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This is an article about Dani the Squirrel, a character created by BlazingLeopard on 16/03/2014.


Danielle, or preferably Dani, was born on May 9th 1999 to a middle class family with nothing really too special about them. Being the youngest of her family, she was always really playful and liked enjoying life a lot. Her older brother, who is three years older than she is, played with her a lot when she was younger and the two had a great time together. Her older sister, who is seven years older than her, helped her mother look after her when she was a baby and eventually helped her with various school related things such as homework. When her sister left home at the age of 19, she was saddened slightly, but she quickly got over it since she could go visit her whenever she wanted. During her childhood, Dani's father worked as a manager at a very popular restaurant in her hometown and he got a good amount of money for it too. It was just enough so that her mother didn't need to work so that she could stay at home and look after her children, which allowed Dani to bond more with her mother.

Recent History

Afternoon Coffee

Whilst on holiday with her parents and older brother in Soleanna, Dani decided that she'd go off on her own for a bit. She walked around aimlessly in Soleanna City until she had spotted a small coffee shop. Obviously, she went inside and bought a mug of coffee before sitting down in a chair next to one of the shop's windows. A TV was telling everyone about an explosion that had occurred within the forest and how a young leopard was involved. She looked at the images shown on the TV and held them in her head. She look around the shop a bit until she had noticed that that same leopard was in the coffee shop, only this time on his laptop instead of blowing up the forest. She walked over and introduced herself before trying to find out more about him. He introduced himself as Ember. After the somewhat awkward conversation with him, Ember saw the time on his watch and had to go catch a flight back home. After he had left, Dani said to herself that he was "mysterious" and went back to sit down and finish her coffee.


Most of Dani's fur is a brown-red colour and her hair is dark red with some faint purple streaks. He muzzle and the front of her torso is cream coloured. She is very specific on what she likes wearing. She always wears either any shade of purple, white or both and out of the three options, it is usually the latter. She tends to wear either white jeans or a white skirt, a purple shirt and a coat of some kind. The coat she wears changes depending on the time of year. For spring and summer, she likes to wear a denim vest jacket. That is one of the few non-purple or white pieces of clothing she likes to wear. In the autumn and winter, she wears either a purple winter vest jacket or a purple winter coat.


Dani is a very happy person with a bouncy personality. She is very confident with what she does and she loves meeting new people. She is also someone that gets bored easily if nothing is happening. Dani also likes to reassure people if they're down. She finds that if she makes people happy, she stays happy.

Skills, Abilities and Powers

Dani does not possess any powers or special abilities. However, she very acrobatic and fairly strong too. Also, if she puts her mind to it, Dani can also endure long periods of exercise, which in her case is usually running or acrobatics.


  • Unknown
  • Ember the Leopard - The two met recently during an awkward conversation in a coffee shop.
  • None as of yet


  • "Well, I'm Danielle, call me Dani though. I like it more." - Dani introducing herself to Ember for the first time.


  • None


  • Dani was originally going to be a love interest for Ember, however that idea was scrapped.
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