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Dalton "Hunter" Gallant

Biographical Information

Dalton D Gallant





  • Gallant
  • Hunter
  • Hunt
  • Red
  • Kid
Romantic Interests


Physical Description
Species Mobian Cat
  • Fur: Ice Blue
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue (Violet w/ contacts in)
  • Height: Average
  • Weight: Below-Average


Political Alignment and Abilities
  • G.U.N.
  • The Brotherhood of Discord
  • Various Firearms
  • Eeveelution Guards

[Detailed in "Weaponry"]

  • Uncanny Aim
  • Minor Empathy

[Detailed in "Skills and Abilities]

Super Forms


Physical Description

Dalton has short red hair, ice blue fur and brilliant blue eyes that he likes to hide behind violet colored contact lenses. The reason behind his color choice is only really known to himself, but he does in fact have terrible eyesight without some kind of artificial correction device, so at the very least they aren't just cosmetic.

In terms of build, Dalton is your typical example of your standard mobian cat, barring one exception: His weight. The guy happens to be incredibly light, only weighing in at a measly 55 lbs (25 kg). For comparison's sake, everybody's favorite flying fox, Tails, clocks in at 44 lbs (20 kg) and is likely a major contributing factor in why the little guy can lift himself off the ground with his tails. Dalton can't fly though: He's only got one tail to work with.

Unless he's on the job, expect Dalton to wear relatively normal clothing, baring the fact that he wears his reinforced combat gloves all the time.


Dalton's personal story doesn't get all that interesting until highschool, an institution in which he found that he had plenty of free time on his hands in. So he did what any teenager did and tried finding something to do on the computers when his work was done and he was bored. Eventually he stumbled upon a forum in which people would share various fan ideas, theories, and relatively unrelated things to a series he was also a fan of at the time. It was here that he eventually established some of his best friendships, whom he still keeps in contact with to this day.

Other than that and the given growing up and self discovery that comes with highschool, things were relatively quiet until the tail end of his school days. It was then that he finally decided that his dream was to become a Nuclear Engineer and signed up with G.U.N. to take part their Nuclear Program.

It didn't go well.

Being constantly worked to the point of fraying sanity and never quite able to meet the lofty standards of the program, Dalton fell deeper and deeper into depression fueled by such a feeling of self-inadequacy that it eventually drove the young man to quite literally hate himself. It eventually got so bad that, one week before the finals that would allow him to pass to the second third of training (after a hefty break for R&R) he finally snapped, and made an attempt on his own life. Or would have, if somebody didn't talk him down.

As it so happens, depression and all that comes with it was a common occurrence in the program. Because of this, the staff as a whole had been trained on how to recognize and address when a person had finally decided to join the "Dive Team." Thus, Dalton was swiftly enrolled in various therapy courses to try and reverse the damage that he had done to himself. It took somewhere around half a year, but the cat was eventually dubbed "stable" and was asked what he wanted to do now.

He surprised his psychiatrist be saying he still wanted to stay in G.U.N.

So, with the appropriate wavers and warning signed and issued, Dalton was sent to be retrained as a Quatermaster for G.U.N.'s naval forces. In layman's terms: navigator for one of GUN's various ship, and surprisingly enough he was happy in this position. There was something about being on the navigation team that just felt right, and he quickly figured out just where his place was in the unit and how to do his job to the fullest.

And then, shortly after only being onboard for about three months, life threw another monkey-wrench into his plans.

It was at the insistence of some of his division that the Division Officer push for them to get qualified to operate the crew-served weapons onboard the ship. For those of you who don't know what that means, they wanted to get qualified to shoot the various personnel operated weapons on the ship, like pistols, rifles, the mounted belt-fed machineguns, that kind of stuff. It was out at the firing range that it was discovered that Dalton was actually quite the shot, being able to reliably group his rounds closer than his peers, especially at longer ranges. In fact his groupings got tighter the further away from the target he was. Intrigued, the armsmaster at the range set the cat up on the sniping range, though only so he could set the target up beyond the maximum effective range of the M4 he was firing at the time. Somehow, the grouping was so tight it only looked like three rounds were fired, not ten.

One thing led to another, and suddenly this Nuke drop was being evaluated as a support sniper for GUN's active forces. Dalton was less than pleased, not wanting to put his skills to the test in a hostile situation for fear of costing somebody their life. Not content to let such an asset go to waste, an elaborate plot to both test the cat and prove to him that he could operate in such an environment came to fruition, and when all was said and done Dalton had signed up to become an agent. Far from his initial goal of being a Nuclear Engineer, but still pretty awesome in its own right.

As it currently stands, Dalton has participated in three minor GUN operations to neutralize small sleeper cells of robotic troops likely set up by Eggman in order to keep GUN busy and off his trail. He scored has 13 confirmed kills and 4 assists in these operations.


Dalton never fully matured out of his teenage years, and it shows to some degree. He has trouble prioritizing work over play, and though he's been working to fix that he's still got a ways to go. Thankfully he grew out of his absolute disdain for people and his general hate of the world (he was a really angsty kid a couple years back) and on the surface he's quite a cheerful individual.

Unfortunately said cheerfulness isn't always genuine, on the inside he's constantly battling depression and a self-loathing problem that was once so bad it caused him to attempt suicide. Thankfully somebody was able to talk him off the ledge and get him the help he so desperately needed. That's not to say the problem has been solved, depression is rarely something that can be "cured," but he's most definitely in a better place than he was before.

Moving away from such downtrodden thoughts, Dalton is probably at his happiest when he's screwing around with his friends. More likely than not they're the reason he's doing better, as he's fiercely loyal to them, to the point where he frequently jumps in to defend them from perceived injustices without getting the full story first.

Finally, it turns out Dalton harbors an extreme dislike for his given name, choosing instead to go by "Hunter" or "Hunt." This is likely because he first met his now best friends on an online forum under the username "Hunter1034," and has grown accustomed to hearing abbreviations of that instead of his given name.

Skills and Abilities

Unlike many characters, Dalton's skill-set is mostly mundane. He's got a head for numbers and number-problems as well as some minor tactical sense, able to hold his own in strategy games once learning the system, but its nothing spectacular. He's also decently fit, but not impressively strong or fast. His light frame allows him to quickly change direction and makes it easy to hop and leap over things in his path, but it also means that he mostly relies on leverage to move heavier objects around.

All in all, he's not much different from those background characters you see in TV shows: Just an average person who's there...


Barring two exceptions: His Uncanny Aim, and his minor empathetic connection with animals and Pokemon.

Uncanny Aim

The most noticeable of the two as it simply seems to defy logic, Dalton's self-dubbed "Uncanny Aim" makes shots he fires from specific weapons much more accurate at longer ranges. Though he has no solid idea how it consciously works, projectiles fired from weapons his Uncanny Aim affects will slightly adjust their courses in flight to hit just where he's aiming. When analyzed, it seems as if some kind of telekinesis is at work here, despite Dalton having tested negative for the brain activity required to use telekinesis in any fashion. Regardless of how exactly it works, in general this allows the cat's personal effective ranges for affected weapons to essentially be the weapon's own absolute maximum ranges modified by his own line of sight. In laymen's terms: If he can see something and his weapon is powerful enough to reach that far, theoretically he can hit it.

Good thing there's a few exceptions.

Uncanny Aim is incompatible with any and all weapons that are not able to shouldered, such as pistols, nor will it interact with any weapon fired in automatic.

Semi-automatic weapons will fully interact with Uncanny Aim, but the results will be modified by any recoil the weapon may have, meaning the projectile will adjust to where the cross-hairs are aiming at the time of firing. Weapons with a burst fire option will function similarly up to a three-round burst, any projectiles fired afterward in a longer burst will loose the Uncanny Aim bonus.

Finally spread-shot weapons, such as shotguns, receive a modified effect which merely reduces the spread of the weapon by 50%, which (so long as the weapon is powerful enough) will result in an equal boost to its maximum effective range.

Uncanny Aim only takes effect if a valid weapon is both shouldered and Dalton is aiming down sights at the time of firing.

Minor Empathy

Much less noticeable and rule heavy is Dalton's empathy. Simply put, it lets him feel the moods and intents of the Pokemon and non-sentient animals around him passively. In addition, this allows the Pokemon and animals around him feel his moods and intents in return, more so than normal. This generally causes them to react in a more positive way than normal to his presence, nothing crazy like flocking to him when he sad or something, but generally meaning they'll allow him to get closer than most would before running off or things of a similar nature. Grumpier animals and pets are more of a mixed bag, some deciding to just leave him alone while others decide he's okay and up on his lap while the owner scratches their head. If they hate everybody equally, however, he gets no special treatment.

It is also important to note that neither party has to see where the other is for the empathetic interaction to take place, making it hard for one to surprise the other with their presence.

Weaponry and Equipment

When on an operation, Dalton wears a modified set G.U.N.'s light combat armor. This consists of a a standard soldier's uniform worn under a specialty Kevlar armored vest, a pair of reinforced combat gloves, standard issue combat boots and a helmet. All of these have been treated to provide additional protection against common elemental attacks, as elemental warfare has become common as of late.

In addition, all G.U.N. agents and soldiers are issued an I.D.S. digi-struction drive to affix to their armor, allowing for on the spot digital construction of their weaponry and other equipment. Similarly, the drives can easily digitize and store an agent's gear for transport, making it a highly useful piece of equipment. Dalton has had his attached to the wrist of his right glove, facing inward to allow for constructed equipment to fall into his waiting hand.


Dalton carries in his digi-drive two firearms: His special issue sniper-rifle and his standard issue shotgun.

The rifle is somewhat unusual in design, sporting a pair of rotating barrels mounted in an over-under fashion and an overpowered adjustable digital scope. An aftermarket product, the weapon was actually designed to be fired in automatic for long range suppression tactics. It has since been modified by G.U.N. to only fire once or thrice a trigger-pull, selected with an easy to use mode switch to be actuated by the thumb of the firing hand. The are also the ones responsible for the overpowered scope, hoping to squeeze every bit of mileage out of the cat's Uncanny Aim ability once it had been fully tested.

Meanwhile, the shotgun is nothing near as strange or elaborate. Its was only issued to Gallant to give him a weapon to use in between sniping positions and as such has been left largely unmodified.

Eeveelution Guard

As most snipers choose to focus only on honing their long-range precision further, this leaves their close ranged options limited and thus makes them vulnerable to being killed in their own nests while their attention is on protecting their allies in the field. To combat this, G.U.N. began training small units of Pokemon to defend whomever they're assigned from close range threats. The program was such a success that now G.U.N. protected VIPs and even high-ranking G.U.N. officials tend to be guarded by such teams.

The team assigned to Dalton consists of a trio brother Eevee who recently graduated the program and were granted their evolutionist for their efforts. The are Snap the Glaceon, Crackle the Flareon and Pop the Vaporeon.

Snap is the eldest of the trio and probably the most capable in a scrap, having pushed himself the furthest in training to learn a variety of combat maneuvers to get the upper hand against an experienced opponent.

Crackle is the middle child and tends to be the happy one that wants those around him to be happy. Despite this he's also fiercely loyal to his brothers, his friends and G.U.N. itself and will go from warm and bubbly to angry and blazing in an instant if somebody betrays any of them. He's even gone as far to memorize the faces and combat capabilities of anybody who's crossed G.U.N. so you might say its his little dark obsession.

Pop, the youngest, is also the strategist of the three. While Snap was focusing on how to out-play enemy in combat, Pop was figuring out how to out-think them. He frequently sets up ambushes by soaking the floor of a choke point and then melting into the resulting puddles to lie in wait.

Although one may argue their status as "weapons," G.U.N. has made a point to label all of their combat personnel this, as they have been trained to kill and that is their purpose in an engagement, to neutralize the enemy.


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