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There is a very small number of animals left in Daisitoba because of an attack in 2003.

There are, however, a plethera of different flowers and trees found throughout the state. In fact, Daisitoba is widely known throughout the country of Toonada for its beautiful plants. There are much too many different types to name them all, but almost any plant can be found here. Toonadians come from all over to learn how to plant flowers and trees here, and they always leave 100% satisfied. It is just as easy to plant things here at it is to pick them, and many things are capable of turning into trees here that are impossible anywhere else. Grass covers every inch of this state besides the enterane to Seller Baddie HQ and the paths created in cities throughout the state.


Daisitoba sustains a pretty warm climate year round. Average temperatures here top 30 °C (86 °F) during summer and 15 °C (59 °F) in winter. Daisitoba's highest maximum temperature of 48.8 °C (119.9 °F), which it got from the smoke consantly coming from the Seller HQ enterance.


Daisitoba was the third of the six original states to join Toonada in 1614. It is rumored that even before then, people would come from all around to marvel at this area's beautiful willdlife and to plant things for themselves. There used to many many animals, wild and tame, all over Daisitoba. Their main habitat would be in the forest, but they would roam around wherever they pleased.

However, in 2003, Sprocket Baddies sucked up the entire forest and built an enterance to Seller Baddie Headquarters, leaving all of the animals homeless. Some of the Seller Baddies building the HQ decided to take all of the animals they could find and turn them into boring cyborgs. Afterwards, the hid them in the HQ, hoping for them not to be found. Today, heroes in training come to Daisitoba as a third destination for their training, being the border of the weakest Sprocket Baddie HQ.

Notable Areas

Daisy Gardens - Only city in Daisitoba with no cogs anywhere. Has the most flowers and trees, and is home of the Nation-Famous Flower Maze. Also Daisitoba's capital.

Elm City - Safest city next to Daisy Gardens. Most zig-zaggy city in Toonada.

Maple City - Most dangerous city in Daisitoba. There are never any Cash Baddies found here.

Oak City - City that leads to Seller Baddie HQ. Smallest main city in Toonada.

Walnut City - City that used to contain lots of forest. Seller Baddies tore it down, stole all the inhabitants, and made an entrance to Seller Baddie HQ in its place.


Flower Maze - Found in Daisy Gardens. Toonada's first, only, and largest hedge maze ever, standing 15 feet high with hedges 7 feet thick. In the middle, there is a giant, man-made daisy that works like a sundial.


  • Daisitoba, Dreamland Bay, Acornica, and Brrrgh are the only states to have an immediate border with a Sprocket Baddie HQ.
  •  All of Daisitoba's cities have the same surname except for Daisy Gardens and their taken-over city, St. Walnut.
  • Daisitoba is the only state besides Dreamland Bay to have part of it taken over.
  • Daisitoba can be loosely compared to Victoria.
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