The Dallas and Dakota Trilogy is-as the name suggests-a trio of stories focusing on the younger generation of Smith boys, Dallas and Dakota Smith.


Brothers in Trouble: Obsessed with obtaining Austin's knowledge, Finitevus attempts to make Austin "listen" to him by kidnapping Dallas, but the return of a lost leader helps return the young pup to his home at the Base.

Brothers Together: Following Michael's death and Silver's journey to the past, a now grown-up Dallas is eager to avenge his father's exile and his uncle's death. Dragging along his hesitant brother Dakota, Dallas has left the Base to find Finitevus and bring an end to the villain once and for all.

Brothers Forever: Another failed mission. The brothers have been beaten badly by the very person they sought to defeat. Hurt and exhausted, the boys must return home safely with Finitevus trailing them, eager for any way to get Austin to surrender, but one of them makes the ultimate betrayal.

Included Characters

The full cast of characters is currently unknown, but below is a list of characters who are confirmed to appear.


Storm Fighters:

  • Dallas Smith
  • Dakota Smith

Rogue Squad:


Possible Characters:

  • Austin Smith(dream sequence)
  • Michael Smith(dream sequence)


Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble is also considered part of the Fleeing Evil Saga before concept ideas for Brothers Together and Brothers Forever were created, and a trilogy was made out of the three. They could still be considered part of the Fleeing Evil Saga since Finitevus is the main antagonist, and the whole idea of the Saga is Austin's attempts to evade the villain.

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