The Interview

# 1. How long have you had Daiku Prinus?

A) Daiku has been around... for a long time. My best guess would be that I've had him ever since I revamped Dimitri's first story concept back in 2012!

# 2. How do you think Daiku would react to Dimitri's growth in recent years?

A) He'd certainly be proud of his grandson. He'd joke about finally becoming obsolete, too!

# 3. On a sliding scale of importance from 1-10, where would Daiku be in Dimitri's story?

A) Every single character in my series is around for good reason. Though, to answer your question, he would probably be around 8-9. His presence is essential for Dimitri's story.

# 4. If Daiku had somehow escaped his fate, what do you think would happen to him after doing so?

A) Interesting question. If both managed to survive their first battle with Rikai, he would probably continue to train his grandson, now much more motivated, until Dimitri eventually surpassed him. 
However, if he did manage to escape his fate, Dimitri would never have met Ramonna, and Team Prinus would have never been formed. This would then lead to the villain's plans succeeding and the inevitable end of Mobius as we know it. Him not escaping his fate was probably for the best, sadly.

# 5. Can you summarize him in five to eight words?

A) "Eccentric, friendly, elderly, telekinetic green echidna with ears."

# 6. Would Daiku be proud of how far his grandchildren have come?

A) Definitely. He'd be both proud and astonished by their growth, though he would be extremely disappointed in one of them for reasons I'm still not able to reveal yet.

# 7. Finally, what is your personal view of him?

A) He's a tricky character to work with since much of his hidden backstory is only revealed later on. There's not much else to say!
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