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Dr. Damien Rockwell, commonly referred to just as Rockwell, is a character set to appear in an upcoming installment of The Legend of Fox the Brave, possibly Return of Iron. He is a Mobian Rottweiler, and a historian who helps the Storming Alliance.


Rockwell is a tall Mobian Rottweiler, about a head shorter than Knuckles (Sonic Boom). He has short, black and brown fur, with brown hands and feet, a stubby tail, brown eyes, long floppy ears and is commonly seen in very formal wear(similar to a tuxedo), and occasionally wears glasses resembling those of Lara-Su and Jani-Ca.


Rockwell is very serious about his work, though he does have a sense of humor, often teasing others. Because he is so serious about his work as a historian, Rockwell dislikes any who tries to interfere with it, or who mocks him. Possibly due to the Rottweiler's natural aggression, Rockwell also has a bit of a temper on him.


Rockwell's past is unknown, but he does appear to know a bit about the warriors outside of his profession, since they're so well-known. In Return of Iron, he offers his help in the Alliance's fight, becoming an Alliance Friend, and willing to provide answers about any historical questions they may have.


Due to his profession, Rockwell knows quite a bit about the history of the Four Worlds, particularly interested in the history of the Tribes and the Echidnas.




He has a voice similar to that of famous American actor Samuel L. Jackson, who has done a number of notable roles, including Frozone/Lucius Best in the Incredibles movies, Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU), and has appeared in the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction.

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