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Damien the Raikou was a high-ranking commander in the G.U.N. Fourth Army Division, who was forced to retire due to mental issues. This prompted him to join the Eggman Empire, only to be killed by a specially-modified Mecha Sonic in one-on-one combat after insulting the Doctor.

Damien the Raikou

Biographical Information
Age 42 (deceased)
Level 82
Relatives pending
  • Commander Damien Raikou - full title
Romantic Interests pending
  • Cass the Raikou - Moebian counterpart
  • Unnamed Solian counterpart
  • Unnamed Col'nesian counterpart
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Raikou (Mobianised)
Gender Male
  • Fur: Yellow, w/ black stripes & blue 'X'-shape covering his muzzle
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Red
  • Black visor
  • Orange three-quarter length jacket w/ two horizontal jagged black lines on the lower section & grey clasps at neck
  • Dark grey pants
  • Orange boots w/ white toe covers
  • Gold cape
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • G.U.N., Fourth Army Division, (Commander, formerly)
  • Eggman Empire (Organic Troops Commander)
Weaponry None
  • Prodigy-level Electrical strength
  • Advanced combat - hand to hand
  • Capable of using elemental attacks from elements other than his normal one.
  • Possesses the genetic abilities Pressure and Synergy Effect
  • Trained in the use of Magnetism
  • Brilliant tactical mind
  • Skilled with Battle Co-ordination, Battle Meditation and mind control techniques.
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212

Physical Description

Damien, like most Mobianised Pokémon, looks very similar to his non-anthro counterpart species. He is mostly yellow in color, with a pale blue x-shaped muzzle & white belly fur, his legs and flank adorned with black stripes. He had long white hair, while he had the same purple storm-clouds flowing down his back as all members of his species did, and the same sort of piercing red eyes and jagged, pale blue tail.


Damien's attire is based around his species' shiny coloration, not including the black visor on his forehead. He wears a three-quarter length orange jacket, with two jagged black lines around the lower half of the jacket, with the lower portions of a pair of dark grey pants visible underneath it, tucked into his orange boots, complete with white areas over his toes, in military style. Finally he normally wears a gold cape, which floats freely on ionized air created by his stormclouds.


Early life

Damien's early life isn't that well known, due to the inherently secretive nature of any Mobianized legendary Pokémon. However, it is known that his father was a fox, who provided his son the ability to manipulate magnetism and the genetic ability Synergy Effect, while his mother was another Raikou. It is also known that both of his parents were soldiers, his father with G.U.N., and his mother a freedom fighter against the Dark Legion.

Military career

Damien emerged from the G.U.N. training academies as a twenty-year-old with great interest shown in him from the rest of the army, due to his unique dual-genetic ability combo, which would allow him to control a battle almost completely on his own. His Pressure created a massive field where his energy levels drained the strength of anyone who attacked with their own energy, plus his Synergy Effect, with which he could unify the minds of every single soldier under his command into a single cohesive group, unified by his thoughts. As such, the Fourth Army Group, known for their use of cybernetic enhancements and bioelectronic modifications, rapidly recruited the Raikou to their group, and installed him into the position of captain. Over twenty years, Damien was fast-tracked through the ranks, reaching the position of commander rapidly after entanglements with the Trolls, the Black Arms, and Eggman's forces. It was rumored that he was going to be the next Fourth Army general, which had him swelled with pride, but army psychologists were more worried. His regular use of his ability to dominate the minds of soldiers under his command to make them fight as one was noticed to put a toll on his emotions, as other commanders, under his battle co-ordination field, would rapidly start to enter a state where they become "blood-drunk" and excessively violent, ordering daring attacks that seemed outright insane.


In a routine medical exam, a G.U.N. psychologist got the chance to examine the powerful Pokémon close up, and discovered the cause of these problems. As he overused the Synergy Effect, using it more and more, the sheer power of having control of other people was eating away at him, causing him to believe that he was all-powerful. From the responses that Damien was giving to routine questions, it was obvious that he was forming a psychotic streak, where the high expectations of being a member of a legendary Pokémon species, on top of his genetic ability abuse, had created a sadistic streak within his mind, and felt that there was only one option. He presented his findings before the generals of all the legions, plus Abraham Towers, the Commander-In-Chief. Their vote was near-unanimous, and Damien was released from the military after twenty years service, the reason being he was diagnosed as being clinically insane. This set the Raikou's anger out, and he went on the warpath, leveling G.U.N. bases alone, and even attacking his former allies in his dark rage. Then, he was approached by Dr. Eggman. The genius had been following the Pokémon's powers, and revealed that he had organic troopers that Damien could command against their mutual enemy - G.U.N. Feeling that the fat man was right, the Raikou joined him, believing that he could simply destroy anything Eggman turned against him.


Damien served Eggman for two years. That was more than enough time for him to rack up a large bounty from G.U.N. and a large number of other organizations that he had either threatened or attacked with his forces, an array of beings Eggman had enslaved and provided him. However, Eggman tried to turn the powerful Pokémon towards Sonic, describing the hedgehog as a threat. However, Damien simply spat at him, saying that there was no threat capable of hurting him, before charging at Eggman, teeth bared, ready to bite one of the Overlander's arms off. However, he never got the chance, as a newly-constructed Mecha Sonic leapt into his way. The Raikou scoffed at the robot's attempt, reaching into it with magnetic forces, only to find that the mechanical unit wasn't magnetic, but rather a carbon fiber, polymer and ceramic construction, with the only metal in the unit being used for the processor, and even then, it wasn't fully magnetic. Eggman laughed at the Raikou's fate, pointing out that the unit was built to counteract a specific G.U.N. threat, not the Pokémon himself, but this was a good test for his unit. Enraged at this, Damien attempted to destroy it with lightning, but the robot revealed it was grounded, before attacking the insane soldier and managing to get a stunning blow to the Raikou's face, before killing him with a burst from its jet thrusters into its face, incinerating him as he lay there.


As a Mobianized Pokémon, Damien had an expanse of moves that were not all one element, despite not being an omnikinetic. However, he also had moves no Pokémon are known to ever learn, including Magnetic attacks, and an array of extra Electrical moves, as befitting a legendary Electric-type. He was also a master hand-to-hand combatant, considering his normal disdain for weaponry.

He possessed two genetic abilities, both of which being useful for large-scale warfare. The more common of the two was Pressure, which created a large-scale field where his energy would cause almost all techniques to require almost twice the energy normally required to launch, including physical ones in that, which drained enemies and allies alike. This, of course, didn't hamper him, or many standard elementless combat attacks and even weapons, which could be used freely. His position in the Fourth Army Division, which focused on cybernetic enhancements, proved even greater for this ability, with very few soldiers using elemental abilities on his side.

His second genetic ability was very rare, the Synergy Effect. This ability allowed him to 'synergize' a group of people, allowing them a much closer degree of unity then would normally be naturally possible. In order to do that, he had to lay his own mental processes and ideas over their own, dominating their minds. This, however, had a side-effect, as all of the more useful and powerful genetic abilities did. The power it granted was addictive, and many users of the technique formed mental instabilities that eventually developed into insanity. However, the ability also made it easier for the user to learn how to use the techniques Battle Meditation, Battle Coordination and other mind control-style abilities.

Above all, though, his greatest strength was his tactical mind, which was corrupted over time by his addiction to the power of his genetic ability. His skill was amazing, which in turn caused his Battle Coordinated allied forces and his synergized teams to become almost unstoppable.

Electrical Abilities

Magnetic Abilities

  • Charge Pulse
  • Gravity Beam
  • Gravity Well
  • Magnetic Lines
  • Magnum Shield
  • Reroute

Weather Abilities

  • Weather Ball

Earth Abilities

Poison Abilities

Dark Abilities

  • Shadow Ball

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities


Damien's personality, in the earlier portion of his twenty-year military employment, was ambitious and focused on rising through the military ranks, a trait his parents had driven into him as a child - the higher your rank, the more prestige you get. This ambition drove him to get promotions by "any means possible" - by overusing his genetic ability, despite warnings his father had given him about the Synergy Effect. As such, slight signs of a mental illness began to form over the years, but became extreme and worrying about a year before his forced retirement. At that point, he was obsessed with taking control of G.U.N, and was unafraid of sacrificing others in order to do so. He became paranoid, fearing that others would provide him false orders in order to get him demoted, or worse. As such, he demanded all orders had to go through him, on pain of death. Often, he would tempt officers with new sets of orders, only for him to kill them should they take a peek. He found himself constantly craving control of others, and using them to control his surroundings - the signs of a Synergy Addiction, a trait invariably connected to the genetic ability, a problem all of the top-tier genetic abilities shared - an often permanent and debilitating side-effect.

On the side, Damien has an almost racist approach towards his work and his position, viewing the Overlanders within G.U.N as being inferior to the strength of a Mobianized Pokémon, with similar points for robots, Trolls, Demons, Celestials, other-worldly beings, and even standard Mobians, despite most of the soldiers under his command being base Mobians and Overlanders, although mostly cyborgs.

Allies & Enemies




  • G.U.N. Fourth Army Division (formerly) - Damien was a Commander in the infantry divisions, renowned for his ability to coordinate a wide array of forces with limited issues before being driven mad with power.





  • It is uncertain exactly how Raikou and other Mobianized Legendary Pokémon breed, due to them being classed as genderless, although Damien claims to be male.