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Dannah is a female griffon. She has no powers, and is versed in the arts of powder weaponry, fencing, monster hunting and alchemy. She also has a vast knowledge of species and behavior.

Physical Appearance

Dannah is a tall griffon. She stands at roughly 4'10" tall. She has a fairly lean and muscular build. Her body is covered in tan-brown feathers with many tan-brown feathers nestled into it. Her head is covered in the same tan-brown feathers and fur. Her pointed ears have tufts of four white feathers on the top. Her beak is sharp and curved, with a hook at the very end. Her eyes are a soft sky blue. Her belly and chest are covered in downy white feathers and soft down white fur with specks of brown in them. She has a pair of large white feathered wings that sprout from her back and curve up to a point where they curve down. Her hands hold sharp claws in the tips that can be retracted or extended. Her feet are talons, which are covered in feathers except for the tips and black talons.

She commonly wears a dirty, white, hand-made shirt that has long, rolled up sleeves. She also wears an engineer's apron, which contains a flak vest capable of nullifying mediocre explosions and blows. The apron is a light gray color and has many pockets at the point where it reaches the waist. She also wears leather trousers that have thick knee pads on them for heavy-duty usage. She has a belt that both wraps around and fastens the apron, but it also supports the trousers. On her hands she has a pair of thick black gloves, with the tips removed for the purpose of her claws. She also has a pair of gauntlets that she keeps handy for fencing or other tight fights. Her feet are covered in segmented, steel "gauntlets" that cover over her claws and most of the bottoms of her feet. They are padded on the inside, allowing her to kick hard without feeling the pain of the metal. She will sometimes carry satchels of extra equipment or other containers.


At first glance, Dannah appears to be a tomboy and a very  strict individual on a mission. The real Dannah is quite different. She isn't as cold or calculating as her brother but is instead much kinder and caring. Dannah is also a bit of a romantic, who reads a lot. She does have a more serious and determined side for when the time calls for it.

When it comes to monsters, Dannah will usually observe the target for a few seconds to see if they are worth investigating. But seeing them harming, threatening or otherwise endangering those she is to protect will cause her to shoot it down without a second thought. If it is seeming to be kind, she may watch the individual for any actions, before finally meeting face-to-face to talk with him or her. She is also more hesitant about harming monster children.

In battle, Dannah is very determined to win. She is very tricky and ensnaring with her movement and behavior, often disguising her actions to strike unexpectedly. She relishes battle and winning, but is rather accepting of losing for such a proud warrior. She has a healthy respect for those who fight honorable, whether or not they beat her.

Stormy Night Griffins

Dannah and Tharros watching a storm.


Dannah was brought up in a home of proud warriors. From a young age, she was selected to be a cavalier by her father. She was trained in the art of fencing and pistols. While she was still young she expressed a fascination with her first flintlock and took it apart to see how it worked. Her father caught her with the dismantled weapon and went to get another. To his amazement, it was fixed and modified when he came home to see her. He knew she had a knack for mechanics at that point and sent her to get lessons of being a musketeer and cannoneer.

She naturally took the jobs of marksman and cannoneer very well and began to tinker with other things. She eventually stopped being a full-blown musketeer, favoring to be a cannoneer and engineer. She followed in her brother's footsteps and became a monster hunter, though more of a love of protecting people than anything else.

She eventually started entering contests and sparring matches to strengthen her body, form, technique, wits and several other things. Many years later, she is still hunting monsters and looking for opponents.

Items Currently in Possession

  • Tiny - A custom built, compact cannon. The cannon is mounted on a wheeled frame that elevates it about a foot into the air. The part under the cannon holds storage for both the cannon and various other weapons that Dannah has. It also has a holster for her musket to fit into while she carried/pulls the cannon. This cannon is capable of firing off a shell from a few different modes of ignition, like a lever, a rope, a wick or a button. It is also capable of firing various types of elemental and other ammo without sustaining damage. Dannah usually has pre-loaded rounds that already have the charge and shell prepared together.
  • Musket - A musket that has a flint-lock action. It is capable of firing either 75 Caliber rounds, or basic elemental shots.
  • Flint-locks - A set of three flint-lock pistols. These weapons are a quick draw and can fire smaller rounds or basic elemental ones. They most commonly fire shots of fire or ice.
  • Splinter - Her beloved sword. Splinter is a rapier with a double-wide blade and a decorative crossguard. The blade itself is dark gray with silver edges. It has something scrawled in tiny lettering that runs along the blade.
  • Maine Gouches - Pairing daggers. She has two of them and can pair them with her rapier, or hold one with her tail. They are designed to pierce armor and catch blades, not capable of much slashing damage.
  • Whip - A bullwhip. She commonly uses this to grapple her enemies, or her cannon and fire it from midrange. It is solid leather and can cause quite a bit of pain where it strikes, but can be broken easily compared to her other weapons.
  • Concoctions - Various alchemical concoctions, carried in jars. These are usually used to make special ammo, but can be used raw.
  • "Healing Brew" - A specially made and fermented beverage that is shown to quickly heal wounds and restore health. The brew is a family recipe that she was taught by her mother. She usually keeps around six or so bottles or containers of the useful drink. Or more, if she is going on a long trip, and uses some of the cannon's storage space. As a side-effect, it slows the consumer down as it heals them.

Special Abilities

Dannah is naturally strong. She is also capable of flight, using her feathered wings. She is also quick and nimble, emphasizing short hops and jumps with ease and grace. Dannah has a keen mind, being able to determine frend from foe, and able to deal with illusions and tricksters. Her feathers also are able to cure some cases of blindness and are an ingredient of the healing brew. She is also able to quickly adapt and survive in various situations.


Dannah has various skills that can be applied in and out of battle. She is very skilled in the usage of her cannon, being able to land accurate shots, without looking down the sites. She can easily kick or tug the cannon into a position and fire off a round at the target, immediately loading another round in. She is also a fast draw with her flint-locks and is fairly  accurate with them. Her musket can be used in the same sense, though it takes longer and is more accurate and powerful. She is also a refined duelist in the art of fencing, being able to quickly parry, block and disarm opponents with her rapier and main gouches.

Outside of battle, she knows how to make the various pieces of ammunition for her weapons. She is also skilled in making concoctions with various effects, much like her brother. She is talented in creating alchemical and elemental mixtures, which can be used for various  things, including ammo. She knows basic caretaking and aiding, knowing how to help soothe pain and help a person heal.

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