Damia was once a young cat female who lived peacefully. However after he capture he life changed drastically.


Damia was a normal girl. She lived in a small peaceful village. However she was captured by Souzosha after he destroyed the village looking for the perfect subject. He was working on his new Valor Knights project. He combined chaos energy that he stole(from an unknown source), and his own dark energy to expirement, and bend her to his will. The expirements however failed. Due to the multitude of tests and exposure to dark and chaos energy, Damia transformed into and evil monster. She balded and her fur turned into a pale flesh like skin. Her ears edged and grew very long. She became evil and demented as well. She destroyed the lab, but was put down by Souzosha before he made his escape.

Damia awoke to see people staring at her. Suddenly they all fell to the floor in pain. Damia then fed upon them. She wasn't sure what this new power was, but she liked it. Her mind became corrupted, and she was no longer that sweet teen girl. The expirements changed her. She began going on killing sprees. She eventually picked up on the fact that her mind was the doing of all of these killings. She also began to control others with her mind. She built up and army, and went around killing and enslaving towns and villages. She eventually used her mind to create a dimension where all that she conquered would be. She lived here. She eventually only went out to feed on or recruit passing travelers.

Many heroes tried to stop Damia. However she was aware of their presence in her empire, and if they weren't killed by her massive army, then her mind would destroy them before they could reach her throne room. Eventually most heroes left her alone.


Damia prior to the expirements was a kind girl. She cared for nature and was sweet. After the expirement she became sadistic. She became angry and filled with hatred. She would kill for no reason at all. She did however dsiliek when she killed, bu tfelt she needed to. She rarely ever talks, and her voice has been drastically changed. Damia is somewhat unsual. Lately she has mellowed somewhat and seems more depressed than angry. She moaps around like a mndless zombie at times. At night her cries and screams can be heard anyone close enough. Damia also has a fascination with weird or deadly plants. Damia is highly paranoid especially when it comes to Souzosha. She seems to think he is still interested in "using" her.


  • Ability to project her consciousness/emotions to make them real.
  • Ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions.
  • Ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others.
  • Ability to perceive the future. It may be expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it can be clear and can occur at will. It may also be used as a form of "danger sense" to show the user that they are being threatened and from what direction it is coming from.
  • Ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it.
  • Ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others.
  • The ability to alter the perceptions of others, and general ability to control the actions of others with the mind
  • Ability to erase or enhance the memories of another.
  • Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, vegetative state or death after having created a psionic link into that individual's mind.
  • Ability to create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and not physically.
  • Ability to naturally have skills and/or knowledge typically earned through learning.
  • Ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. This can be accomplished in various ways.
  • Intelligence far above that of a genius level.
  • Ability to track an individual or object through supernatural means; sometimes referred to as "pathfinding."


Being that her mind is her ultimate weapon it can at times get overloaded. When this happens depending on the damage, Damia can be left defensless anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 days. Her body is also very fragile from all of the energy taken for expirements however her mind capabilities give her an ultimate defense.

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