|Character Name = Dante the Fox|

|Nickname = Pyro|

|Age = 16|

|Gender = Male|

|Species = Fox|

|Alignment = Neutral|

|Full Name = Dante ElderSon Jeice|

|Relationship Status = Dating|

|Color = Burgundy with Black Accents|

|Height = 5"09|

|Weight = 128 lb|

|Likes = nuts, the colour Cyan and the band The Freindzones|

|Dislikes = peas and the colour Purple|

|Friends = Nexus, Mist, Horco and Sophie|

|Foes = Deon, Luke, Mechane and Xeo|

|Romantic Interests = Alecia|


Dante is a Burgundy Fox with Black Accents. He has Orange eyes and his Super Form has Golden Fur and Purple Eyes. His Shoes are the same as Silver only they are Orange an Purple. He has Shadow's Gloves with the same Colours. He is quite tall with thin arms and legs, he has 1 tail and wears a Hoodie.


He is very calm and is very easily amused, he is very speedy and his shoes alow him to run almost faster than light. He is in a very happy relationship despite the fact he usually says that "Love Is Overrated". He is usually very friendly but will take anyone out if the push him hard enough. Even though he is 16 he has only had 1 kiss, from Alecia.


His Parents are unknown and he was an Orphan for most of his life because his Parents abused him, at his Orphanage he met his Best Friend: Nexus. At the orphanage he had a great life and on his 16th Birthday him and Nexus moved out into there own apartments very close to each other. On his 14th Birthday he met Alecia who he instantly fell in love with, 2 days after his 15th Birthday he got the courage to ask her out and she said yes, there still together now and Dante has a bright future ahead of him.


Dante never knew he had powers and this is why his parents abused him, he was normal with everyone else but his parents called him Strange and Abnormal and the hit him. He has the powers of Fire wich is where he got the nickname Pyro. He can shoot Flames and Molten rocks, he can create rings of Fire and Lava. He doesn't take any damage from Fire, Lava, Explosions and Electricity.


Dante has the ability to turn into Fire and move faster than light. He can also unleash the powers of Hell if he is enraged by anger and loneliness, if this happens his fur will be blood red and his eyes are blank white, he will be able to throw Purple Flames and Black Smoke


Homing Attack

Dash Spin

Flame Spire

Hell's Revenge

Destruction Rock

Thunder Flame

The Hell

World's End


In most of his Forms he has a weakness to Anger, Loneliness and Bullies. But if his weaknesses are used too much they become his Strength making him transform into his Inferno Form, making him invunreble.

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