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Daisy is a supporting character in The Chaos Chronicles.


Daisy is a brown lab with white spots. Daisy has amber eyes. She normally wears a green jacket, black pants, and brown boots.


Daisy is a caring person, but is easily gullible. She will try to help people no matter what. Daisy has since grown bitter over the death of Topaz.


Daisy is the twin sister of Cocoa the Dog.

Daisy and her brother Cocoa joined G.U.N.'s training academy. They came on as medics to Omega Squad, under the study of Noon the Echidna. Daisy and Cocoa tried helping Rose the Hedgehog with her memory loss. Daisy later witnessed Topaz the Chameleon in deep pain, and sought to help him. She began researching healing techniques to help him. Later, Daisy helped Thorn the Fox, Kyle the Squirrel, and Rose locate Kyle's brother Chester, who had been abducted by Topaz. Daisy later killed Topaz after he tried to kill her.

After Topaz's death, Daisy requested Honey to train her to be a better fighter. They were on a mission in the Mystic Ruins to determine the location of a number of energy spikes. She met Honey's cousin, Lana the Cat, who had rescued Quartz from The Wolf Pack. Daisy helped Quartz recover his memories. The four went to the old Nocturnus Clan Prison were Midnight was being held and met with Thorn, Noon, Rose, Kyle, and Cocoa. Daisy later attended a peace-meeting with Alpha Squad in order to discuss the Hellhound. Daisy was informed of the Hellhound's goals and attended Lana's party the day before Halloween. On Halloween, Daisy assisted Nightshade in caring for Midnight and later brought Quartz and Elizabeth the Wolf to the infirmary after they were attacked by Aurgentum. Daisy struck up a friendship with Elizabeth soon after this.


Knowledge of Medicine



Cocoa the Dog (Brother)

Honey the Cat

Rose the Hedgehog

Kyle the Squirrel

Thorn the Fox

Quartz the Dog

Aurum the Dog

Zoe the Fox

Elizabeth the Wolf


Topaz the Chameleon (Formerly)

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