Damage Burn is a powerful Fire-type attack, serving a double-purpose in combat.


The user closes their eyes, and absorbs environmental heat. Depending on the environment, this could be instantaneous, or it may take time to charge. However, while this is occurring, the user also begins to focus heat into their hands or mouth, concentrating the attack's power. Finally, when ready to launch, the user simply launches a large, smokeless beam of flame, similar to a much larger Flamethrower. In some very rare cases, the technique may even appear as a beam of light, like a Solar-elemental technique.

On contact with a target, the attack simply burns its way through the hotspot. However, three in every ten hits can trigger a burn, as the name suggests. Furthermore, one in every ten hits lowers the target's innate connection to the Chaos Force, lowering their resistance to special attacks.

However, this technique is somewhat iffy, due to the requirement of charging in some environments, but not others. In locations known for high environmental heat, the technique is instantaneous, with no 'cool-down' time between shots, aside for the ten-second break in the beam. In areas where the environment is a lot cooler, the technique can take up to forty-five seconds to charge, a long time in one-on-one combat, while in a standard environment, it is typically a twenty-second charge. Therefore, most of the technique's use comes from beings with Sun or heat support.



Derived Techniques

Technique Rank

Due to the technique's high penetrating power, plus double effects, it possesses an S-rank.

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