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Danny the Wolf is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a young Wolf pup rescued by Lucky's Resistance who later becomes apart of the Storm Fighters. However, he is currently being held prisoner by Dr. Finitevus, who tricked him by lying about wanting to keep him safe, only to kidnap him at the end of Phantom of the Past(story). He is currently being hidden by Finitevus.


Danny is a young Wolf pup with dark gray fur and blue eyes. He wears a jacket identical to that of Streak the Bird, black and white sneakers, and simple wristbands. He has a notch near the tip his his left ear.


Danny mostly acts like a typical young boy his age. He is eager, friendly, and very close to his family. However, because he is so young and impressionable, he believed Finitevus' claim to want to keep him safe, which allowed the mad Echidna to kidnap him in the end. While being held captive by Finitevus, Danny is terrified and desperate to return home.


Danny's past is unknown up until Menace of Metal. His family traveled to Wolfhart seeking shelter in the Resistance, and it was there that he grew up. However, in Phantom of the Past(story), the phantom Jackal Squad kidnapped him to ransom him to the warriors, but Finitevus "rescued" him. Finitevus then proceeded to lie to the pup, promising to return him once everything died down, when he actually has no intention of doing this.



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