Cquote1.png No. Mother and Father deserve to be happy after everything that's happened to them. Not just Uncle's death, but mine and Dallas'. They aren't replacing us with Tundra and Lucky, but rather they have a new family to make them happy. As for Flame, I'm glad he has a new family as well. I wouldn't want him to be alone. Even though he is older than the Lycanroc taking care of him. Cquote2.png
Dakota to Boulder, Rise of Darkness

Dakota Smith is a relatively minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave, is the protagonist of his own trilogy alongside his brother. Dallas is currently the protagonist of Brothers in Trouble, while Dakota is the protagonist of Brothers Together and Brothers Forever. As of Haunting Evil, Dakota died of a broken neck inflicted by Dark Enerjak, but he is a Spirit. In a dream-conversation with Boulder, Dakota expresses happiness that his mother and father are happy again while taking care of Tundra and Lucky Smith, and that Flame the Litten has a new family to take care of him.


Dakota is a lean German Shepherd with thick brown-and-black fur. He has amber eyes, and a short scar on the left side of his neck, just above his shoulder. He also has a bit more black fur than his father, since it stretches up to the back of his head while Austin's black fur stops at the base of his head.

Light Mobius: Though it was never mentioned, Dakota retains his appearance.


Dakota: As a pup, Dakota was very soft-spoken and shy. He didn't really say much and wasn't as outspoken or bombastic as his littermate. Now, Dakota is a bit more self-confident, and appears to have inherited his father's stubborn loyalty to the Storm Fighters.

Light Mobius: Dakota is much fiercer in personality because of his desire to avenge his father's death.


At an unknown point in time, Dallas and Dakota were born to Austin and Rosa Smith. What happened during their youth is unknown. Some time prior to The Lost Fox, the two brothers were apprenticed; Dallas was given Longmire the Cat as a mentor, while Dakota was given Shane the Wolf as a mentor. In Raging Storm, the boys were taken into hiding after Finitevus attempted to interrogate Dallas; but during the first Storming Revolt-which failed-Shane was killed when he took a blow meant for Wilder Fox; Dallas would be given Roy as a mentor. Later, after the boys returned to the Base, Finitevus would kidnap Dallas after meeting with Austin when the warrior refused to listen to him. Dallas was saved and returned to the Base by Splash, and the pair would later become warriors a few weeks before the events of The Villain's Reveal, just before Michael was ambushed and badly injured by Finitevus. In Brothers Together, Dallas sets out to find and defeat Finitevus once and for all, bringing Dakota with him. They find Finitevus, but after being badly beaten, Dakota insists they run. Dallas argues with this until Dakota drags him away; after they get away, Dallas attacks Dakota, angry at his brother for interfering with his mission. They break apart to get some sleep then head home. In Brothers Forever, the brothers try to head home with Finitevus trailing them, but before they reach the Base, Dallas and Dakota encounter Finitevus, who tries to get them both to join him. Dallas ultimately chooses to go with him, while Dakota decides to remain a Storm Fighter, disowning his brother despite Dallas' attempts to win over Dakota.

Light Mobius: Their past is most likely the same as their Main Series counterparts. The point of divergence is likely when Shadow took over(their past in the Unaltered Timeline is unknown). After Austin attempted to defeat King Shadow himself and was killed, Dallas and Dakota's personality rapidly shifted so that they were more aggressive. They were constantly training with each other. Later, they are chosen to accompany Braveheart's battle patrol to defeat Shadow once and for all. In Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later, the brothers appeared when Scrap was kidnapped by the Dark Presence Echidnas. Dakota was mentioned to be sleeping on the couch, snoring. Later, Dallas and Dakota are mentioned to have chased after the Dark Presence, but a branch in the forest outside the Base was shot down onto the two brothers. As a result, Dakota was killed when his neck was crushed, and Dallas was permanently paralyzed when his spine was broken.


While neither brother has any powers, Dakota is close friends with a couple Pokemon.

Dakota's Pokemon Friends:

Shell the Buizel:

  • Pokemon: Buizel
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Unknown(possibly Swift Swim)
  • Moveset: Unknown
  • Item: None
  • Description: Storm's beloved little sister. Following the events of Austin's Flight, she grew close to Dakota in their shared grief for Austin and Storm's self-imposed exile.


  • Pokemon: Litten
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Moveset: Ember/Fire Fang/Scratch/Unknown
  • Item: None
  • Description: A lost Litten found by Dakota and Shell on their way back to the Storming Base in Dakota's Search. Named Firekit, he was taken to SwiftClan, and enjoys his life there with Dakota after coming to terms with his identity as a Pokemon(since he initially believed he was a regular cat until a dream meeting with Michael)


Unknown, though it's possible that Dallas' arrogance could prove his undoing since he was easily manipulated by Finitevus, who also kidnapped him before. In physical combat, Dakota's weakness may be the fact that he's naturally skinnier and lighter than a typical German Shepherd, forcing him to rely more on speed than strength.


""Wait. We may be on opposite sides now, but we'll always be brothers." Dakota drew away from him, a cold certainty forming in his belly. "No." he said coldly. "As long as you help the enemy, we are no longer brothers." Ignoring the hurt in Dallas' eyes, Dakota turned and raced for the Storming Base, determined to put as much distance between him and his brother as possible."
—Dakota disowning Dallas as his brother, Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Forever


The boys are actually half-human, since Austin was technically a human in his past, despite being a dog at the time of their birth.

As of Dakota's Search, Dakota suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD; from being nearly killed by Finitevus) and night terrors

He looks exactly like his father, but with different eye color and a leaner frame

He is named after both North and South Dakota

  • Austin's reason for this is because his name is also the name of a city in Texas.
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