"He's like Chris from Sonic X except he's not annoying and is nothing like Chris from Sonic X" - The description of his character Bio

Dan Mitnick is the main protagonist and narrator of "Hacker and Wolf"


Dan is a human of average height and weight. He has Spiky Red Hair.


Dan was born on Earth where 10% of humanity has superpowers. Growing up, Dan had a lonely childhood. His father is a well known Super Villain and his mother's location is currently unknown. He was hated by both other kids and adults and was constantly bullied and abused, both emotionally and physically. He was only able to survive due to being adopted by the chief of police. He knew if he fought back, it would only prove the people's cruel assumptions correct. Ironically, his childhood kept him from becoming evil, as he does not want others to go through anything he went through. It also built his resolve to help people, no matter how dangerous it might be.


One day, he suddenly found himself in a orb of green light being transported to Mobius. And so, his new adventure begins.


According to his Bio, Dan is selfless and kind, while somewhat reckless. He is also quick to accept strange and surprising things.

Powers & Abilities

Hack: Dan's Ability. He can control any machine, but he needs to touch it in order to do so. He emits Red Electricity when he does so.

Robotisization Cure: An extension of Dan's "Hack". By hacking into a Robotisized person, he can make them normal again.

Improvising: Dan is great at coming up with plans on the go, especially when under pressure.


  • His last name might be a reference to Kevin Mitnick, a famous hacker.
  • He is afraid of Insects
  • During the first chapter, he comes off as something of a complainer. This has been yet to be seen again.
  • His least favorite food is Broccoli
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