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Dan the Bear is


A burly bear who stands almost six feet tall, Dan has a short muzzle with a triangular nose, medium-sized, rounded ears, and a short, scut-like tail.

His fur is primarily gray-asparagus in color, with a light apricot muzzle; he also has a broad V-shaped marking on his chest that is white in color. He has no hair on his head, instead having a tuft of slightly longer fur, and his eyes are lotion pink in color.



Being a bear, Dan obviously has impressive physical strength, able to lift up to a ton over his head and put dents in steel with his strongest strikes. His thick fur also acts as a natural shield, cushioning him against weaker physical blows; however, the thickness of it leaves him prone to heat exhaustion.

Genetic Ability: Guts

This genetic ability activates whenever Dan is burned, poisoned or paralyzed. When activated, it boosts Dan's physical strength by about 50%. Guts does not counter the loss in speed and agility from being paralyzed, nor does it counter the damage-over-time effect from being poisoned or burned; however, it does nullify the drop in physical strength from being burned.








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