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Danny the Hedgehog (or Danny Boy) is the main male character and is Sonic, Manic and Sonia's youngest brother, he has his own games and his own show, Danny Double X. He is taking his older brother, Sonic place as hero and protector of Mobius, while his siblings has settle down, with his master and his long time friends, Danny is ready to kick Eggman butt


  • Race: hedgehog
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 15-17
  • Brithday: Jan 15
  • Blood Type: A
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite food: Chilli Dogs, Mina's cooking
  • Hobbies: Playing Soccer with Mina, Martial arts, Running, Training, Reading books
  • Crush: Mina the Hedgehog
  • Rivals: Rock the Hedgefox
  • Enemy: Eggman
  • Family: Sonic, Sonia, Manic, and Rock
  • Pets: Danis the Light Chao
  • ID: 11190023
  • Occupation: High School Student, Hero
  • Sport: Soccer, Track and field, Swimming, Kendo, Martial arts
  • Power: Speed and Swimming
  • Likes: Playing his guitar, hearing Mina sing, justice
  • Dislikes: Evil, Eggman, People who make Mina cry, darkness
  • Theme song: Dream of an Absolution


Danny is the fourth and last child to be born, Sonic always take care of his baby brother and keep him safe ever snice Eggman's attack on their home, so Danny and his siblings went to find somewhere safe to live, at the age of 3, Danny took up martial arts from his master, Willis the Hedgehog and meets his granddaughter, Mina. Danny and Mina became best friends and hung out all the time, shopping, studying, playing, eating lunch, they did everything togther, soon as they got older they join the Freedom Fighter, along with Mina's cousin, Giant the Hedgegoose and their friend from school, Max the Mouse.

They are later join by Mina's two best female friends, the very beautiful, Heart Mongoose and the genius, Alice the Dog and Danny's party dude best buddy, Tyler the Porcupine and his rival and half-brother, Rock the Hedgefox, as a team they became the "8 Freedoms".


Danny is born a true leader, leading his team, being very friendly, full of confidents, out-spoken, energetic, heroic, bit of a hot-head and patient, but very brave, fearless, very serious, very loyal and strong-willed about his job as a freedom fighter and don't let anything get to him. He is also very popular with the girls and have lots of friends and fans, he get into fights with Rock, his half-brother who is jealous of Danny, but later gain to respect him, Danny also has feelings for Mina ever snice childhood and has protect her from danger and flirty guys who want a date with her. He has a very good heart. Danny has lots of fangirls who start there club about him and is extremely popular in and out school, his home town and the world, being very athletic, smart and handsome, girls try and ask him out or chased him around, he can sometimes get jealous if any guy tried to get a date with Mina. He is really great with kids. Danny will risk his life for the people he love to save the world, his friends and family and his true love, Mina from danger and never give up on anything that he started until he get the job done.


  • Mina the Hedgehog: Danny's childhood best friend and love interest, they have known each other snice they where 3 years old, Mina watch Danny sparing with her grandfather and the two fall for each other, they spend time together all the time and Mina often make him lunch and cook dinner for him, Danny confess his love for her in the last episode of Danny Double X and one of the games and the two became a couple and in the Future, Danny became a martial arts master and he and Mina are married.
  • Giant the Hedgegoose: Danny's trustful right hand man, Giant and Danny are both protective of Mina's safey and go to her add when she need it, Giant trust Danny to take care of his cousin.
  • Max the Mouse: Danny and Max are close friend snice Danny saved him from being bully by his classmates cause he came from a rich family, Danny ask Max to join the freedom fighters to save his (Max) aunt.
  • Tyler the Porcupine: Danny and Tyler are best buddies in the world and always hang out with each other, due to their different personalities. He became his best man at his and Mina wedding.
  • Heart Mongoose: Danny always go to her to help him with his love for Mina. she was the maid of honor at Danny's wedding.
  • Rock the Hedgefox: Danny and Rock are not only rivals, but are also half-brothers, they didn't get along and always fight over Mina, Rock later respect Danny and say if he ever hurt Mina he "will kill him".
  • Alice the Dog: Alice look up to Danny as a big brother and help her get togther with Tyler.


Danny can run faster just like Sonic in full speed and swim faster too, he also use his martial arts to fight of his enemies.


Danny is a bluish-black hedgehog with the same shoes like Sonic but their white, has deep blue eyes like the ocean and a light blue unbutton sleeveless shirt. he has short hair that is parted over his eyes and it little frizzy (they don't cover his eyes).

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"Anyone who tries to hurt my friends will have to deal with me!"

"I get mad if ANYONE makes Mina cry, I don't like it when she cries."

"Hey Egg Brain!"

"I hope you been trianing."

"Evil beware!"

"Let's do our best, ok?"

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