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"We strive for our best; and in turn has shown our worst. Us heroes must help with this. To have a good future, we must purge the world of the hate that strives to take out others. With the power that courses through me, I shall be one of the many signs of peace!"
—Danny Quillen

Easy Summary

Danni Quillen 23 year old that is currently a Student at Spagonia going for a Masters in Theology. He inherited the Gaia Shukushu; an ability in which you can grow tentacles out of ones back to use at one's disposal. He hides his family heritage from most people because of his heritage's past of enslavement and racial problems.


Danni is a 5'5 anthropomorphic Bengal. He has light-brown spots on most of his body. On his lower arms and legs they are fully light-brown; separated by a zigzag pattern of the light brown. The rest of his normal fur is a beige color. His eyes have a round edge; white sclera, green eyes, dot pupils mainly shown in cats.

His skin is also a beige color. You know that stomach part on Sonic? Danni has that same skin-thing going from his collarbone to his crotch on his front side in the shape of a bent-in oval. He has spiky white hair on the top of his head in between his ears. It streches upward. He has Hair similar to a mowhawk pattern going from the back of his head all the way to the white tuft of his hair. Danni is five-fingered and four toed.


Danni for his hero work, he wears a official WHA suit made specifically for his line of hero work. Its main note is that is has a hole in the back for his tentacles to sprout from. Its main color is Black that is harder to see at night.

His casual attire is normally some mixture of a short sleeved shirt with jeans, joggers, or shorts.


During Danni's childhood, he was a reclusive child, normally playing alone or studying about gods, he thought of the world as a tiny planet surrounding him and only him, his family, and super heroes. Heroes surrounded his lifestyle as he imitated all that they do and say, standing up for justice and seemingly do what is right. By this sense of lifestyle, he became a dreamer. He believed before that only adults can be heroes and he was but a child. But his favorite heroes taught him this, anyone can be a hero. This made him a bubbly child filled with anticipation for the future to come. This viewpoint of the world tied in with him being a follower of Light Gaia.

As he turned toward his middle years

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Danni's way of fighting is that he uses are his tentacles; otherwise known as Plokámi. Their power is supplied by his train of thought and the amount of Gaia energy he has supplied within himself. They don't have any bones and they can be cut off to hurt him. They have fast regeneration and can rebuild themselves almost instantly. Depending on one's mind he can morph them into a more thicker shape but that renders him slower. The Plokámi are like tense,compact, muscles. They are flammable so incinerating or blowing them up is the best thing to do if you want to cook him the from the inside out.

  • The main shapes he morphs them into used are spines, drills, and corkscrews
  • He can use them like Doctor Octopus can; as another set of legs
  • He now has the ability to make his tentacles have similar properties to things he eats, such as Squids, centipedes, and even Whales.

Gaia Armour: Brute

  • Wraps Gaia Plokámi around himself like armor and uses Shift to harden them Its like titanium armor. Will disintegrate if too much pressure is applied

Dark Gaia Energy:

Energy from the ground itself. He mainly gets it from Dark Gaia monsters, and the ground itself. Energy looks wispy. He can manipulate it to a degree.

  • Gaia Splosion': Can create extreme blasts from his hands. Blasts cause burns.
  • Gaia Shroud: Just dark Gaia energy surrounding him to lessen the damage done by attacks
  • Gaia Cocoon: A cocoon made purely from energy. It's his best defense against physical/magical attacks. Durable as Titanium, but hollow.


Propulsion: By using explosions created from his hands, Danni can "fly/hover" for a short time, but doing this lowers his reserves for Dark Gaia energy as he gets energy from the ground. He would normally use it to propel himself in different directions.

Physical Attributes

Claws: He can let them loose then retract them at a moment's notice.

Strong tail: His tail is infused with the muscle of Plokámi so he can use it to bouce and hit objects


Blade proficiency:

Inner Instinct





Further detail will be explained after the awards.


Below is what Danni normally carries with him casually:

E-Cube:E stands for Eternal. Acts as an inventory of all things he collects such as weapons, worldly/other-worldly currencies and other stuff. Holds his special Shuku Switchblades.

MeteorPhone: A Meteortech phone given to him by his dad. Normal phone. Constantly has to replace them beacuse they are always being broken.

Shuku Switchblades: Special blades for him to use if his shukushu ever fail him in Close or long ranged combat. They are as strong as his shukushu but cannot regenerate. Danni had his friend make as many as 300 of them that he keeps in his E-Cube. Made from his Shukushu that he has cut off.


  • really likes jazz (he plays baritone sax)
  • has an assortment of masks that his family has passed down
  • Even though he is very smart, he never really understood taxes. He asks his friend to do it for him
  • Danni has had about 40 phones. Most of them have been broken because he's clumsy and fights with them in his pocket.
  • Danni's old way of Plokami training is learned from Sonic and his Werehog abilities. Danni went to a universe where Sonic kept the ability and tried to fight him one on one, ultimately losing in brute strength


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