Dantae Flame is a Hedgecat and bounty/treasure hunter that is partly robotized. Dantae is a Lesbian.


A Sketch of Dantae by ScourgeChan

Dantae Swimwear

Alternate Costume

Dantae the hedgecat request

Art by pugdug919


Dantae is a blueish purple hedge-cat with fluffy white fur. She wears a purple and red zebra stripped wide brimmed hat, with a matching fur coat and pants. She wears a pair of white sunglasses under her lavender eyes. Her hands and feet have been robotized and are a metallic chrome.


Dantae is flippant and care free. Reacting to danger with more annoyance than fear. She is highly confident in her power and rarely looses her cool. Dantae loves to constantly crack jokes. She also loves a challenge, seeing it as an opportunity to get stronger.


Dantae's robotic feet can shoot jets of flame that can make her jump higher and hover for a short time. Dantae's metal fists can also shoot jets of flame, giving her punches a fire aspect. She likes to string together punches and blasts from her shotgun to make flashier combos.


Dantae has good knowledge in kick boxing and puts it to work in her fighting style. Dantae is experienced in using shotguns, specifically her swiss double barrels. Dantae can find Upgrades engulfed in green light that can either improve or give her a new skill such as gliding faster or breaking steel boxes.

Unlocked Upgrades:

Aqua Jet: Allows Dantae to swim.

Ancient Light: Gives Dantae the power to do a MAX HEAT ATTACK.


While Dantae is expertly skilled at close range combat, she is vulnerable at longer ranges, where her solution is to rush her opponent down to continue fighting close. Dantae hates Sniper Rifles and Bows the most. Since Dantae uses primarily fire to attack, water and wind type moves are most effective. She is weakened in heavy rain and cannot use fire when submerged in water.


Devil May Cry 4 - Lock and Load

Devil May Cry 4 - Lock and Load

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