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Not to be confused with Dante Nantal or Dante the Fox... or that other Dante.

Cquote1 ...fuck this day. Cquote2
He was expecting a regular mission... but Dante was not prepared to face monsters. A gruff soldier partnered up with Gears, he wishes to survive by the engineer's side throughout their journey.


Dante has a peculiar appearance. Standing at three feet, six inches, dark grey fur can be seen around his body, and an orange-red color can be seen on his muzzle and the bottom side of his tail. His ears have a "floppy" characteristic to them, and a long scar can be seen over his left cheek. He has heterochromia, meaning he has differently colored eyes - in this case, his left one is grey, while the right one is blue.

His civilian attire consists of a blank navy blue t-shirt, black jeans, a set of dog tags, and dark blue boots. He occasionally wears a small green baseball cap as well.

In his soldier armor, he wears a pitch black under-suit, and the armor of his suit looks like segmented spandex, with some parts, like his shoulder, legs, chest, and forearms, having a hard armor-plate. His suit is colored mainly a dark green with some lime-colored sections, and his helmet appears to have a large forehead part, presumably to protect against damage. The helmet also has two narrow eye holes that show the red light of his visor. On his feet, he has thick boots modified with powerful thrusters which allow him to jump higher or kick with more force.

Dante can usually be seen equipped with an M4A1 carbine that can be modified with a variety of attachments, including a bayonet, grenade launcher, underslung shotgun, and more. He also wears a utility belt that houses spare magazines and grenades for him to use, as well as other tools.


Dante isn't a very friendly person. Short-tempered and somewhat mean-spirited, he despises social interaction, preferring to be on his own. He usually acts curt and to the point if he has to interact with other people, and otherwise remains quiet when doing his missions. Dante has little tact when it comes to other people. He'll frequently say whatever's on his mind, and he doesn't really care how others react. He usually tells them to deal with it, further aggravating them.

When in combat, he doesn't stop fighting until the threat is positively, absolutely dealt with. He will only cease combat when ordered to do so or forcibly pulled away, much to his chagrin. Dante also happens to use profanity a lot more than his ferret companion. He lacks any restraint, and can be seen as a "foul-mouthed goon" to some.

He doesn't really like talking about his past or relationships. As a result, he tends to dodge questions he doesn't like, or give non-answers. Bull-headed and stubborn, Dante rarely changes his mind about something when he's dead-set on it. It takes a lot to convince him otherwise, and even then, he grumbles about how he "can't believe he's going along with this".

Despite having the image of a gruff, no-nonsense soldier, deep down Dante is in emotional pain. His duties as a soldier limits his time with his family, and during the few moments he can spend with them, he makes sure he spends it well. However, disagreements and broken promises have been causing the family to become split, and he desperately wants to stop that. Unfortunately, he can't seem to figure out how.

Dante also thinks rather lowly of himself. He holds the opinion that he is "just another faceless goon" with a name. In spite of being rude and gruff, Dante honestly wants to do good. He will fight to the bitter end for his allies, even going so far as to sacrifice his own life if allowed to.


Early Life


Strain and Struggle

Unlikely Allies

The Source

Ending the Nightmare



  • Mary the Ferret - his wife, whom he married when they were relatively young adults. Their relationship was good at the beginning, but after Dante was enlisted, it's been slowly crumbling. Coupled with his short-fused attitude and being away for long periods of time, it's unlikely their marriage will last much longer.


  • Miranda the Ferret-Shepherd Hybrid - his daughter, who is currently still a toddler. Like Mary, Dante doesn't get to spend much time with her, which drives a wedge in the family.


  • Gears the Ferret - an engineer who lost his sister in an incident similar to the one Dante is in. When put against impossible odds, Dante finds an unlikely ally in Gears, and the engineer proves a valuable asset against the creatures they face.


  • Agent Jacob Lawson - a soldier who works for GUN. Currently, Dante doesn't know what to think of him, aside from him being a potential nuisance... but this remains to be seen.



"Honey, please don't fight with me on this..."
—when arguing with Mary
"Uh... I'll be home soon. Promise."
—telling Miranda when he'll be home
"Let's get something straight, Gunnar - I'm not your friend. I won't ever be your friend. Right now, we're just mutual allies. Got it?"
—laying down the rules for Gears
"Well, this looks like a giant clusterfuck."
—upon finding what happened to a rescue team
"Aw, what? You've gotta be kidding me."
—realizing what he's in for


Canon appearances are in bold.





As a part of the military, Dante has exceptional training in using firearms and other weapons. He can pick up any type of weapon and usually get a feel for how it works in a relatively short moment. Though, he prefers using his M4A1 above all, as it's a multi-purpose weapon that he can modify on the fly.

Dante is experienced in hand-to-hand combat. If needed, he can rely on his fists and feet, which have booster jets so he can apply more kicking power.

Dante can sense when danger is near via a "gut feeling", and so will position and prepare himself for it.


Dante has a variety of equipment fitting his role as a trooper.

  • M4A1 Carbine: His weapon of choice. Coined as "The Solution" due to its all-purpose use, Dante has modified it so he can switch between various attachments at the drop of a hat.
    • Underslung Shotgun: A close-combat tool that has a four-shot magazine before needing reloading. It is powerful close-up, but pitiful at a distance.
    • Grenade Launcher: An explosive attachment that, well, launches grenades. A useful crowd control weapon.
    • Scope: A long-range attachment. Dante can use this to snipe at foes from afar.
    • Flashlight: An attachment for low-light conditions.
    • Chainsaw Bayonet: Another close-range tool, it, well, is a chainsaw slung under the rifle. It easily rips through flesh, metal, wood, and other soft materials, though it needs to be revved first before it can be used.
    • Suppressor: A stealth attachment that conceals his gunfire and lets him remain undetected when shooting.
    • Select Fire: Allows him to switch between full-auto, semi-auto, and three-round-burst modes.
  • Frag Grenades: Explosive weapons that he can "cook" to prevent getting thrown back.
  • Flash Bangs: Thrown to disorient and blind opponents.
  • Combat Knife: A stealth tool that lets him deal with targets quickly and quietly. It also serves as a backup weapon in case things have gone to hell.
  • Fists: When things have really gotten bad. He's fairly good at fist fights, though.
  • Jump Jet Boots: Unique to his armor's boots are small jets within the soles. When activated, they allow him to jump and move with increased speed and agility. He can also use them to amplify the force of his kicks if required.


Due to his short temper and rough disposition, Dante comes off as a generic goon of the army, making him unable to get along with people. It doesn't help that he's stand-offish and secretive, preferring to dodge questions he doesn't like.

Dante also seems to be more willing to give his life up for the greater good. Therefore, he may be tempted to sacrifice himself to protect people, and someone else, particularly Gears, has to reign him in and stop what he's doing.

He feels conflicted about his emotions - on one hand, he wants to bring his family back together and be happy, but on the other, he refuses help, preferring to be on his own. This proves to undermine his relationship with his family.

Theme Song

The Right To Go Insane by Megadeth

This is his main theme, representing his loosening grip on sanity as well as his job making him distant and antagonistic.

Connection to Character

Megadeth - The Right To Go Insane-0

Megadeth - The Right To Go Insane-0

Dante's Theme

I barely get to the graveyard shift on time! / After pulling another grueling nine to five! - Dante's occupation meaning he has little time to spend with his family

I live from credit card to check, / The paper money's whirling by! - Dante getting paid lots during his missions

I'm living on the edge! Reality is tee-ter-ring! / My mind is on the BRINK! - Dante feeling he'll completely snap at some point

How will I face the day tomorrow... if I can't make it through today...? / I've got nothing left to lose, but my sanity! And The Right To Go Insane...! - Dante thinking he and Gears will die from their own madness on their mission

My stomach aches, insufficient funds! / My cheeks are gaunt, and my guts are overdrawn! - Dante feeling sickened and disoriented from the illusions that come to haunt him

My head POUNDS... starvation's giving me the shakes! / Too much squalor! Too much much pressure! And now, I'm getting PISSED! - Dante becoming agitated and more unstable as his and Gears' mission goes on


  • Dante is DarkMantis' first German Shepherd character.
  • He is based on John Carver from Dead Space 3.
    • While much of his personality comes from Carver, he also takes traits from Jack Cayman, from MadWorld and Anarchy Reigns.
  • Dante's armor is based on the EarthGov Security and Special Forces suits from Dead Space 2 and 3, respectively.
  • His relationship with Gears is somewhat similar to Diablo and Obsidian.
    • They even have theme songs following the same genre of music - Dante and Diablo have metal, while Obsidian and Gears have rap/hip-hop.
  • His chainsaw bayonet attachment takes after the similarly-named attachments for Lancer rifles in Gears of War.
  • He is voiced by Christian Rummel, who voices Donnie "Ruin" Walsh, a specialist in Call of Duty Black Ops III's multiplayer mode.

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