-yellow fur, a half-grown golden-brown mane and tail-tuft, amber eyes, and he wears a gray t-shirt and worn blue jeans.


Appearing to be around a teenager, Daret is a rebellious person, having a very strained relationship with his father. Daret believes the strain is because of Adam's constant work and the fact that Daret's mother passed away when he was young. He felt more at ease when he found out that his father truly cares, and that Adam approves of his choice to become a Storm Fighter.


In Reign of Terror, when Austin's Rogue Tribe finds the Cheetah Clan, it is mentioned that Daret and Leonard found them after the group met Moray the Eagle(a bald eagle who became their scout). Daret expresses his doubt about Lightning and his Clan, but keeps his mouth shut when Austin decides to help them. He is later seen to be shocked at the damage caused to the village that would become known as Lucky Tundra Village. After the first big battle with Mephiles, Daret was made a full Storm Fighter alongside Mason, Lightning, and Leonard.




Chief Adam Lyons

Adam is Daret's father, and Daret himself revealed that he suspected the heavy strain on their relationship was the fact Adam was constantly working, and that [Daret's] mother passed away when he was a very young cub. He soon realized that his father truly did care for him, and felt proud for his decision to join the Storm Fighters.

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