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It's not because of you, it's my horrible adittude. I can't even sleep at night knowing my powers still rage inside of me. They may have been a curse, but a blessing as well. My dilemma is that, I'm a darkness spirit myself. That's why I was killing you. I'm sorry.-Danny, sonic adventure 3

Danny the wolf is a 14 year old anthrophomorphic human-wolf-robot hybrid. He is one of the five darkness spirits that reside within the darkness god, Shade.


He has a fairly tan mane with brown wolf like ears. He has one blood red wolf eye and one mahogany robot eye. He has a dark blue lined space coat, with dark gray full length space neck gauntlets. He has one human arm with a shredded sleeve, and one claw like robot arm. he has shredded jeans with one wolf leg and one human leg and black sneaker.


Danny prefers to work alone, making him stubborn, but he generally cares for the feelings and safety of others. He relentlessly pursues his targets. This combined with his nature of being naive, and he always gets into bad situations. He even mercilessly succumbs to others to pursue his goals.


Danny and his fellow spirits ravaged the entire future, leaving it in wreckage. He came to senses and went to fix the world. As time went by, his loneliness mutated him into a wolf. Trying to go to the past to find the answers, he only got partially roboticized by Eggman. After that, he found a mysterious hedgehog called bronze who claimed to know who unleashed shade from his eternal seal. Sonic was shown in the vision, so he went after him, gathering chaos emeralds as he went. He found him, but lost, vowing revenge. After he suspected that he was up to the ARK, he initiated a self destruct program, and found him again, only fighting Shadow instead. He then escaped with Shadow and Silver. He found that Sonic had no inclusion with the dark conspiracy that happened, eventually coming to the conclusion that Bronze tricked him. But as Bronze gathered the 4 other spirits to resurrect shade, he needed Danny too. But he refused to give in, and he succumbed to the loss of his dark powers, and it was enough to bring up Shade once again. With the chaos emeralds in hand, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Danny, and everyone else withdrew Shade's power, bringing peace again. Danny then became ultimate buddies with sonic.


Danny has plasma guns in his arms. He can also emit a sonic howl at mach capacity. He also has the power to control shadows.


He has lightning fast movement. His dark power give him an inherited night vision. He also has intense hearing.


Danny is extremely agile and quick. As a result, he is also a fast eater. He also knows a variety of martial arts moves.


Due to his canine attributes, they carry into his personality. For example, if the enemy throws a bone, he can get easily distracted during battle. Also, he's a bit naive.


Nobody can surpass me!- S rank

Think you can keep up with me?- A rank

Not too shabby....- B rank

I know I can do better.- C rank

How is this possible?!- D rank

My skills must've been sharpened enough!!!!- E rank

AAAAGH!!! My performance.... it's ruined!!!!!- F rank

rrrggghhhh... YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS SONIC!!!!! - after his defeat

Reinforcements, huh? OK, bring it on!- before the Shadow fight

If I'm to fix this mess, I need to find the chaos emeralds. And it just so happens that the last one is in the Supplies facility among the asteroid field at the ark!- In danny's level of destroyed ark, the level of the last story.

I could plant weeds here, but unfourtonetly I don't know about gardening.- praising the fertile fields of Jarriv forest.

Please! Tell me of it!- interrogating Bronze

Shade.... I'm gonna do what I should've done long ago. I won't be in your bidding any more. And even though it may be tough over perilous changes in life.... I still fight for what I belive. My friends, you'll see.- after the final fight

What good are defenses to you?- scolding Eggman after Gaia core

Wait! As a new assistant you made a mecha version of me loosley resembeling me? Without the wolf and space ranger properties? Actually he looks nothing like me. But in spite of things, you made a devoted and mindless robotic teenager? You have a lot to learn Eggy.- After space escape and after eggman encounters both Danny and sonic


Danny has some themes for certain situations. This is his normal theme, unfinished battle.


Unfinished Battle (Custom Loop) - Xenoblade Chronicles Music Extended

His occasional boss theme, engage the enemy.


Xenoblade Chronicles Music Engage the Enemy

His theme in high tension situations, one who gets in our way.


One Who Gets in Our Way - Xenoblade Chronicles Music Extended

And his regular theme during bosses, Zanza the divine.


Zanza - Xenoblade Chronicles Music Extended

All are listed under the sound test, and are all from the more critically acclaimed "great" or "awesome" game, Xenoblade chronicles.

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